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November 21, 2011, 07:04 AM
We all stumble across interesting write-ups on Cricket on the World Wide Web. Why not share with fellow BC'ites?

This is one I found. Not the latest though - it's from 2009. But a very inspirational piece, and rather interestingly versed too.


Bryce McGain is playing for the country today.

So are 10 other Australians, and 11 other South Africans.

McGain is also playing for every person who has had a dream, and has held onto it when no one else believed in it.

Every player out there is living out their dream, but most of them got there a lot easier than Bryce.

Guys like Ponting & Tendulkar were born to play test cricket.

A guy like McGain was never supposed to.

People would have laughed at McGain when he was 34 and still trying to make the Victorian team.

Training like a professional in a team full of amateurs.

Taking each game seriously, when 21 year olds are hitting the piss the night before.

Watching international cricket sober, while all his friends cracked tinny after tinny.

Trying harder than academy players half his age while they snigger at the IT worker running around.

They aren’t laughing now.

During McGain’s 20s he spent almost as much time playing seconds in district cricket as he did firsts.

Read More... (http://cricketwithballs.com/2009/03/19/bryce/)

Sadly enough for McGain, it didn't have the fairy-tale ending it so desperately deserved:

Here (http://www.kingcricket.co.uk/bryce-mcgains-australia-test-debut/2009/03/21/) are the details, another blog entry.