View Full Version : Bangladesh Cricket Structure: Development of Youth Cricketers.

May 4, 2012, 03:19 AM
I wanted to point out the importance of developing young players to establish them as international standard. The structure in Bangladesh cricket is very weak compared to other cricketing nations. It is very upsetting that the youth of Bangladesh is not managed properly like India, South Africa and Australia.

How to improve Young Cricketers and Structure?

1) Competitive Cricket for U-19 players ( Organise Tournaments Home & Away)
2) The need to have qualified coach’s to guide players from a young age.
3) Home Performance Centre U-19 ( Run for 2 to 3 months yearly with proper coaches) –
4) The need for a competitive U-19 League in Bangladesh ( 4 day, ODI, T20)

The four points above will improve players skills and give them valuable experience and confidence. It is important to also concentrate on younger formats such as U-13, U-14 and etc. However, I have only seen the U-19 team getting a bit of recognition by the Bangladesh cricket board.