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February 27, 2004, 09:22 PM
Based on all matches up to and including Test # 1602: Pakistan v New Zealand at Karachi, 2nd Test, 2002

Following Test matches were abandoned without a ball being bowled (home sides listed first):

Eng v Aus 3rd Test Manchester 1890 No Toss - Reason: Rain

Eng v Aus 3rd Test Manchester 1938 No Toss - Reason: Rain

Aus v Eng 3rd Test Melbourne 1970-71 Toss: Eng - Reason: Rain

WI v Eng 2nd Test Georgetown 1980-81 No Toss
Reason: The Government of Guyana would not allow R.D.Jackman to enter the country underthe provisions of Gleneagles Agreement.

Pak v Ind 3rd Test Karachi 1984-85 No Toss
Reason: Assassination of Mrs Indira Gandhi

NZ v Pak 1st Test Dunedin 1988-89 No Toss - Reason: Rain

WI v Eng 2nd Test Georgetown 1989-90 No Toss - Reason: Rain

SL v Pak 2nd Test Colombo (SSC) 1994-95 No Toss
Reason: Fear of post-election violence

Pak v Zim 3rd Test Faisalabad 1998-99 No Toss - Reason: Fog

NZ v Ind 1st Test Dunedin 1998-99 No Toss - Reason: Rain

Pak v NZ 2nd Test Karachi 2002 No Toss
Reason: Match cancelled due to a bomb exploding near the New Zealand team's hotel just overtwo hours prior to the scheduled start of play of 10am local time.

Source: Cricinfo (http://plus.cricinfo.com/db/STATS/TESTS/RESULTS/TEST_ABANDONED_MATCHES.html)