View Full Version : Finally A win for Scots

February 24, 2004, 05:47 PM
After loosing all the previous matches with big distance and creating the new lowest score record, scotish team finally managed to win a match in u19 world cup. bad part of it is, it was against napel. an rising asian team that we support. i'd be happy if it were not napel.

February 24, 2004, 08:55 PM
Yeah I'm a Nepal supporter as well.....

February 24, 2004, 11:11 PM
Nepal!!!! They couldn't beat the Scotts!!!!
I don't believe this man!!!
I actually was counting on them Nepalese to do something good in this tournament...:(

February 25, 2004, 01:30 AM
Great scot! The bagpipes they be a blowing in Aberdeen tonight.:D

Judging by the blowouts in the practice matches between BD and Nepal, the loss to the Scots was not such a shocker.

February 25, 2004, 02:43 AM
The way Nepal has been showing good performance in this tournament and on the contrary the way Sotland has been thrashed by India, Australia and other teams by huge margin, it looked Nepal was the clear winner in the match against
I think complacency was the reason behind Nepal's defeat. this loss has even affected Nepal's chance to reach semi-final.
But i am sure Nepal is going to beat the Aussies in the last game and i am confident that the players will make their
country proud once again with their good

February 25, 2004, 10:54 AM
good luck cricket freak. all my wishes are with u and nepal.