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February 2, 2013, 06:08 PM
New Zealand Cricket Players Association chief executive Heath Mills has branded the Bangladeshi Premier League the worst-run operation in world cricket, as reports of unpaid fees continue to dog the young Twenty20 competition.

During the week, Tim May, the Federation of International Cricketers' Associations chief executive, said a large number of overseas professionals playing the league, which began on January 18, had yet to receive any payment for their involvement. Former England representative Owais Shah was the first international to reveal he was still awaiting payment.

May suggested the league should be boycotted by players in the future. New Zealand have two players involved in the 2013 BPL season - Jacob Oram for the Chittagong Kings, and Lou Vincent for the Khulna Royal Bengals.

Both former Black Caps were still owed some money, but each had received a portion of their overall payments. It has been reported that players were promised 25 per cent of their fees on arrival in Bangladesh, a further 25 per cent before their final game, and the last half of their contract within 150 days of the end of the IPL - on February 19.

"In terms of organisation, having professional contracts and systems in place, [the BPL] is about the worst I've ever seen in world cricket," Mills said.

‘The two Kiwi players received up-front payments before they went. They are reasonably OK over there at the moment, and just trying to play some cricket.

"But from an international perspective, the vast majority of players haven't been paid, although there are some payments coming through now."

It is understood some international players, though no New Zealanders, received their final payments for last year's BPL only weeks before this season began.

Mills said the NZCPA advised players against travelling to the BPL this year, which they have extended to the fledgling Pakistan Twenty20 competition.

"The amount of terrorist activity in Pakistan is quite significant, and there's concerns with elections coming up. So our strong advice is players shouldn't travel to that event for security reasons."


February 2, 2013, 06:21 PM
Nijeder backyarde [read: newspaper] hajar hajar complaint, whining kora jay. Koi BD playerra bidesh bivuy gele je hotel chara airport e kharaye thake tokhon media ra kichu tolpor kore na. Then it's as BD players should suck it up...

But amader deshe ashlei shobar kemon jani ektu naak bere jay. Not that I am condoning BCB's actions but ARE THERE ACTIONS TO BEGIN with when someone gives wrong bank account number?

It's very easy to make BCB the culprit but both sides of the stories must be heard before we all get judgmental.

mot kotha: onushthaan ta pondo korbe ei ja

February 2, 2013, 06:54 PM
organisation, having professional contracts and systems
TBH these words makes me laugh these days. Ekhon lojja aar lage na, borong raag hoy.
As if, with these articles, everyday someone learnt something new about BCB-BPL! Seriously, what they expect really and where these bashing leads btw. These critics scratch nothing in BD, nothing will ever change here. These mud painting by outsiders effects very little on increasing interest of common BD fans over BPL. And BCB seems to be careless as well overall about spreading of these critics, wont bother any reply for any.