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magic boy
June 5, 2010, 07:13 AM
Castrol's FIFA World Cup Predictor Challenge (http://en.castrol.predictor.fifa.com/M/help.mc?category=predictions)

450 (http://en.castrol.predictor.fifa.com/M/help.mc?category=predictions)


Whether you choose to play classic, head-to-head or World Cup mode, the aim is the same: predict the outcome of each and every 2010 FIFA World Cup match. The seven-round prediction marathon will take you into each of South Africa's 10 FIFA World Cup stadiums as you follow the action across 64 matches.

It’s not all just predicting winning teams and scorelines though. As we get deeper and deeper into the tournament you will need to make additional statistical predictions if you plan to be crowned king, or queen, of 2010 FIFA World Cup Predictor.


Back the right teams to shine on football’s biggest stage and you could win a Grand Prize that is as massive as it is memorable. The overall winner of 2010 FIFA World Cup Predictor will win a four-night trip for two people to Madrid, Spain, where they will watch a Real Madrid Game at the Bernabeu and receive a once-in-a-lifetime football training session with Cristiano Ronaldo!
Second and third placed runners' up will receive Sony Vaio notebooks while the fourth through tenth place runners' up will receive Sony Cyber-shot® Digital Cameras. Not enough prizes for you? The top player for each of the seven rounds will receive a football jersey signed by a star player!


The game is all about making predictions on the matches of the 2010 FIFA World Cup™. There are seven rounds in total.

Each round will have 16 predictions to make based on the round of the competition.

In the Group phase, users will predict the outcome of each match. It is possible to initially predict all fixtures in the group stage of the tournament.

The fixtures for the knock out rounds will only be known as the tournament progresses. As the number of matches in each round after the group stage decreases, additional predictions are added. These predictions will be based upon varying statistics.


Predictions can be made and updated for each match in a round up until 15 minutes prior to the match starting.


Points are only awarded for correct predictions and will vary from 0 to 100 depending on the number of players who also made the correct prediction. The formula used to calculate points is:
100 - percentage of players making prediction
For example, if 10 per cent of players correctly predict the result then 90 points will be awarded.
A guide to the number of points which can be earned for each prediction is displayed under each potential outcome. These numbers are updated hourly and are liable to change until the round deadline.
Points and rankings are updated after each game has finished.
Actions occurring in extra time count but penalty shoot-outs do not.


Every round a joker can be assigned to one prediction. If the outcome of this prediction is correct, double points will be awarded for That prediction.


Once you have created your team you are automatically entered in a number of leagues.
These are:
The overall league involving all registered players
A league for fellow players from your country
A league for players starting the same round as you
Private leagues with your friends and colleagues (optional)
You can be in up to 10 private leagues.
Private leagues use either a classic or head-to-head scoring system.


Teams are ranked based on their total points in the game. In the event of a tie between teams, the team who has made the least transfers will be positioned higher.


Each round you will play a match against another team in the league, with a match result based on game scores. 3 points will be awarded for a win and 1 point for a draw. In the event of a tie, the team with the most game points will be positioned higher.
Any points deducted for making transfers leading up to the round will be deducted from your head-to-head score.
It should be noted that the optimum number of teams in a head-to-head league is eight. This way each team will play each other once throughout the tournament. If your league has an odd number of teams then an average player will be added to ensure everyone has a match each round. The average player will score the average game points each round. If you have more than eight teams, then you will not play everyone in your league. The fixtures are generated by the computer.
The administrator when creating the league will also have the option to add knockout rounds at the end. The number of knockout rounds can be chosen (up to 3), but ultimately will be limited by the number of teams that have joined the league by the time of the first deadline.


Private classic and overall leagues will also show a World Cup Mode being played out. Once the knockout phase of the tournament starts, depending on the number of teams in your league, the top teams will go into a knockout playoff. For example, if you have between 8 and 15 teams in your league, at the point of the Quarter-finals, the top 8 teams will then go into a knockout phase, with any remaining teams being eliminated from the World Cup Mode view.
If you have 16 or more teams, the knockout stage will commence at the Round of 16.
If a World Cup Mode match is drawn, then a winner will be selected by virtual coin toss.

Link (http://en.castrol.predictor.fifa.com/M/help.mc?category=predictions)

June 5, 2010, 10:20 AM

i will checkout tomorrow

June 8, 2010, 10:55 AM
I would host the official BC WC2010 Predictor challenge like last time. It was exciting last time. Banglatiger was the winner

June 9, 2010, 03:15 PM
Excellent work Emon.
Certainly interested in having a look.

Please carry on Shakil bhai.
It was fun last time.

June 9, 2010, 03:40 PM
[বাংলা]আর কি প্রেডিক্ট?
কাপ যাইবো জায়গা মত... লন শাকিল ভাই শুরু করেন...[/বাংলা]