View Full Version : Anybody know Whatmore's reaction after 2nd test?

March 1, 2004, 11:15 PM
Does anyone know what the papers say about Whatmore's reaction after the completion of the 2nd test match? I have some time limitation, so can't go through the papers myself.

March 2, 2004, 12:15 AM
coacher motamot kintu akhono lekha hoinee. atleast prothom alo te hoi nee. onno kono paper a chapa hoyeche kina she kotha kintu bolte parbo na. na howar akti karon thakte pare sheta holo kalke jehetu match ar shesh din chilo shehetu kalke mone hoi akti boro shoro press conference hoyeche match ar pore. tobe amar mone hoi press conference jotokkhone shuru hoi totokkhone amader desher paper gulor chapar shomoy hoye giyechilo. hoito kalker paper a pawa jabe. dannabad.

March 2, 2004, 03:31 AM
I think he is so stunned that he is lost for words... the team has suddenly become the Old Bangladesh again.

March 2, 2004, 11:29 AM
He got a heart attack..coaching BD team is the worst thing a coach can ever do in his life time.

March 2, 2004, 11:52 AM
jaihok SS bhai amar mone hoi na coach whatmore apnar moto ato olpotai heart attach korbe. hoito apni coach hole atodine quit korten. tobe whatmore is not like you. he knows the situation of bangladesh. he is very much aware of the fact. he likes to face challenges. amar mone hoi na uni apnar moto bhitu. amar mone hoi na uni danger dekhle palay jai. he likes to face danger and challenges. that is why he is the coach and you are not. dannabad.

March 2, 2004, 11:57 AM
Kintu bhai, apni kintu ektu attacking hoe jachchen. SS is just expressing his frustation!! And I can only imagine the frustation that Whatmore is feeling!!

March 2, 2004, 12:07 PM
dukkhito ami jodi akromonattok bhumika niye thaki. ashole amake short pitch bol khelte dewa hoyechilo tai attacking a giyechilam. bhobishhote ai shob short pitch bol khela theke nijeke shongjoto rakhar cheshta korbo. bhobishhote kintu ami rokkhonattok bhumika grohon korbo. ashole bangladesh team shommondhe kono kharap montobbe shunle keno jano ami ar thakte pari na. ai jonno. ami abaro dukkhito. dannabad.

March 2, 2004, 12:36 PM
It took me long time to translate with the help of my friend and understand but Finally I got it, Mr.FaltuRBhai it's ok. Don't have to feel sorry for anything. Feel sorry for BD and BD team.
You tell me why the team play cross bat after playing 26 test matches and why we havn't have a better bowler like Masri from all these millions of ppl from Bangladesh who bowls atleast medium fast bowling? bowling is teethless and harmless
Thanks God that I am not a coach of BD team as you said Mr. FrBhai..I never want to coach this team who dont listen to coach playing acrooss the line!! It's better to be coward than to be brave enough to support a team which makes mistakes again and again. This is just my opion not for any other intensions.

March 2, 2004, 12:48 PM
SS bhai,
bangladesh doler jonno kintu amar kharap lage. kharap folafol korle to kharap lagatai shabhabik kintu ami kintu hotash hoi na. ami asha niye achi. cross bat ar jai bishoita apni ullokh korechen sheta shomporke ami bolbo je it is easy to say but it is difficult to act. that is the only reason. and there is always pressure on our team because we are doing badly and i guess they get more nervous. but i am sure this will stop soon. hopefully they will not play cross bat anymore. and it is just a matter of patience it is not that they do not know how to play. that is what all of our players need. another thing that you mentioned is fast boling. well probably there are millions of people in our country. but are all these million people getting the same opportunity. i dont think so. this is why it is getting difficult to find them. and another thing is that our fitness is actually not good. and this is maily because of poverty. most of our players come to know about physical fitness and stamina after they join the team. but in australia or in other countries physical fitness is something that everyone takes care of since they are small and not after they join the team. this is why our bolers usually do not have that much of a height and also they do not get the necessary speed because of stamina.

March 2, 2004, 01:24 PM
is that reason in order to get stamina all our batsmen get out just before lunch or just after lunch.

March 2, 2004, 05:00 PM
Where is Whatmore

Bisho Bik-khato Chapa (BBC) report, Bangladesh Cricket coach Dav Whatmore has disappeared. After the last test against Zim, Reporters went to talk to Whatmore to know his reaction. But no one could find him. A child, who sells tea in front of the hotel where the team was staying said, he saw whatmore before the last days game of the final test. He was singing something like "a biti zhapati, dhadha......", it was obvious that he was actually singing a bangladeshi childesh song "ai bristi jhepay, dhan debo mapay. apparantly, it looked like he was hoping for more rain on the final day, other wise there could be a chance of proving Morhoom david zipper....thukku, hooks theory. afterward another person saw him dancing in the street and at the same time crying. considering all that its quite obvious that Mr. whatmore has lost his mental balance trying to coach bangladesh and now no one knows where he is.

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March 2, 2004, 06:05 PM
A more plausible theory is that none of the reporters bothered to ask for his reaction after seeing such a dull draw.

March 2, 2004, 07:10 PM
dannabad shobaike,
joke gula kintu khub mojar chilo. kintu amar mone hoi shotto ghotona ato kharap kichu na. karon khela to hoi nai. ebong amra ak point holeo peyeche. shutorang ato hotash howar kichu nai. akhon one day ar jonno shudhu opekkha korte hobe. dannabad.