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March 10, 2004, 10:57 AM
a lot of people say BD got a match winning player in ash. He finally showed it. The question is: is it going to happen more often now. or is he going to be an inflated baloon like before?

May be today is not the day to talk about that. Its time to celebrate.:fire:

March 10, 2004, 11:03 AM
Well without a doubt it was absolutely a team effort today. Kakey rekhey kakey pick korben? Bashar, Saleh, Ash, Aziz, Raifque, Mashfiq, Baisya and dare I say Sujon... Without the efforts of any of them the game could have gone the other way.

Anyhow for once, both batsmen and bowlers played well and now they have tasted the sweetness of victory, let's hope they get addicted to it like the Aussies :)

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March 10, 2004, 11:16 AM
Today, many players step up to the occations.

three players scored above 50 and cours good bowling and most of all fielding combined put in over the top.

We are a lot stronger when we are playing to together as a team effort.

March 10, 2004, 11:17 AM
I totally agree with fab... this was absolutely a team effort... good to see Sumon back with runs... Rajin niye jara etodeen tension korse they get their answer... Ashraful ke boshai rakha for a series was the best thing that BCB ever did... Aziz ke team e neya instead of monjurul islam was awesome idea... I wud complain abt leaving rana behind and taking sujon... but kemne complain kori... we won :D No complains from this guy today... we did good :D

March 10, 2004, 11:20 AM
I think the captaincy was awesome!!! The way he rotated his bowlers under pressure speaks volume of Sumon's cricket acumen. But Ashraful was rightfully the man of the match.

March 10, 2004, 11:26 AM
fab - agree. good team work
optimist - agree. good rotating by Basher. Much better than I had hoped.

March 10, 2004, 11:46 AM
More to come form asraful! He is yet to show is capability! This little guy could be the greatest BD player of all time!:lol::lol::lol::lol::lol:

March 11, 2004, 01:44 AM
More to come form asraful! He is yet to show is capability! This little guy could be the greatest BD player of all time!
Rassel, I hope you are right- for our (the fans) and BD cricket team's sake.

March 11, 2004, 01:56 AM
man of the match kintu holen ashraful. shutorang nishondehe ai joyer akjon prodhan nayok chilen tini. kintu onnannoder bhumika kintu obogga kora jabe na. karon ashraful ar age doler bhit kintu goren bashar ebong rajin. ebong ar por run ar chaka baranor khelai kintu shujon jog den. echara boling a kintu shobai motamuti bhalo korechen. akhon amader jai obostha tate ami mone kori je hoito bhobisshote ashraful ekai match ghurate parbe kintu akhon jai obostha tate ami moni kori je ai match ar moton shobai jodi tader shamortho onujayi bat kingba bol kore tahole kintu shafollo ashbai. akhon amader kache doliyo shafollo beshi joruri karon ekok shafolle puro doler shafollo pawa, ai rokom obosthai kintu amra mone hoi akhono pouchainee. dannabad.