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September 20, 2012, 04:08 AM
Hey everyone,

If you've got nothing better to do before tomorrow's game, might I suggest you try this game out? It's a simple flash cricket game on Facebook:

Robi Power Play (https://www.facebook.com/RobiFanz/app_204502686347734?ref=ts)

http://i.minus.com/jb1UCUHawZRkDP.png (http://minus.com/lb1UCUHawZRkDP)

Here's the feature list:

Casual Cricket: One button to swing your bat... it's that simple! But wait, how good is your timing?
5, 8 or 12 over modes: How much time have you got? There's a game for that!
Build your Team: Create a starting XI with you and your friends' names and turn each game into a story... who will rescue your team this time? Who will sink the team with a 12 ball duck?
Share your Scorecard: That guy who scored a 12-ball duck? Tell him exactly what you think of him by posting a photo of your scorecard on his wall! :bravo:
Leaderboards: Who's the best among your friends? In the world? Our leaderboards show all! Can you get to the top?
Prizes Prizes Prizes! The highest scorer gets an HTC smartphone at the end of the competition. Other high scorers also get phones and pen drives.
Challenge a Friend (Coming soon): Set a target that your friend can't chase down. Then watch him try...

http://i.minus.com/jbwiPhH1z8yd7x.jpg (http://minus.com/lbwiPhH1z8yd7x)

Note: You'll need a Facebook account and like Robi's Facebook page to play the game. Check it out here! (http://www.facebook.com/robiFanz/app_204502686347734)