View Full Version : Should Player Substituition be allowed in Cricket?

September 18, 2012, 10:10 AM
Like most Sports, A player may have a bad day on field. If a player bowled 3 bad overs or not timing at all with the bat, then why not replace the player with someone who may fill in the place. Ofcourse in all sports, all teams send the men and women in form, but things dont always go as planned on field and that's why you substitute and try....

Only change it may bring about is to have more folks on the bench.

I think it's not a bad idea, specially in T20, we cant afford someone totally out of touch for few overs with bat and ball.

what do you folks think?

September 18, 2012, 02:55 PM
It was tried in the past for a short while.

September 18, 2012, 05:03 PM
^ Say what?

They should try that in ODI. Since ODI is dying apparently...

If Kayedge goes for 3 from 25, I'd be happy to sit his *** down and send in Javed Omar.

September 19, 2012, 07:41 AM
No. The game is already complicated enough for many to understand. And there are several things like toss, weather and ground that tilts the outcome of the game toward one team or another. substitute only adds to that.