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March 8, 2010, 11:24 AM
I'm posting this here as it'll catch more views, so here goes:

my laptop is connected by an Ethernet cable that ultimately has 3 separate routers on it, each assigning Dynamic IP addresses to the clients in the physical network. One of them is my cousin's The other two were, till I temporarily changed one of them (lets call it Z) to assign just to avoid conflicts. I could only do this by chance when suddenly my laptop got connected to this Z network instead of the others. I must tell you that I do not have physical access to any of them.

The Problem: Whenever I'm doing ipconfig /release - renew, I'm always getting automatically getting connected to Windows just wont connect me to any of the other IP networks (most importantly my cousin's router network, or Z). I went to the advanced TCP/IPv4 settings under "Obtain IP...Automatically" and added "" as Default Gateway, with Automatic Metric selected to my Properties.

However. After saving this, when I renew my DHCP lease I am still connected to Ipconfig /all shows that under Default Gateway comes first, then is underneath it. Regardless I'm still connected to the router Point to consider: I dont have admin access to this router.

Now I tried with automatic metric deselected and a value of 50 placed, I tried restarting my laptop... but everytime I'm still connected to

I really need a solution for this on how to bypass this one router and get through to the others from my end. I'm assuming the way I successfully do this will also let me change Z back to

Here's what I need: I have to get into my cousin's router and need to configure it. After that is done, I need to get into router Z ( and reset it to Is there any way I can exclude my laptop from seeking an IP from and at any one time, while seeking my cousin's router?

FYI: all of them share the same subnet I think, which I cant change without access.

p.s: If theres a way I can do this from Ubuntu Linux too, I can try it. My objective is that I'll define the Gateway IP address ( and my computer will get a (dynamically assigned) IP from that router.

March 8, 2010, 02:12 PM
Never mind this... whatever I needed to access my cousin's router for has been taken care of.