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March 10, 2004, 11:42 AM
Alrgith bangladesh!!! Finally. This is amazing. This victory noone can taake anything away from this. Fair and square victory. If anything after two back to back drop catches who'd have though!! In fact I'd left #banglacricket after carlisle and roger partnership. GOod thing I checked back!!!! OMG!! Thanks Allah! Long time coming. Keep this up and win the next one and Bangladesh will win the first LOI Series. OH MY!! I shiver! I shudder! I am too joyfull!!! Someone pinch me or else!!! I need to wake up!!

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March 10, 2004, 11:46 AM
No chimti bzness man Its trueeeeeeee


March 10, 2004, 12:04 PM
Congrats! guys! what a sweet moment this must be for many of you. Pained, hurt, saddened, grumbling, cribbing, some even crying at times on this board at the some of the poor performances of the cricket team and yet nearly all of you, kept the faith, kept following this game you love, through bits n bytes in the cyberspace, through the dust and traffic in Bangladesh, all those hours spent in worry that this dream of playing cricket in international arena is turning into a night mare and now suddenly the dark clouds move and the glorious sunshine of victory is gleaming through. Cricket is ruled by a very cruel goddess, she can give and she can take it all from you but if the devotees stick to her, she will eventuall come around..!

Hopefully this victory can be just the starting. But beware of false hopes now and burdening the team with over expectations. The main thing is still at the grassroots level, the up n coming youngsters, the game there needs to be developed, hopefully victories like these can give them hope and a vision to Bangla authorities and a positive self belief attitude to Bangla cricketers.
This should not be just a flash in the pan, dark clouds shouldnt appear again, for that the Bangla authorities need to keep their eye and mind firmly on the ball so to speak and keep working with the developmental activities in the grassroots.

This win should not be turned into a excuse to slip into amnesia and forget the hard work needed still. This should act as a great tonic to do more.

anyway time to celebrate now! I rmbr a disappointed Radical Sami posting this post quite some time back. Now I am sure he must be a lil bit more happy
+++++ Radical Sami ++++++++++++
++++++++++++++++++++ radical sami

scoring the lowest total isnt the measure for being the worst team...
believe me there isnt any way we can get worse... such a long looosing streak is enuf to prove that we suck...

people might argue that Srilanka and imbabwe took a long time to get settled in world cricket... but honestly... they never got as much exposure as BD does... cricket was a normal sports then... cricket wasnt what it is now... lot of cricket is being played nowadays...
even minnows like us are booked with tours... Bangladesh er moton eto khela paile they wud have made their name way earlier than they did...

Its a shame that we are proving to the world how bad we are... and we have only ourselves to blame... no proper way to create players... Short ball ashle batsman himshim khai... dorkar hoile cement er pitch e ball korao if it doesnt bounce on normal pitch... jeibhabe hok short ball khela shikhao... batting pare na batsman... jor koira sharadeen
batting shikhao... they earn their ****ing life from cricket... bhalo na parle taka dibe keno? Its a basic rule... u get paid for ur
qualities and work... and if u dont work u dont get paid... simple...

and our players aint working now... I know I am being to hard on these guys... but tailenders are playing better than top order batsman... faizlami naki? taile amra 11 ta rafique khelailei pari... but noooo... cant even do that... guess why... we dont have another 10 rafique lined up... rafique retire korle ke ashbe? onek player ase... but none of them are good... we have only onw pace bowler... bechara
mashrafee... bowling korte korte he is overworked... Rafique re diya session er por session bowling koraitei hoi... mushfiqur rahman er moton bowler diya we have to do the opening bowling... Sumon chara keu batting shikhe nai top order e... 20-30 run kono run hoilo? amar 100s dorkar nai... 60 maruk consistently top order bastman ra.... tailei hoi... Sumon 60 maare... ami onek happy... and people are like aww we shud forget abt him... he cant play big innings... are baba... ar keu to 40 run er innings o khele na...

well thats a lot of grumbling for one day... kauke dukkho deele pls nij guun e khoma korben... I just had enuf of this crap... captain er gungaan to aagei gailam... so guys no hard feelings.... open to criticism though... thats what this board is for...

March 10, 2004, 01:01 PM
Nice post, Cricketislife...even though I disagree to some points("Sumon chara keu batting shikhe nai top order e.." etc), let's not go into any deep argument and celebrate our win :flag:

March 10, 2004, 01:09 PM
Nah... Navarene Those were said by 'Radical Sami', quite some time back. I dont know Bangla, am from chennai, in India and
In that previous post the part below' +++++++++ 'is a old post, from him. I just cutnpasted it now (as I have mentioned in that post) just to show the contrast in our emotions while following this game and esp how disappointed the faithful bangla fans can get. I am sure he (sami) must be thrilled right now..:-)