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March 3, 2004, 04:23 PM
I can cleary see that BD team, players and supporters are just too much emotioanl but at the end not that much effective when it is necessary..BD team did good against Pak because of their emotions against Pakistanis which are still remains in their heart for the war which is way back in decades. we get out one after our because of our weak nerves and too much emotions. When there was a win against Paki in worldcup, we got too much excited not because we beat a team it because we beat Pak who was our enemy once.
I would suggest for "emotional" players of the team, if somehow we can use their "emotions" in a diff way and direct it to play sensibly, it might work for us. For example, it will work reversley. Like if we don't work, there is no money there is no home and food. If our players can realize, if they make mistake again and again there is no place not even food for them then they will die to survive!!! That's how real world works, professionalism in sports works; with that win against Pak our expectations just rose so high but only for a temp time for emotional reason, if the ppl and team would have realized about Gordon's comment then it would have fine for us now. But They sacked him. All I can suggest, use the "emotion" , "the seriousness of tension" in a diff fway, in appropriate time in appropriate way.

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March 3, 2004, 05:39 PM
A coach, (no matter how good), that bad mouths his own team publicly, right before an important match, playing the world cup, deserves to be fired on the spot. Overall, we are better than we were in '99. We are developing. We are far ahead of other emerging cricket nations. The gap is widening faster. We have a much better infrastructure now. A good victory, a good series will wipe out these days of agony. We're here for the duration, emotion or not.

March 3, 2004, 09:42 PM
billah ebong SS bhai chomotkar kichu boktobber jonno. jaikok apnader moton jodi shobai chinta korto tahole kintu bhalo hoto doler jonno. kintu shomoshha holo amader besh kichu emotional pessimist supporter ache. tara kintu apnader moton ato gobhir bhabe bhabte pare na. bhable kintu khub bhalo hoto.