View Full Version : Dhaka's factory of miracles

July 28, 2011, 05:23 AM
A must watch documentary on Dhaka's Cholera epidemics.


People like nurse Cathrine Costa and other staff at Cholera Hospital are the real unsung heros in our country, saving thousands of lives.

After watching this video, I have immense respect for these medical professionals who
work in these shabby overcrowded hospitals for measly wages. Its great to to be in this professional when you can retire counting not much you made in your career but how many lives you saved.

Almost wish I did medical back in uni instead of IT which is saturated with geeks staring at computer screen from 9-5.

magic boy
July 28, 2011, 06:25 AM
Talking about ICDDRB , This institution is indeed a powerhouse to fight against Diarrhoeal disease in Bangladesh. There are hardly any other hospitals are as useful as ICDDRB to cope with Cholera,Diarrhea. And most importantly their medication and care saving numerous life everyday. One may not realize the fact of fatality of this kind of disease but If you ever visit this hospital during summer you would experience the death of healthy man and woman who were OK just few days before getting caught by Diarrhea, Cholera! The Children suffer much. As you know how dirty, dangerous the environment of Bangladesh is, people in large number can easily be affected with Diarrhea,Cholera. But there are no sufficient medical organization to deal with this issue which can turn into epidemic figure! If there was no ICDDRB, I am afraid we would experience a nightmarish epidemic outbreak any day!

The hospital management is so far so good that nobody complain...the medicines are free, the essential rice salines and liquid salines are free too which is almost unthinkable comparing to robbery Govt. & Public hospitals in Bangladesh. and you know as almost all of the patients are so poor to take treatment that is huge lifesaving advantage for them.

kudos to ICDDRB and the people who are engaged in it. I have several relatives and friends working in this organization. Each and every persons of this hospital care the patient well. Wish all the other medical centers in BD were like it!