View Full Version : Some Early Cricket Laws

April 4, 2004, 11:15 AM
Laws for ye Strikers, or those that are in:
If ye Wicket is Bowled down, it's Out.
If he strikes, or treads down, or falls himself upon ye Wicket ins striking, but not in over running, it's Out.
A stroke or nip over or under his Batt, or upon his hands, but not arms, if ye Ball be held before she touches ye ground, though she be hug'd to the body, it's Out.
If in striking both his feet are over YE popping Crease and his Wicket put down, except his bat is down within, it's Out. If a ball is nipp'd up an he strikes her again, wilfully, before she come to ye Wicket, it's Out.
If ye Players have cross'd each other, he that runs for ye Wicket that is put down is Out. If they are not cross'd he that returns is Out.