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February 28, 2013, 12:57 PM
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BCB gets land for stadium in Cox's Bazar
Mohammad Isam
February 28, 2013

After Khulna, with its first Test last year, Cox's Bazar is set to become another international destination for Bangladesh © ESPNcricinfo Ltd
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The organisation of the upcoming World Twenty20, scheduled for March next year, received a major logistical boost after the Bangladesh government granted land for an international stadium in the town of Cox's Bazar.

During an inter-ministerial meeting for the global event on Thursday, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina directed the civil aviation authority to hand over the coastal town's golf course to the Bangladesh Cricket Board. Many BCB presidents have sought land in the country's most popular tourist destination.

"The decision to build a stadium in Cox's Bazar was among the primary decisions taken during the meeting," sports secretary Noor Mohammad said. "The land belongs to the civil aviation authority, so the BCB will sit with them to build the ground. They will understand the technical issues better. The sports ministry will also assist in whichever way necessary."

The BCB will be looking to host the women's section of the World Twenty20 in Cox's Bazar, particularly because of the number of hotels already existing in the town that is famous for having the longest sea beach in the world.

The BCB has recently had to deal with hotel shortage in Khulna where three international matches and some BPL games were held since November last year. Bangladesh have traditionally used two cities during an international series at home, but with plans to develop the new stadium in Cox's Bazar as a major venue, it could only help in the country's cricket depicting a more exotic picture.

Mohammad Isam is ESPNcricinfo's Bangladesh correspondent

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February 28, 2013, 01:03 PM
Gd news but is it gonna be reaDy for the. T20 wc 2013?

If they can do it, that will be a big achivement...

February 28, 2013, 01:11 PM
Gd news but is it gonna be reaDy for the. T20 wc 2013?

If they can do it, that will be a big achievement...

T20 WC 2014

Not possible to build a stadium with cricket facility in just 1 year.

February 28, 2013, 01:31 PM
How far is it gonna be from the Bay of Bengal?

February 28, 2013, 01:37 PM
T20 WC 2014

Not possible to build a stadium with cricket facility in just 1 year.

According to banglanews, BCB will only prepare the ground to stage women's wc. Gallery might be built afterwards

February 28, 2013, 01:39 PM

[বাংলা]২০১৪ সালের বিশ্ব টি-টোয়েন্টি চ্যাম্পিয়নশিপের আয়োজক বাংলাদেশ। পুরুষদের পাশাপাশি নারী বিশ্ব টি-টোয়েন্টি চ্যাম্পিয়নশিপও হবে এখানে। কক্সবাজারের ভেন্যুতে নারীদের খেলা করার পক্ষে বিসিবি।[/বাংলা]
http://www.banglanews24.com/detailsnews.php?nssl=c7ac5406b81a433f81a13b9068d5a 0ac&nttl=20130228085218177923

February 28, 2013, 02:05 PM
please make a staidum like the mirpur used to be. you guys ruined it and don't do the same with this... AL amole r banano kono jinish e bhalo na... poysha khay jinish o thik moto banay na. At least bmp amoley taka khaito but jinish ta o bhalo moto banaito... BTW project leader aber abul nato?

Tiger Manc
February 28, 2013, 03:22 PM
Great news! I wish we had a 50,000 seater stadium but that's not going to happen.

February 28, 2013, 04:41 PM
what a waste of a beautiful area and money....
Right now, Dhaka gets most of the games, Followed by that we have the fan driven hub at Chittagong. We have Fotulla, Khulna, Syllet all equipped with decent venues. How many matches are we gonna see in a year at Cox's Bazar? More than Dhaka? Chittagong? Hell no. BCB only cares about seat revenue and no one beats Dhaka and Chittagong at that. Its not like we get 4 test, 5 ODI series every 2 months. Just for a T20 World cup its nothing but a waste to build a cricket stadium. BCB is just "showing off"

Its not gonna be a stunning stadium that will completely dazzle us. It will be another 20K seating stadium which no one is going to give a jackshit about. Cox's Bazar doesnt even have an NCL team so it will unused, not maintained. Bangladesh has more than enough stadiums and even more that are not taken care of. Fix those first.

50K stadium???? I will be amazed if u see more than 10K supporters for any given match

February 28, 2013, 05:50 PM
Atleast there won't be any shortage of hotels. However, I will have to echo what rinathq said- will there be a good number of people in attendance? I doubt it even if all the tourists go to the stadium.

February 28, 2013, 07:44 PM
Stop whining and we don't need a 50k stadium there a 10 k is good enough ... If we have it in the golf course which is close to the sea it will be very scenic.. The town has good hotels and it will give boost to tourism locally and internationally. If marketed properly it can draw sports tourism and also tourism for sports like a package that involves hotels and a game day ticket package. Theoretically it can be good branding for the country

February 28, 2013, 08:10 PM
I think 20 to 25 thousand crowd will be the perfect for the stadium... Its world cup... There is a chance for huge crowd load... So to be safe, i think 20,000 would be perfect... But they should bulit capacity around 60,000 for the future purpose... U never know how much could be busy that town in future...

February 28, 2013, 09:16 PM
Why the golf course? Why ruin a venue of another sport? Was it where Saber Hossain Chowdhury wanted to build the stadium originally?

March 1, 2013, 10:56 AM
Definitely a good initiative in terms of cricketing infrastructure. But there are other more pressing issues that are not being taken care off. Such as the need for more professionalism in BCB, lack of pacer hunt programs, pace bowling academy, proper diet for our players, year around fitness regiment for the salaried players and etc etc.

I understand why BCB admin is more inclined to these types of structural development that are a symbol of their and the current ruling party's establishment and achievement rather than implementing steps that will have intangible (but priceless) return such as development of cricketing skills. But of course those cannot be quantifiable and will not appeal to the uneducated masses/ voters for the next election. But I guess, being part of this system by birth, we Bangladeshis learned to take what we get from these lame politicians and be happy.

March 1, 2013, 11:59 AM
Requesting 35,000 Capacity Stadium and please maintain it professionally aleast.

March 1, 2013, 12:50 PM
Requesting 35,000 Capacity Stadium and please maintain it professionally aleast.


OK BCB will think about it :D

March 1, 2013, 02:01 PM
Atleast there won't be any shortage of hotels. However, I will have to echo what rinathq said- will there be a good number of people in attendance? I doubt it even if all the tourists go to the stadium.

Regular tourists aren't expected to go to the stadium, but many people will travel during the matches .... I'm sure there will be a lots of local people too for the international matches, people there have money and interest for fun/sports than most district level people of Bangladesh. Capacity should be more than 25,000 for sure. 35,000 would be just ideal.

March 7, 2013, 08:40 AM
The Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) yesterday revealed that they had confirmed their plans of building a new stadium in Cox’s Bazar for the T20 World Cup, which Bangladesh will be hosting in April 2014. The women’s version of the competition is expected to take place in the seaside town.
“We had a meeting with the Prime Minister a while back and it was decided that the BCB would make the stadium with its own funding,” said Nazmul Hassan Papon, president of the BCB during a press conference at Mirpur yesterday.

“Initially, we thought that it would be funded by the ministry. But they did not seem so keen and that’s when we decided to fund it on our own, because of which the Prime Minister agreed to transfer the ownership of the land to us. However, the ownership matter is not confirmed as yet. We wrote to the Prime Minister letter regarding that and are waiting for a reply,” added Papon. The 60-acre plus land set to be provided to the BCB was earlier under the control of a number of government organisations including the ministry of tourism and civil aviation.

BCB officials stated that they will have a meeting with the sports ministry today in order to start discussion on stadium-related planning.

“The ICC guidelines for the Women’s World Cup are a bit relaxed. So if we can start working on the pitch and make two dressing rooms, a media centre, hospitality boxes, etc., I am confident that we can be ready to host the World Cup there,” said Papon.

“We obviously have a bigger plan. We want to make a cricket complex there with swimming pools, gymnasiums and dormitories. But all that can’t happen before the world cup,” he added.
The president also stated that one side of the stadium would remain open in order to include the picturesque sights of the sea and beach.

Apart from the building of the stadium the BCB had also requested the government to delay the renovation works of the ‘Ruposhi Bangla’ in Dhaka, one of the hotels that the board aims to use for the T20 World Cup. “We sent a letter to the Prime Minister and the tourism ministry and requested them to start its renovation after the world cup,” said Papon.

The Sylhet divisional stadium, Chittagong’s Zohur Ahmed Chowdhury Stadium, BKSP, the Sher-e-Bangla National Stadium in Mirpur and the Fatullah Cricket Stadium are the probable venues for the showpiece ICC event in 2014.

The BCB have also set April 6 as the launching date of the T20 World Cup.


April 16, 2013, 04:48 PM
Green light to green stadium

With a mission of building a nature-friendly facility instead of the traditional concrete structure, the Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) begins work today to build an international cricket stadium in Cox’s Bazar.
Upon completion it will add another to an already comprehensive list of international stadiums in the country. But this will be different in many ways. BCB is yet to formally get the 50-acre land in Cox’s Bazar but has started the work to prepare the venue for next year’s ICC T20 World Cup, based on the assurance of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.
The board will appoint a professional firm to develop a stadium as soon as they get documents of the land from the authorities. But even before that BCB has decided to demarcate the area and start work on preparing the pitches to have it ready for the global event, which will kick-off with the women’s competition from March 16, 2014.
Like the Sir Vivian Richards Stadium in Antigua, which has a casual Caribbean flavour, and the Adelaide Oval in Australia, one of the cricket’s most picturesque Test venues which gives a quintessentially English feel, the BCB has also plans to make a stadium with Cox’s Bazar flavour.
“We will now only try to do the most essential works so that the venue gets ready before the World Cup and it would be just a part of the bigger picture in 2014. It would be a completely different stadium than the existing ones in the country,” said BCB’s senior member Ahmed Sajjadul Alam, who has been involved with the project for the last ten years.
It was a long cherished dream for the country’s most affluent sports body to make a stadium in the coastal town at their own cost and the dream has finally come true with the assurance from the Prime Minister last month.
As per the Prime Minister’s desire, the board will make sure that the jhau bon now facing the sea will remain well-preserved and one side of the field will remain open for views of the Bay of Bengal. “We are even thinking to make the entire surroundings by jhau bon, actually our main focus is to make it nature-friendly and a green stadium and for that we will do everything necessary and definitely it will take time to complete all the works,” said Alam.


Hope this happens. Except ZACS, our grounds are far from scenic. We dont need a high capacity stadium, we need something attractive specially in Coxs

April 16, 2013, 04:51 PM
i just read an article on daily star,one side of the stadium would be open for the view of Bay of Bengal.
That sounds awesome.

http://www.banglacricket.com/alochona/ 0YHSYeFx8jGRkXHy8gJCcqLCwsFx4xNTAqNSYsLCkBCQoKDgwO Gg8PGjAiHCIpLCkpLCosKSkqKSwpLCksNSkpLCkpKSwsKSopLC ksLCkpLCwpKSkpKSwpLCwpLCwpKf/AABEIAEsAkAMBIgACEQEDEQH/xAAcAAACAwEBAQEAAAAAAAAAAAAFBgIDBAcBCAD/xAA+EAABAwIDBQUFBgQGAwAAAAABAgMRACEEEjEFIkFRYQYTcY GRMqGxwfAVI0JS0eEHFHKCQ2JjkqLSJDNT/8QAGQEAAwEBAQAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAgMEAQAF/8QAKREAAwACAQMCBQUBAAAAAAAAAAECAxExEiFBExQEMlFhsUJ xkeHwIv/aAAwDAQACEQMRAD8AUcNtxM75X5D96P4TaLP/ANHf9o/70jutEG4itTLykjNEjnFqJfFZfqTKZZ0LD45q2+v4fOjmAxuFM S8+k9OHmJrluH2kaKYbaJOknwH6VvuMj5YfQjr+DxOHPs4tw9F KHzFEmw2dH1nzH6Vxxja3OieH2yYkTA4j9qz1PqFo6qi3+MfMf vV6XP8AUNczw3adWgJPSJo1hO0BVMBW6JWSICeflRqofkx7Q5Z/9Q+gqxOJHM0qNbbChIUCOY8x5acauG06csSrgH1NDKMUJ9qfIV E44cx6fvS0dpVWvaBovbgvKNI2injXh2mmlJW0T9GojaJ5e+j9 sgHmY3faia9+1U0qJx/Sp/aXQ+tZ7ZHeuNH2mioqxyDzpXVtLoa8G0+h9a72yO9c4XiEzECp KwhUgqANrGAIt5zOnvrSr8w3eoVf4z6VLB4hKMxWSJ0A0VrMmD zrxUajFhWLFWcpUn2QBJJ+Aql1aiMyUwExmIJvNpMmfSmXs92b xGNVmwrYbbFi6tSgg3uJ1VyhIp2wv8McKwnvMS4pwjluInkBJU rzN+VNU0NnqZzrZ7AM5HmluWypWVJT4yoQrwNEmtiKSqXMThwd SE9471j7pCh6+6nbu8MAQ1hUJBtJQklXIyqshYXIyqyZbwknKk 6SBlISDOmalvJK7LkpnC9boXcQ/hwVAPupQTOVOFcIkdVqHGpHa+GQAlLr6d05v/H9rmSC7HhGlFMbsgpV944ZVrmVlI6lOY89YoPjdlQYaWhUm+Z2 I6xljhz+NH1Sasc/5mrB7Zw4EJxD4GpHcW8bOeFGMc+UJlsOrNifuXUqTIneAzJmIP O450jHELSrLmbB5d+Ex/uAirGNr4hJPduPAp1DT+YDNJBiY91anr+jniVcfkZm+14SYWkz/m3T8KKYTtGyvjl/qFvUUs4b+IuKBCHHEOiwyYlmZ84n4Uf2dsoY9MhnDtOlR3GwWi U8FJMkKtcpHPhVE58i4f8AIi8DQaZcQv2VpV4ET+tXHD+NL21O zH8qR3rLuUkDvO9T3YJtvKCdwdVRTFgOzOJQLNIHILxKle4JgV VPxNfqQh4ypbZFQAvN/CbcqEYzbj6VlBZyqTYghUj1MHxqj7XxHFoH1HwPyp3usfkH0K8 IOrB+jX5APShLe2VfiZWPAz8QKvb243xzJ8U/oaas+N+QHipeDkr+OaGjjh4WQlJjzUePxrE88FDdSb3lSs2mpi APnwqjE3I1reziUoVdAICkkgpBkJ1F+fGvHRUkdK7MbfxLjbA7 1aUHKlCEgIRlKHTIgXALUWtczNFdpYhaAO8KjcQVEm5tadLmBx +RLC4RheESt2G2SjRIFoPsCDOYDeAA486TsfsLIgll555GcqTn VmOSFJt1gg6A2IqbPqqXfRbhqkmlOzW3tiBJSoqN4WZSAQCNLm x00veeON3GKUZKj5GOf1FCzi8yiSd43PibmPX31NL9RZaqXrg8/Nkqn3NJWBUVCdYFQQqTVwt9fUUqW33EqmzM60P0oB2hZW3lWha kzaBqONjqNKZikqNgpXqaEbW7P4p5UpbKkCYACuGp03j4U/Cr6uyCTrwAG+0T6UwpWcc1AZhxsrUUZ2PtF9bzPcvfeFSQkOLs CIgqzEZYA9oWIEQNTBjsO8ogOLbbBjVQUb6GETR/A9iGUgBSVPqgAhQKRMKIACTJmeMcK9SIp89h+O68nfigKTBhQI g6EEHXoQRS5htrIw2NGCUqEqQHGJOgJKe7vwBScvQxwFc5dZew 65Yccakk/d5giwgAgSE+EX1JmaRe3Hal1e0EvFZUpLaEzI01/DbU/Ote09IakfRHajsqjGNxORweyseuVUXKfh7jyDaeyO4dU060UrH CTBHBQP4gefzpp7L/AMSMTiWAU5DlEFWRRWTHG8T5ChHanbeJeIaxOS282sNpBI5gxI 6pqbLM3+5lYXfbYBSUJ0Ck/wBKiPgRVWJ2k8kWUVp/zQr4yfSohwgwqx9x8OfyqanSdBP10qXblkb68b0+wp4rDQo2+h ajRwCcQz3jY+8QAHUcTFg4BrERI6E1U5gidUxBKVAmIUZgxrA4 1ZgChpd3QiCUKyAypPEjgJ089DV8NrkbLZL7ffyNt591vQHQ/wBQPteOthR3ZfatEAKJQoqgkEFBkmJ5WHETbWhWNwqciXE/eIVYkapVyI4aGD0qv+Xw6oWhS2FAiSd7LcX4HhOp14RRZIljVb l7TGvEdw8N5CSo3CkKAVfjFwfEz0NDXsCEg5ZVyzJv/wASenEUvtbLdSQWnELgEDKoSJBUqJjS951MVYraOLR/hqMhEEiZKtDa+9ypLxvX2GPLNfMg/wBnVK/mFbuiZTrIuB+aZpld2qpsBPCCd5SwRHUzMTrSPsjb4DpLyMiSm yoJMgpkGBwvRTF9qGpGRydxV5UkTaB7KvXhWzNS9JBLoS7BtOB USAQ4ZP4sU6LkEjl1o33aXGglaQuQfzK3oAsVEyq+p6c6Wm+1+ HLiEpcCt5Nt4fhI0Ij2iLEideEUo9o+0yXnErQ4oISlTS0kqsp feXyzwBAJ8oo11t9zn0rg6ArCMIELWhuxO8sZrEk7upukC3Mda 2YJCkhS23ICW1OpcMwUQLAxCdOOgrj+zn2luhLy1JAC0FaLA65 VCRxFojjNO321hMmUuOmGw0cpIJQk+yqAAq9yDRtvyxTpI2bQ7 VNNhQBDrpAgXCQCCSZVE2jlwgG8c3xLyQYDJXFsys29oJiBAtp E73QU3t4bZ2KlpLYYWfYUAASryUQrhYi/C9DNqNYzCkBQkXAVCYVHLjpXNvwLdb4N/Y/aTDNgyuXCopUh9aJvdspFswEEHUij23MSjENgQ8lSSCPvQqY4S pMgngflNIeIxS3lAuJUkpG4pIghViJvETOmlMmB26goHeSlQ9q Ekp8baA8qGm+QW65B6MYmCl0pJBAIE5h10EEaW58a1uYNQgt5D IByrkEg6GZ49RVG3cOw8AtDgDgExChmFxBtYjgf2oRhHHW1JV7 RERNJqZf2HeqrWsi3+SJXzrPikcatc1qD2lJmns8+KezTsPaob UUOCWliFjpwI6jWtONwpbcUicxGhgwpJAI14EEeFCcC2C4meY+ Ire+olRkzFhPIEAegtV0f9bRWlt6Mz+EEymQDpHw8tKgFuJO66 safi5aVvULH+0+ZAmqctR1TmtJktU5etg9zamIREOKtmiQPx+1 61DD7adzpK4WkJCCkpspH5fCteMQIrElI5U+LbRRD2gj/ACxaUtKboVHLeQd5JsNYIPiDyq07CtYCPo0RwrYLDRNyCtP9oI ge8+tacH/6yOAKgPAG1dm8Mt+FpdemuQANmSINacLswKOVftCAk/mHI9bCPTlRV1MEfXCqsUN2eNvfS5Y/4nGnO/oW4bYaOQ6caNDChaMrpUoTIJJlOskE+VqDO4lQggkZkgmOZME+ cVT3yiLkmmHmG/G7F7vRYI8eFV7PdDTgUQFJiFJIEEHWtmyGg4FhckZSdTqAb240 uuOHnWNvgJMeMfsZspDjSEFKrpsD/abWOl6EJYb4tp9D8qv7GPFTTqVGUgEgciEgg89awbWMOW+rkfK lzy0x+f5FkR//2Q==

April 16, 2013, 05:24 PM
I had suggested building a stadium in Cox's Bazar almost 10 years ago! Glad to see it's finally gonna happen. Check this thread out: Cox's Bazaar as Test Venue (http://banglacricket.com/alochona/showthread.php?t=5427)

April 16, 2013, 07:50 PM
:flag:Good... We gona hav better nature friendly stadium for playing test or odi... It will give our players some room to breath.... Beside tired of playing sbns... We needed badly that stadium... Thanks to prime minister shekh hasina and bcb for keep trying... Now dream comes true.:flag:

April 16, 2013, 07:53 PM

OK BCB will think about it :D

It will take 20 yrs or so for bcb make stadium like that... I belive that stadium cost almost 1 billion dollars... Now com on ... What u think?:)

April 16, 2013, 07:57 PM

http://www.banglanews24.com/detailsnews.php?nssl=c7ac5406b81a433f81a13b9068d5a 0ac&nttl=20130228085218177923

Although i live in usa florida( saw so many beachs).... But never feel touched like this picture.... This is beauty of my country .... This is the best ... Hope we can make most of it... :flag:

April 16, 2013, 08:19 PM
If Gayle was playing in that stadium wouldn't all the balls that go for six sail into the seas?

April 16, 2013, 08:39 PM
If Gayle was playing in that stadium wouldn't all the balls that go for six sail into the seas?
I just hope a good commy commentates when the first 6 heads out to the sea so he can come up with a catchy line. Hope it's not Shastri or Shamim... or Govoshkor.

April 16, 2013, 09:23 PM
I just hope a good commy commentates when the first 6 heads out to the sea so he can come up with a catchy line. Hope it's not Shastri or Shamim... or Govoshkor.

Gayle has 'washed' that one away!

April 17, 2013, 09:04 AM
Acha, so when does construction begin? Two months before the Women's World Cup?

Since two weeks they've been saying, getting the papers in place and etc.