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April 28, 2011, 07:15 AM
kata kata question tumi chara kau giggesh kortey parbey na!! You have the contacts as well. So deri na koirey please ei odhom'er request'ta puron koro. (of course in your time)

Pick the brains of Akram khan, Nannu and HB. And then publish them here as always!!

Q1) Performance or potential?

Q2) What makes performance? Averages, consistency or One hit wonder or instinct would dictate?

Q3) What is the process for some to be selected in the national team?
BCites, please add some more. Thanks!! (bowling, fielding issues, U-19 players etc.)
If Doc or any other member wants to initiate this please feel free to do that. The sooner we do this the better understanding we will have on our selection for the next two years.

April 28, 2011, 12:39 PM
Will the new selection team be impartial while searching for talents?

Jamie told me when I arrived that "there is no one outside of this squad of players" and therefore you tend to listen. However, I discovered that there are indeed players around and perhaps the best example has been Rabbi. He was a direct result of me asking the national batters who has ability with pace around the leagues? Shahriar Nafees said he was worth a view and I invited Rabbi in to bowl 12 balls at the end of a session. It was enough for me to recommend him to Jamie and Rabbi trained with the WC squad. I feel that by asking the batsmen themselves you get a pretty honest view of who is causing the most trouble to them.

By this token Shahadat's name comes up time after time, yet he had NO CHANCE of playing in the side. Similarly, Syed Rasel impressed me with his swing and control but again he was sadly never be part of the squad during my time in BD.

I was there 6 months (not 3 as someone said) and saw many decent pacers in Dhaka and Chittagong as net bowlers. But only one or two are probably worth exploring under the current system. We do have bowlers around the squad already who I feel with the right help, could be genuine contenders. So here's the problem: coaching them.

Jamie said, as the headline suggests, that it is "very difficult to want to bowl fast". That suggests a desire issue. I don't think it is that. I think it's an opportunity issue. Opportunity of being selected and the opportunity to get pace coaching. A real good young quick will always find his way through and if he learns swing and variations, he will be able to bowl on dead BD pitches. So it CAN be done, even with the current set up.

I do agree about the MRF style academy. That would need to be run by someone versed in coaching pace into bowlers (and not out of them) and would pick up the slack that is happening at club level where those lads appear not to be getting massive support. There are ways of doing this. The pacers have to be backed and people have to realise that to win Test matches and games overseas, the quicks hold the key.

So you either improve the conditions or improve the opportunities for the pace bowlers. It has to be at least one of those. And in the long term, preferably both.