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Leafs PWN
October 1, 2013, 07:13 AM


Hearing from BMac that Kessel will be inked to a 8x8 deal today. It would be the perfect start to this season :D He is a top 10 scorer in this league, and has been for the last 3 years. locking him to a deal like that gives us his best years at a fair price.

EDIT: On TSN now http://www.tsn.ca/nhl/story/?id=433171

I don't think it will take too long to extend Phaneuf once Kessel gets done.

Finally, watch out for Morgan Rielly, and Carter Ashton on the Leafs. Two promising rookies who impressed greatly at camp.

Rielly is a smooth skating, offensive D, who was taken 5th overall in 2012. RC loves him, and we all know RC knows defence.

Ashton was traded for Keith Aulie from the Lightning. He is a big, physical forward. Not too much offence, but he has the makings of a great 3rd line player. Hits anything that moves, and plays with a lot of tenacity.

GO LEAFS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

October 1, 2013, 07:40 PM
2-2 its tieedddd so far! LETS GO LEAFS!

October 1, 2013, 08:01 PM
3-2 wuttttttttttttttt!

October 1, 2013, 09:17 PM
Good season opener.

Btw, EA says St. Louis will beat the Pens in the Stanley Cup Finals.

October 1, 2013, 09:52 PM
Leafs win 4-3!

Leafs PWN
October 2, 2013, 06:53 AM
Good win for the first game. D wasn't really sharp, but we grinded it out with a good team.

The Habs are LIGHTNING fast. Holy **** they were absolutely flying in the first. The Leafs are no slouch when it comes to speed, and even we had trouble keeping up with them sometimes. Price was lights out last night. He wasn't pretty, but he made some mind boggling saves last night.

Very sad about what happened to Parros. It was tough to watch, and honestly, you can't prevent that kind of a thing in hockey. Quite unfortunate. Hope the big guy is okay, and can make a come back later on down the line.

Facing the Flyers tonight. Should be another good game.

Bernier is net for the Leafs. Excited to watch him in his first reg season Leafs start!!

October 2, 2013, 12:56 PM
I opened a NHl thread earlier. Guess, mine wasn't good enough : ) Anyway, mods can close that one and we can stay here.

Missed action last night since I was busy with a little thing called playoff baseball. First time in 21 yrs and Pirates won to cap it off.

Lots of goals in all three games. Goalie equipment shrinkage had something to do with it? This is great. Instead of giving up 5 goals on a nightly basis, Fleury will have to settle for 7. Vokoun is out for six months after his blood clot incident. So, here we start again with no goalie.

October 2, 2013, 12:59 PM
I still have to get used to this Metropolitan division. What an awful name !

We need Sohel to come back. I mean what fun would it be to not have him around during his RedWings-Leafs bouts ? So, come back please, dear Sohel.

Leafs PWN
October 3, 2013, 07:42 AM
I made this thread and then saw yours a little far down :lol:

Yea srsly we need the regulars all in here! Took you long enough Beamer bhai :P

I hate that name too. Makes it feel like the rest of the teams are playing in graams.

GREAT debut by Bernier. He absolutely stole that game, and helped us win a game we had no business winning. Two games where our goaltenders were the best players. Hopefully these 2 keep this up.

Bolland rose to the occasion last night, like he often does. 2 big goals in a tight game, during the 3rd. The first goal was a thing of beauty from Lupul and him. The best thing about getting him is that we have a good option to replace Kadri if he is playing like ****, like he was last night. Should do good for his development to have some legit competition.

I think Fleury will have a bounce back year. He isn't as bad as he was last year. In fact, he is a pretty good goalie IMO.

October 3, 2013, 08:50 AM
ahh,...I see..No worries. Your thread is fine. We will just have to get mods to close that one.

graams ? ha ha...

Caught some Leafs-Philty action. You guys have great speed and I have been saying for the last two years to watch out for Leafs as an up and coming team. Now, they have arrived. Made the playoffs, got some good players in off season. They have a good coach. Everything is in play.

Fleury has no problem in regular season. He is a consistent 40 game winner. Its the playoffs where he melts down an sinks us. We have Zatkoff backing him up. He had great numbers in W-B/S. He is from Kings organization but was behind Quick and Bernier. Good young goalie. With Vokoun being out, he will be the back up, and who knows, may be the starter here. But, if Fleury falters, this is it for him. I have ZERO faith in him. He just sucks the air out of whole team.

October 3, 2013, 09:45 AM
God bless Patrick Roy.

Leafs PWN
October 4, 2013, 07:21 AM
Haha best coaching debut ever

Good performance by Fleury last night. Man needs to regain his confidence a little bit, and being the clear cut #1 should help him with that.

Saw a bit of the Caps game last night. While it was wildly entertaining, that team has zero concept of defence. They aren't gonna get very far playing like that unless they put in the second coming of Roy in net. Fast and good defensive teams will eat them alive.

October 5, 2013, 10:46 PM
@LeafsPWN the leafs are really PWNING IT this year!:-D:-D

October 6, 2013, 02:40 AM
Bernier made some amazing saves tonight!

October 6, 2013, 10:47 AM
@LeafsPWN the leafs are really PWNING IT this year!:-D:-D
Stanley Cup champions 2013/2014. Nah just kidding.

October 7, 2013, 07:36 AM
Sohel bhai chara ei thred jome na....ki shob apnara pit pita post koren

October 7, 2013, 10:21 AM
^^ For sure. He is missing out on all your chamchami.

October 7, 2013, 10:23 AM
LOL Philty Flyers!

Leafs PWN
October 8, 2013, 07:50 AM
Ed Snider is the only man capable of beating Eugene Melnyk for the title of the worst NHL owner. This man sticks his nose in every Philly decision, and quite honestly, has ruined this team from its SCF days.

What do they do after the have a successful playoff run? Trade their 2 best players for nothing but forwards. Then what do they do? Trade an emerging PWF for a slow dman (thanks Philly!). Then they go out and get a system goalie on a ridiculous contract, and play him in the most ill suited situations, and use him as a scapegoat 1.5 seasons into the contract.

And now, they fire their coach THREE games into the season :facepalm: If it wasn't for Giroux, the team would be bottom 10 for the next 5 years.

This organization has zero patience, and zero plans for building their team. They just put together a million top 6 forwards, and half assed it at the other end of the ice. Where the **** were they when Bernier/Thomas were up for grabs? Not getting Bernier might be the biggest mistake this team has made after the JVR move. We didn't even pay a premium price. We got a nice deal for him.

Leafs have won all their games while playing crap D so far. We also have the greatest turnover ratio. Really need to cut down on these and focus on defence. Once we start playing serious teams, it will bite us in the *** (no disrespect to Montreal and Ottawa, but they are pretenders). We should win tonight against the Avs. We are one of the rare teams in the league who can match them offensively. Defensively, it shouldn't even be close. If we play a sound game, and Bernier plays like Bernier, we will win.


Leafs PWN
October 8, 2013, 08:04 AM

Colorado at Toronto: 5-3 Toronto
Phoenix at NY Islanders: 3-2 Phoenix
Florida at Philadelphia: 4-1 Philly
Carolina at Pittsburgh: 3-1 Pittsburgh
Tampa Bay at Buffalo: 3-0 Tampa
Minnesota at Nashville: 2-1 Minnesota
New Jersey at Vancouver: 4-2 Vancoucer
NY Rangers at San Jose: 3-1 San Jose

Lets hear your predictions ppl.

October 8, 2013, 09:28 AM
Too early to make predictions. However, Canes always play us well at CEC. That much I know.

Thanks God for Snider and Homer. Now, they have a professional goon in Berube, coaching a goon team playing in a city of goons and thugs. Perfect marriage.

Jeff Carter was sleeping with teammates wives and stuff. Lol. They had to kick him out.

October 8, 2013, 09:33 AM
James Neal and Kris Letang both on IR and haven't played a game yet. Without those two, the PP is suffering, especially with Neal being out. Its early, so better be safe than sorry. I am very impressed by Olli Maata- the 19 yr old rookie and first rd pick. Its gonna be difficult to send him back after his 9 game window and back to London.

Simon Depres will be traded. He has really fallen out of favor. Needs a change of scenery. He was supposed to be top 4 D by now, instead, got sent back to AHL. He will be moved at some point.

Leafs PWN
October 9, 2013, 11:08 AM
Lazy game, ugly loss.

Injuries you say? Kulemin out, Fraser out, McLaren out, Clarkson suspended (10 games). Those are our all of our toughest players :lol:

Update: Lupul is Day to Day as of now :facepalm:

October 10, 2013, 05:04 AM
<iframe src="http://video.nhl.com/videocenter/embed?playlist=453808&site=redwings" frameborder="0" width="640" height="395"></iframe>

We better get our chemistry and timing right pronto. Cleary, Bert and Sammy have been utterly useless so far, AS EXPECTED and FEARED. Gotta get Nyquist in. Helm is getting better but no details yet. Alfie and Weiss have been excellent additions in front of our young D that continues to learn from acceptable mistakes early in the season. But Lashoff may still be a better option than the obscenely overrated Kyle Quincey. I doubt that we'll peak too soon this season, lol.

Here's Malik's Red Wings-Coyotes set-up and overnight report: test ahead, pink Howard and Krupa on Alfredsson. (http://kuklaskorner.com/tmr/comments/red-wings-coyotes-set-up-and-overnight-report-huge-claws-retractable)

Leafs PWN
October 10, 2013, 07:08 AM
^ The prodigal son has returned :D

Calgary has been a pleasant surprise so far @ 2-0-2. Monahan has been phenomenal for them.

And how about DAT TOMAS HERTL? Holy **** is this kid on fire or what? 6 goals, leading the league in pts and completely annihilated the Rangers on his own. The Rookie talent this year is off the charts. It's gonan be exciting tracking the Calder race this year. Monahan, Rielly, Hertl, Maata, Forsberg, MacKinnon, Jones, Barkov are all very highly touted prospects, and playing quite well.

October 10, 2013, 10:42 AM
Ha ha ha...and HE IS BACK !

I had a evil plan to lure him back. I was about to embark on an epic rant of trash talking about the Wings. I know he reads the posts and hoped that my move will bring him back. But, I am glad that I didn't have to resort to such a tactic. Actually, I am very glad !

Hertl's fourth goal ! OMG. Milbury didn't appreciate it. He said it was hotdogging and somebody should have laid him out for doing that in a game that was already 7-2. Whatever moron! Freaking dinosaur. Only think I hate about NHL being back is to sit and watch NBCSN and its panel of Milbury, Douchebag Roencik and the other Flyers scum.

Yes, great rookie class. But, the 82 game is a grind. Expect some of them to fall off.

October 10, 2013, 11:44 AM
This Friday, Zatkoff will make his NHL debut vs Florida. I am so anxious to watch him play. He had no chance in LA behind Quick and Bernier. Now, he has a chance to prove himself as a young back up goalie in NHL. He will get 20 games at least this year. Also, backing up Fleury means you are one meltdown away from being the starter. He needs to go about his business.

October 11, 2013, 06:20 AM
Still unimpressed. We're but a shadow of our former, puck possessing selves. Outshot and outplayed by Phoenix at home, the 2-4 scoreline could've been worse. We were playing senior citizens' pond hockey whenever Bert was on the ice. Terrible game from Alfie also. BTW, Sergei Fedorov has come out of retirement. I won't be surprised to see Kenny add him to his collection of wrinklefesters.

October 11, 2013, 09:36 AM
But, its way too early. Plenty of time to right the ship, and Wings will , since they have the best coach in all of hockey. There are so many ups and downs in a 82 game season. There are upswings, downswings, injuries etc etc. I won't worry too much. This is how I look at it : If you win 2/3rd of your games, you will be in great shape. On loss in every three games is normal for a good team. If you can win three out four, then you are in great shape at the end. So, fear not my friend. Florida got killed by Tampa last night ( 7-2 ), so they will be upset and will fight tooth and nails against us tonight. It won't surprise me one bit if they take it to us. BTW, Filpulla looked great : (

Leafs PWN
October 11, 2013, 10:04 AM
Florida has gotten killed in every game. Crosby and Geno will feast on their poor souls. I should watch that game to see how bad the Panthers get thrashed :lol:

Another great outing by Bernier. This kid is a gamer, and we honestly got a steal of a deal with him. The team is still playing sluggish, at times lazy hockey. Hope they pick it up sooner rather than later. Wish Clarkson was here. His intensity and tenacity would've surely helped the youngsters pick it up.

Dave Bolland's addition was also excellent. This guy has a good bit of offence in him, and has produced when he was gotten the chance with us. His offence wasn't really needed in Chicago, and never really had the chance in such a role. I expect 40-50 pts from him. However, his biggest asset for us is his experience, and playing style when the game is on the line. This guy is already a savvy veteran with who turns it on when the game is close. He also is one of the hardest workers on the team. His influence on our youngsters will be priceless if he keeps up this solid play.

Lupul hasn't even been that great and he already has 6 pts in 5 games. His finishing has been pretty off so far. Once he gets his touch back, and if he can stay healthy, we will have a nice 1-2 punch this year.

Morgan Rielly continues to impress. He is the best skating Leafs dman I have ever seen. He's a better skater than Kessel even.

October 11, 2013, 10:10 AM
I disagree. I think they will fight back. When teams get thrashed at their barn like that, a quick turnaround is the best possible thing. Thats exactly what they have. A game in 24 hrs. They will punch above their belt. I just want to see how Zatkoff plays.

Leafs are a serious team. They have speed to spare. So damn fast. This is a good team up and down the order. Solid every where. Great additions in off season too.

How about that Patrick Roy ! Love that guy..

October 11, 2013, 11:29 AM

Leafs PWN
October 11, 2013, 01:42 PM
LOL What a bawse

Roy has done a good job so far. Lets see if he can maintain this. The biggest problem with young teams like the Avs and Leafs is consistency. Roy is no slacker though. This guy will work these kids to the bone.

Aside from his temper, he has the make up of a perfect coach for young players.

October 12, 2013, 09:02 PM
eeeeekk what a nerve wracking game! 5-6... Leafs have done it again though :-D :-D :-D

Leafs PWN
October 12, 2013, 10:39 PM
When in doubt, give it to Lupul.

Bolland is the most clutch player we have had in a long *** time.

Defense continues to be a joke. Wake the **** up Randy.

October 13, 2013, 01:03 AM
<iframe src="http://video.nhl.com/videocenter/embed?playlist=2013020065-X-h" frameborder="0" width="640" height="395"></iframe>

Finally, a decent outing from the Red Wings. Here's Monica's report: Detroit Sends Phily Flying (http://kuklaskorner.com/tmr/comments/detroit-sends-phily-flying).

Leafs PWN
October 16, 2013, 07:05 AM
Minnesota has a scary good possession game. Unfortunately, their lack of finish hasn't gotten much better since the time of Lemaire. Averaging less than 2.5 GPG isn't gonna work on nights where you face offensive juggernauts like the Leafs and Pens. These teams don't need many shots to score. Give them enough chances up close and they will capitalize. Hope Minny can get Vanek this year, as I do like them as a team.

That Jonas Brodin impressed once again. This kid was not beat by anyone last night. Him and Suter kept Kessel quiet. Granted it was much easier with no JVR, but it was an accomplishment nonetheless.

We once again played under par, but won due to 3 things - great goaltending, great special teams (2/3 PP, 4/5 PK), and capitalizing on our chances (4 goals on 14 SOG). The defence was a lot better tonight - they kept Minny to the outside for most of the night. Really hoping the return of Clarkson and Kulemin improves our possession game, as they are both excellent @ the cycle game. Bolland line was the only one which had considerably time in the offensive zone on a regular basis.

Sid continues to roll. It's great to see the Ovy vs Crosby race again. Crosby is gonna win if he stays healthy tho - I see 140 pts from him this year. The man is on a mission.

With the suck that is the Metrosexual division, the Pens are gonna run away with the title.

Best start for the Leafs in 20 years!

October 16, 2013, 10:27 AM
If he stays healthy . That is the key. He was running away with it last year until the jaw incident. And, of course, that year when he was having an unbelievable year until some no name garbage named Steckel decided to elbow him in the back of the neck. Keeping fingers crossed.

Man the Oilers are fast. They played great last night. Perhaps a bit unlucky they didn't win. Fleury was very good ( regular season champ that he is ) and possibly robbed them off two pts. We are far from a finished product. Letang and Neal hasn't played this year due to injury and those two are pretty big part of the team. Bennett is hurt now too and missed last night. Its still too early. But, can't complain with the results so far.

Metro div is bad right now, but its October. Plenty of time for teams to gel and address issues.

Oilers are fun to watch but they have first line talents playing in third line. Sometimes it doesn't work. They have to upgrade that D without a doubt.

Leafs PWN
October 17, 2013, 07:09 AM
Oilers have no defence or goal tending. They need to parley some of that offensive talent (Hi Yakupov) into a goal tender and some NHL d. They have an excellent D prospect pool, but you can't just throw in a bunch of kids on the blue line. Need to give them some help with quality D.

Andrew Ference is the only decent NHL d they have. The Leafs could be a good trade partner if we decided to move Reimer + Gardiner or something like that. But then, the only offensive piece we would want is a center, and ther Oilers themselves are pretty thin on that department.

Leafs PWN
October 17, 2013, 09:19 AM
Leafs vs Canes tonight. Stats comparison:

Carolina stat line:

#26 G/G, #17 GA/G, #23 SA/G, #13 SV%, #12 PK, #23 PP, #22 FO%

Leafs stat line:

#4 G/G, #7 GA/G, #27 SA/G, #5 SV%, #3 PK, #3 PP, #26 FO%

We should really win this game.

GO LEAFS GO!!!!!!!!!!

October 17, 2013, 09:31 AM
Yak will be traded eventually. From a neutral perspective, it was awesome watching the Oil. Don't get to see them often and I was impressed by their team speed. I thought Eberle was the best player out of Hall, RNH, Yak etc. I like to watch teams that skate up and down the ice. They are exciting to watch. Outside of Pens, I like to watch Isles & Leafs for that reason. Throw in the Oil now too.

Pens-Flyers today. Throw all the records out. We bring the best in them. I think they come out firing and a win vs us will give them the push. If they lose big, don't be surprised if Homer over reacts, again. Oh yes, and there will be a few fights..

What did you think of Lapierre hit on Boyle? And, BTW, Kaletta needs to be suspended indefinitely. He is the dirtiest player around. Even Cooke stopped his BS.

I heard a rumor here that Pens-Wings could be dancing soon regarding one of our surplus young D men and Nyqvist ( spelling ? ) from the Wings. Don't know much about him. When Letang comes back, we need to make room.

My first game of the season at CEC this Sat afternoon vs Canucks. Taking the whole family. My fifteen month old got her #71 shirt and she is ready to cheer on her Pens !!!Lol

Leafs PWN
October 18, 2013, 06:59 AM
I still haven't seen that hit. I saw the one by Burns, and it was dirty. I was hoping he'd get a couple games at least. And I completely agree on Kaleta. This guy has zero respect for humans, and that hit was as vicious as it gets. He reminds me of Chris Simon. He was eventually run out of the league.

I hope someone knocks out Kaleta the next time this sad sack of **** is on the ice.

Reimer went down with a head injury last night. That's 6 starters out within the first 8 games :facepalm: Reimer, Clarkson, JVR, Kulemin, Fraser, McLaren - basically all the size and our 1b goalie. The team has gotten super soft in the absence of these guys. Clarkson and JVR should be back within 2 games. Kulemin and Fraser are out for a while, and Reimer's injury extent hasn't been disclosed yet. It could be long as he has had a concussion before on a similar hit. Hope he's okay.

You got your daughter the wrong jersey brother. She's gonna hate you later on when she's sporting the blue and white.

Guess who lives on my street beamer bhai? Take a look at the location, and you might have a good idea :D

October 18, 2013, 09:25 AM
So you and Crosby are homies now, Leafs PWN? Brothas from the same hood?

October 18, 2013, 09:43 AM
Ha ha..I guess I am gonna have to get her a #87 shirt before game time. I was going to get her #87, but wife intervened, because it was more expensive. Her argument " she is gonna grow out of it in a few months". Not that #71 was cheap, but it is cheaper than #87. I could have got a half price Iginla jersey, but I have some self respect !ha.ha..women always mess up things.

I see you are at Halifax. Permanent move or, just traveling? Same street? wow..Hanging with the big dawns?

Felt good beating the Flyers at their barn. Nothing like it. God, I despise them. We were shorthanded too just like they are. Lots of injuries . We had to play a defenseman as a winger. Hoping that Letang and Neal come back soon. Bennett is hugely missed. I am a big fan of his. He is gonna be a great playmaker.

Leafs PWN
October 18, 2013, 10:48 AM
So you and Crosby are homies now, Leafs PWN? Brothas from the same hood?

Ain't nuttin' gettin between us bru

Brotha hooked me up with some of dem Pens season tix. I can't go doe.....hope bratha don't mind doe.

Ha ha..I guess I am gonna have to get her a #87 shirt before game time. I was going to get her #87, but wife intervened, because it was more expensive. Her argument " she is gonna grow out of it in a few months". Not that #71 was cheap, but it is cheaper than #87. I could have got a half price Iginla jersey, but I have some self respect !ha.ha..women always mess up things.

I see you are at Halifax. Permanent move or, just traveling? Same street? wow..Hanging with the big dawns?

That is such a bangali mentality your wifey has :lol:

My middle school graduation suit was 1.5 sizes bigger than my fit because I was gonna grow into it. Unfortunately it didn't happen :lol:

Here for a 4 month coop term - Sept to December. My landlord knows Sid's parents, and yes I live on the same street as Sid's parents. Nate MacKinon's place is also close by. Pretty amazing how much talent this place produces compared to the population. Time for me to make some contacts eh :D

Which D are you guys gonna move, aside from Despres, when Letang gets back?

Dan Girardi isn't fitting into AV's system so far. I hope it stays like that, and we can swing a Kulemin + Gunnarson for Girardi trade. Those two will combine for 6.5-7 M in '14 and on. We have about 2 replacements for Kulemin, and that little extra cap space will be huge for us. We need to re-sign McClemment, Bolland, Gardiner, Franson, Phaneuf, Reimer and possibly Raymond in the '14 off-season.

October 18, 2013, 11:00 AM
Ah so you hangin' with the Troy. Nice going Bangy.

The #87 the wife got me is too loose for me too. I'm too old to grow into it though. Maybe I can get fat like Tamim, eat a lot of beef.

Btw, Beamer bhai what did you do? How come your wife has Bangali mentality? You transformed her yo.

October 18, 2013, 11:41 AM
Ah so you hangin' with the Troy. Nice going Bangy.

The #87 the wife got me is too loose for me too. I'm too old to grow into it though. Maybe I can get fat like Tamim, eat a lot of beef.

Btw, Beamer bhai what did you do? How come your wife has Bangali mentality? You transformed her yo.

You guys are funny yo!

LeafsPWN bhai is big time now. Hanging with Troy and Trina. :ohno:

Asif- tomar abar wife kobey theke? Congrats! Naki GF key wife bola style azkal? Please, don't get a tummy like Tamim ! Return the jersey after wearing it for months like a true Bangy style.

How did I transform her? ha ha..bhat and kochu bhorta..thats how.:lol:

October 18, 2013, 11:55 AM
Leafs PWN bhai

Best of luck man. That place has produced two of the biggest names. McKinnon is gonna be great too. Having a great laugh at the suit situation. Us Bangalis think way ahead! Please give my best to the Crosby's when you have that hood block party thing. Tell' em the Burgh loves them.

Tricky situation with our D. Logical move would be Niskanen. He was supposed to be the odd man out. He is making $2M and was seen as the weak link. But, he is playing great, with plus-10. Depres will be moved. He was thought of as top 4, yet he is playing in AHL. In the bottom six they love Bortuzzo and what he brings. Big, tough, physical and positionally strong. Maatta plays like a 26 yr old though he is 19. He is very very calm. He is reaching the 9 game limit, after that, he either stays here or get sent back to London. Can't go to AHL, because of that deal that exists between NHL and OHL. If he stays, this year starts as the first of his ELC. Numbers aside, he is too good to be sent down, but probably will have to go, just for the pure number game. Pouliot, Harrington, Sammuelsson or Duomolin wont get traded. It is Depres who will be moved. Orpik is an UFA and should he be moved? Logic says he should since we have a so many young stay at home type coming up the system, but he is a icon player here. Heart and soul type. I doubt they will ever trade him. They will probably let him walk end of season for one last big pay day. Martin, Scuderi, Letang, Orpik are top 4. Last two spots- Bortuzzo and Niskanen. Maatta will get sent down, though nobody wants that to happen.

October 21, 2013, 04:12 AM
We're still at 60% of our ability even during this rebuilding period, and need to be at 75 to 85% to win games we're expected to win as a team. I don't want us to peak before the playoffs. Hopefully we'll start playing vintage Red Wings hockey then. The idea of playing either the Hawks or the Avs for the Cup someday is an enthralling one for us at the RWN.

We're winning games ONLY because of solid goaltending and because Hank and Pasha have stepped up. Alfie has been on a hot streak also. Gustavsson has had a couple of unexpectedly good games. Good reflex goalie but his positional play needs to improve. Our young and very talented defensive corps is learning and cutting down on turnovers, but we need more offense from future Norris contenders Kindl, DeKeyser and Smith. We also need better offensive output from forwards other than the big two and Alfie. Franzen has worked harder than I've ever seen him work during the regular season but it's still not hard enough for his pay grade. Gotta play Tatar and Nyquist every game, period. This obsession with Bert and Cleary must stop.

Bernier looks to be the best Leafs goalie since Cujo, and Kessel, Lupul and Kadri are a serious offensive threat, but that defense? :floor:

October 21, 2013, 04:32 AM
@Beamer: Maatta is pure gold. Very unlucky not to have scored more with that accurate howitzer. A very calm defensive presence too, almost Lidstrom-like when Nick came into the league as our number four defenseman behind Fetisov, Vlad and Coffey. Of course being partnered with Coffey developed him quickly enough to become the better partner in his pairing with Murph, an excellent defenseman in his own right.

Crosby has changed his game this season and we'll see his PPG go beyond 2. Like Gretzky, he wants to make a scoring play every time he's on shift and he's doing it with his ability to see a possible play before it unfolds, and then by making it happen. Such premeditation is something new for his vision game. He used to just hold the puck with his superior skillset and look for opportunities like other elite players, Malkin, Datsyuk or Toews for example, or Mario, Yzerman, LaFontaine, Fedorov and Howe before them.

Now his ability to accelerate and then stop on a dime makes him the right guy at the right place, because most NHL defensemen can't skate at that level and skate right past him, leaving him open enough for a perfect no-look pass or shot on goal. You give him space to skate and you'll be toast 1 out of 3 times. Reminiscent of Pavel Bure in his prime, but with a plan his fellow players are also in on. He has obviously been working very hard on executing give-and-go plays with his linemates the way Gretzky used to.

Leafs PWN
October 21, 2013, 07:21 AM
Yea, I was just about to say once again, that Crosby will score big this year. 150 pts at least this year. If Fleury can hold his **** together during the play-offs, Crosby will take them home. Their defence is gonna be a lot better this year with the new kids in place. Once everyone is back and going at full rate, this team will be hard to stop.

October 21, 2013, 10:06 AM
Sohel- Everything with him starts and ends with injury. He was playing like this three years ago. Also, last year before the jaw broke. He was never the same when he came back last year. Never went to the dirty areas, which he is going now and scoring. He was scoring from everywhere three years ago too until that moment in the winter classic. So, we will see if he can stay healthy. If he can, he will win the Art by a long margin. Pascal and Kunitz just knows how to play with him. Took years of chemistry. They know where to go.

Loving the way Malkin is playing so far. So calm and Jokinnen is really feeding off him. I am so glad that Pens have seen the light finally and having more and more Scandinavians in the team and in the system. Maatta- He is going to be a star in this league. He will surpass Letang in a year or two. His intelligence is what separates him. Positionally, he is never out of his place. Small sample size, but very encouraging.

Went to the afternoon game vs Canucks. Taking the kid wasn't too much fun..lol. She just doesn't want to sit still! So, enjoyed the period and a half we were there ! It was fantastic up and down action. Playing the Avs tonight. It should be a great game.

October 21, 2013, 10:08 AM
We're still at 60% of our ability even during this rebuilding period, and need to be at 75 to 85% to win games we're expected to win as a team. I don't want us to peak before the playoffs. Hopefully we'll start playing vintage Red Wings hockey then. The idea of playing either the Hawks or the Avs for the Cup someday is an enthralling one for us at the RWN.

We're winning games ONLY because of solid goaltending and because Hank and Pasha have stepped up. Alfie has been on a hot streak also. Gustavsson has had a couple of unexpectedly good games. Good reflex goalie but his positional play needs to improve. Our young and very talented defensive corps is learning and cutting down on turnovers, but we need more offense from future Norris contenders Kindl, DeKeyser and Smith. We also need better offensive output from forwards other than the big two and Alfie. Franzen has worked harder than I've ever seen him work during the regular season but it's still not hard enough for his pay grade. Gotta play Tatar and Nyquist every game, period. This obsession with Bert and Cleary must stop.

Bernier looks to be the best Leafs goalie since Cujo, and Kessel, Lupul and Kadri are a serious offensive threat, but that defense? :floor:

Wings are a force in the East. They are winning almost every game. Like I said earlier, if you win 2 out of every 3, you should be fine. Wings are doing exactly that.

October 21, 2013, 10:13 AM
Talking about Lupul. This guy is always on the score sheet. JVR is a big forward and scares me around the net. Here is a quiz : What doe Mike Richards, Jef Carter, Lupul and JVR have in common? LOl.

October 21, 2013, 12:17 PM
Talking about Lupul. This guy is always on the score sheet. JVR is a big forward and scares me around the net. Here is a quiz : What doe Mike Richards, Jef Carter, Lupul and JVR have in common? LOl.

I'll respond like a "Jeopardy" contestant.

What's the douchebag hockey team from the most despicable city in all of professional sports, BOB?

October 21, 2013, 01:33 PM
Daily double number ...ha ha

speaking of BOB ! They had a certain Bobrovsky too. Now, a Vezina winner elsewhere..

October 22, 2013, 02:14 AM
Tight game against the Sharks, Niemi beat Howard in the SO. Huge win for the Avs in the Burgh, thanks to Giguere and Landeskog, possibly the second coming of Peter Forsberg and Valeri Kamensky rolled into one. Stealing a game against such a prolific offense in their own building is a major morale boost for them. Pens also played solid defense.

October 22, 2013, 09:45 AM
Funny game this hockey. I thought it was our best game to date, and we lost. JS Giguerre had one of those nights. Not sure what the stat line was, but we launched 70 shots at him- 34 shots, 22 blocks, and the rest either hit post or just missed. Fleury faced only 14 and the goal was deflected by our own player. It happens. However, Roy has them playing great structural defense. Impressive for such an young team. But, kudos to JS. He really stood on his head. Some of the saves were just outstanding. Avs will go far if they can sustain such defensive posture + great goaltending. We are off till Friday at Isles, then Leafs on Sat. We should get Letang back, and perhaps even Bennett. There could be a trade this week. Won't be surprised if we go and get a back up goalie. Zatkoff was shaky in his only game. Not sure how much they trust him.

Leafs PWN
October 22, 2013, 12:59 PM
Talking about Lupul. This guy is always on the score sheet. JVR is a big forward and scares me around the net. Here is a quiz : What doe Mike Richards, Jef Carter, Lupul and JVR have in common? LOl.

Lupuls is a beast on skates. This guy can score every single way (snipe, tip, slapper). His physical strength is also very impressive. Most games he powers his way through at least one or two guys.

Whenever the team is down near the end, he steps in with a NOT IN MA HOUSE kind of attitude :lol:

While Kessel has more offensive talent, Lupul is the offensive leader when things get tough. He has the same issue as Crosby - IF he can stay healthy. Granted their injury histories are not even in the same stratosphere, both are prolific scorers who have put up insane numbers over their injury filled seasons.

His numbers since being traded to the Leafs:

11-12 66 25 42 67
13-13 16 11 07 18
13-14 09 06 04 10
Total 91 42 53 95

Over the last 2 years he has 17 goals in 25 games. The man needs to stay healthy this year. He can score 50 if he can play 80 games.

October 23, 2013, 12:45 AM
The much awaited Wings-Leafs rivalry has been renewed. Barring a major slump, the race for the top spot in our division will go down to the wire.

Leafs PWN
October 23, 2013, 06:57 AM
I'm glad the winter classic got pushed back to this year actually. Nothing like an outdoor game to renew the rivalry :D

This division won't be easy, and we will send the 2 wildcard teams to the playoffs. However, Detroit will take this division - no doubt about it. They are a step above the other teams, even though they are going through a transition-ish phase.

Seems like Tootoo is a goner. Edmonton/Montreal should take a stab. Both teams are way too small.

Leafs once again played with horseshoes up their *** till the middle of the 2nd. 3 ****ing shots through 25 mins is pathetic. Good thing Kessel decided to stop playing like crap. Him and Van Riemsdyk were outstanding last night. Clarkson comes back Friday night :D

October 23, 2013, 07:40 AM
Kessel's sniper goal was pretty cool!

October 23, 2013, 09:18 AM
Nice stats by Lupul there. If healthy, he is more than a point per game player, plus the intangibles. Always liked him, even when he was a Flyer. Getting rid of JVR was also a monumental mistake by them. Its hard to find a Power Forward. Oh well..

Nice hatty by Kessel. And, Ovi is scoring goals like crazy since the mid way point of last year. The coaching change really helped him. I think the Rocket will be a four way race- Ovi, Stamkos, Kessel and Crosby- in that order. Stamkos and Ovi are special goal scorers. Those two are the favorites.

Very glad that Wings-Leafs rivalry is back. Leafs are a very good team and it shouldn't be a one sided affair. What can you say about the Wings? Like you said, even with a transition-ish team, expect Wings to win the div. They have the best coach in the league. Its not even close.

Gotta marvel at Teemu Selane. Just wow!

October 23, 2013, 09:21 PM
Wow, what a stinker! Took me back to the 80s, not a happy decade for the Red Wings.

Out skated, out hustled, out muscled and out structured by an excellent Senators team, we managed to lose our third straight on a night when everybody in red played mediocre pond hockey at the Joe, and wasted our time in the RWN. Some of us wake up 5:30 in the morning, literally on the other side of the world, to watch our team compete, and when something like this this happens, you thank yourself for being a Bangladesh cricket fan because you're used to sucking and losing.

Alfie's insights didn't do jack for us while Paul MacLean, one of many former Wings' ACs now kicking our butts, read us like a children's book. Yep, out coached too. Our overall coverage of Spezza was Dion Phaneuf-like, and none of Babcock's adjustments helped. As a matter of fact, they made things worse. We continue to pay a steep price for his bromance with Bert and Cleary while a potential Selke winner like Nyquist has been reduced to a Tweetering curiosity.

Hopefully this was just a bad outing, although our neutral zone play remains worse than Buffalo's, because if it's not, if it's the beginning of a trend, then we're in deep need of some serious reorganization at the top.

We simply cannot have this. The city of Detroit, especially in light of its current despair, deserves a break. The hundreds of millions worldwide who support the Wings deserve to see their team compete. We simply cannot revert to mediocre pond hockey whenever the big two and Howard have an off day. Nobody other than Tatar showed up offensively and the scoreline could've been worse.

Simply unacceptable and they better remedy this against the Rangers.

Leafs PWN
October 24, 2013, 07:08 AM
Your team has made the playoffs 16 straight years, and you have won 3 championships in the last 15 years, along with one in the last 3 years. The team has given the city of Detroit MUCH more than any other NHL team has given its city. I get that you're pissed after a shitty effort, but to suggest the team owes the city a break is ludicrous.

In fact, the team deserves a break now during their transition phase. When you have a team of so many young players, consistent effort will be an issue for a couple years. All young teams go through it.

If the coverage of Spezza was Phaneuf like, then he wouldn't have scored 2 goals against you. Spezza was invisible against us except for that one goal because of Phaneuf. Would like to see how other teams' top D man plays when paired with trash like Carl Gunnarsson/Holzer on a nightly basis, while playing 25 mins/game.

October 24, 2013, 09:43 AM
Correction: We've made the playoffs in 27 of the last 29 seasons; the playoff streak currently stands at 22 in a row; 4 Cup wins in 6 appearances during this period.

October 24, 2013, 10:11 AM
Its just one game. There are nights when nothing goes right. We lost to Florida in a horrible manner. That's why its a 82 game season. Nobody will get 164 pts -ever. You get 95-100 out of 164, you are in safe zone. Red Wings will easily be safe. I have seen them play this year more since they are in East, and I see same puck possession style, same brilliance from Datsyuk and Zetterberg. Do not forget that this Wings team gave Hawks all they could handle last year. Worry not my friend.

Senators have the most right hand shots that I have ever seen in a team. Everyone seems right handed. Ryan is a great addition for them.

Disgusting head shot by Scott on Erikson. This has to stop. Way too many headshots and suspendable offences this year. Something is not registering with these goons. Its always the same no name garbage characters going after a star. The world's of Cody McCleod- Lapierre, Kaletta, Scott need to erased from hockey. Need 15-20 game suspensions. If that doesn't change, then fine/suspend the coaches or teams. It has to stop. We don't watch this game to see likes of McCleod take out a Kronwall, Lapeirre take out a previous champ like Dan Boyle, or John Scott take out a Selke/Lady Bing candidate like Loui Erickson. You all know what I feel about David Steckel. Never defended Matt Cooke on Savard. We actually made him a reformed player because of that. He was ordered to change or else. He is a better player for that. Its well documented the process he went through here. Bottom line- Remove this thugs. It really made me angry last night. It could easily be Crosby next time again, by some loser trying to earn a paycheck.

October 24, 2013, 10:20 AM
To no ones surprise : Olli Matta stays. He forced them to make that decision. He is exceptional for a 19 yr old. We will deal with consequences later. He will be a UFA now when 25 yrs old. Six years away. His ELC kicks in now. So, what? He is too good already to be sent back to London. Correct decision by Ray. Now ,we have 8 D on roster. Something gotta give. Letang probably comes back tomorrow. Depres is goner. I would try to talk with Ducks. They need D. We have abundance of young D. They have tons of young forwards. We don't. Plus, we may need a back up goalie. Zatkoff has to show his Michigan pedigree and win a few games for us. He was bad in his only start against Florida who kicked our butt. I will play him a few more games this month, even if it means a few losses, just to see what we have. Better now than later.

Leafs PWN
October 24, 2013, 11:15 AM
Correction: We've made the playoffs in 27 of the last 29 seasons; the playoff streak currently stands at 22 in a row; 4 Cup wins in 6 appearances during this period.

This further proves my point.

Rielly stays for the Leafs, Monahan for the Flames - not sure about others. Very strong rookie class indeed.

Completely agree with the feelings towards to thugs. I liked a suggestion by someone on HNIC - every player on your roster must play a minimum of 10 mins a game. Then we'll see if teams roll out these punching bags every game.

The problem with hockey isn't the equipment or playing style. It's the fact that we have a severe lack of respect these days. I feel that's a result of having players who are exclusively brought in to goon it up. Back in the day you had guys like Domi/Probert who could play ~10 mins/game, fight, and chip in offensively once in a while. These guys had some skill to their game and didn't have to resort to cheap shots to earn a pay check in the league.

October 24, 2013, 11:38 AM
Totally agree. No respect. Some of these thugs don't care. It says if you are facing the numbers, you can't board him. They do it anyway. Coaches are at fault too as you mentioned. A John Scott is only there late in third down two goals for only one reason. Actually, the better fighters in these league are honest players, at least most of them. But, there are few head hunters and dirty players that constantly do their thing, and a lot of them turtle up when its time to answer the bell. Steve Downie is one hell of a dirty player. Would never fight though.

October 24, 2013, 12:46 PM
LP: the proverbial bar has been set a lot higher in Detroit when it comes to the Red Wings, especially when compared to the Leafs. Why? Because we've actually won several Cups since 1967, our playoff record speaks for itself, and we've done all that with low to no name draft picks, thanks to our exceptional scouting, player development processes, and a total and unconditional commitment to excellence. "Making the playoffs" isn't a big deal for us. Even SCF appearances don't matter. What matters, the only thing that matters in the end is winning the Cup, period. I don't expect a Leafs fan to understand any of that.

Secondly, winning or losing at any stage also doesn't matter as much as competing does. Competing with what we have. What we have now is a re-calibrated team with great potential as long as the right decisions are being made by Kenny and all of the players. Now, we remain a force even at this juncture because of who we are, but being a force as I said before, isn't enough.

We have no qualms about losing to a better team or a team that played better despite our best effort, no matter how much it hurts. But not competing because our top guys are having a bad night after carrying the team so far in the season, is a very big deal and not acceptable to anyone from Babcock to fat old me downing espressos 5 in the morning in Dhaka. We competed but lost to the Sharks and nobody bitched about that. The outing against the Sens has outraged people because we didn't compete at all. Did you even watch the game before you responded to my concerns about my team?

Finally, you don't know jack about Detroit, her people and their relationship with the Red Wings, or how deep the club resides in people's hearts. We're not fair weather fans, and as successful as the Tigers and Pistons have also been, and as much as the Lions have sucked in the past, the Wings are what we live and die by. We dealt with your malice and taunting when we were down, and built a team that will not sink that low ever again. It won't because we're diligent, we care and are duly concerned, and that collective concern always leads to rectification.

The Red Wings represent the city and is an integral part of the community the players are proud to be involved with. It is done out of love and responsibility. It is a riverside city of native Americans, French settlers, escaped slaves, radical abolitionists, brave and tolerant homesteaders, and Greek, Arab, and Jewish immigrants who've been living there since 1880. This particular mix creates a sense of closely knit sense of mutual responsibility tough for outsiders to comprehend. So your comment about who deserves what in Detroit, a great city that went from incredible prosperity to total despair in front of my own eyes, is quite presumptuous. We don't do Toronto or Philly there, thank you. It matters to me because I have friends and family there, and that includes anyone who deserves to wear the sweater. Complacency deserves nothing.

On the matter of thugs. I think the NHL does a fair job discerning a thuggish hit and an unfortunate hit that ends up being a career debilitating one. Hockey is a tough, super fast sport played on blades with sticks and a projectile that can kill you. It is a sport where you can physically separate a player from the puck, and when necessary, drop the gloves to balance things out. Awful things will happen here, with or without a sudden rush of crazy blood. The idea is to mitigate criminal intent without mitigating the essential components of the sport, and I think the league has done a fair job so far and will continue to do so.

October 24, 2013, 01:53 PM
It is true : Wings and Detroit have a special relationship. Sorta like Pittsburgh and Steelers, but perhaps more. I saw it firsthand this summer when we went up there for a wedding in the middle of off season. One has to respect that.

But, guys the despair was so shocking and depressing. You could see all these beautiful structures falling apart. It didn't look like America !Houses boarded up. Someone told me the City alone has close 70,000 properties abandoned, meaning no real estate taxes. You could buy a four bedroom house for $15,000. Drugs, prostitution rampant. Suburbs are nice. That's where all the people fled. But, you could see what a glorious historic city it once was just by looking at some of the structures. What a shame. Flight of Capital is brutal. But, Capital will flee. It knows no borders or have any loyalty. They have to build it block by block, with lots of new incentives and infusion of youth with newer technology. It can be done. I know, because Pittsburgh did it. It was dying in '80s after big steel fled. But, now its thriving. Ok..Enough of sad commentaries.

October 24, 2013, 10:36 PM
^Breaks my heart to see the city like this. Made so many memories there since I was 13. Irreversibly fell in love with hockey and learned to skate there when we were the "Dead Things". Watching the Wings made into what they are today, thanks largely to Coach AND GM Scotty Bowman and the Ilitch family, has been like watching my weak and premature baby grow up to be the most consistently strong contender in the history of professional sports, and mostly with homegrown discards and supposedly washed-up guys looking for second chances. The Wings are family, if not more.

My uncle has recently moved to Chicago but his kids, all born and bred Bangla-Chaldeans (both Abdel Kader and DeKeyser are also half Chaldean BTW, as are Kesler and Legwand), will fight on to rebuild what their ancestors help build. But they also know that Detroit will never be what it once was before GM decided to destroy it all. Red Wings battling hard day in and day out symbolizes all that, and the resilient, hard and tough people there, the ones who don't have much other than their sports teams to feel good about, deserve nothing less. :(

<iframe width="420" height="315" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/OyF3997ZGKk" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Leafs PWN
October 25, 2013, 07:28 AM
@ Sohel bhai - You need to realize a couple of things:

1) Just because someone follows the Leafs doesn't mean they are content with losing or willing to accept a losing culture. I generally do not mind the regular cheap shots you take towards the Leafs, because they are generally true. But when you come out and start saying I don't understand what the Wings are as a franchise, I take offence to that. That's like an Australian saying Bangladeshi cricket fans don't understand what expectations are like in Australia. Completely ignorant.

2) Everyone who knows 2 cents worth of hockey knows who and what the Wings are. And no one needs to be from Detroit to see the flaws in your argument. It is impossible, and irrational to think you can have an eternal competitive team in the new NHL. You guys might think you have the most intimate relationship with your team in all of North America, but that doesn't mean the team owes the city for 50 years worth of bad management and ruins. It's not the Red Wings' responsibility to give the people of Detroit a 'break'. What the city went through and who taunted who is not relevant to the Detroit Red Wings hockey. Their job is to play hockey and that is it. There is no one who has done it better than the Wings in the last 40 years.

Not accepting **** effort is absolutely fine, and bitching about it is only natural in fans. But when you come out after 8 games in the season, and say the people of Detroit deserve a break, it exemplifies overreaction at its best.

We Leaf fans might not know hockey as well as you guys do, but we know young teams. A consistent lack of effort will be an issue when your team is 1/4 rookies and sophomores when those rookies are not Steve Yzermans and Sidney Crosbys.

3) My point is - what you are seeing with your teams effort is natural and very normal. No matter how much better than normal the Wings think they are, even their youngsters will need time to get used to the Detroit mentality. And lets face it, Detroit does not have the same category of players on their roster right now that they had when the current group of players were coming up - Lidstrom, Chelios, Coffey, Yzerman, Shanahan, Federov - these guys are all legends, and being in the same locker room as them would definitely be x100000 times better for these young players than the bunch you have there right now. Bertuzzi and Franzen aren't exactly glaring examples of work ethic for young players coming in through the system.

Where are they supposed to learn the Red Wings mentality when half of your team is full of new players? It's gonna take some time.

And as I have said before, no team in the NHL can even dream of a transition as smooth as the Red Wings in the new NHL. With the standards of the new NHL, this is unheard of.

Leafs PWN
October 25, 2013, 07:42 AM
Clarkson returns for us tonight. Too bad I won't be able to watch it, as I will be driving down to the Cabot Trail :D

October 25, 2013, 10:46 AM
^^ Have fun bro.

We got back to back coming up. Isles tonight, at Leafs tomorrow. Looks like Fluery in tonight since its a divisional game ( matters more now ), which means Zatkoff tomorrow ! Talk about being thrown in the fire for his second ever NHL game. Game time decision though. They may flip flop.

Some shocking goaltending last night between Hawks and Lightning. Ovi scored again. So did Stamkos. The Rocket race is gonna be amazing this year. Cam Ward went down again and could be out for a month. Isn't that the same old story? Their fortunes sank with him last year.

When is the Leafs -Wings game coming up?

My two cents : While Wings have a close relationship with the city of Detroit, which is undeniable, but its also a fact that a professional athlete plays for a paycheck. He is expected to do community work while he remains in that city, but talks of any individual playing for the soul of the city and her fans is massively overblown. Teams will easily dispatch/cut/trade a player if his performance is not up to the par, no matter how special bond that player has for his community . He may have added incentive to play for his city and get himself in good standing with the fan, but in the end, performance is the only barometer for any professional franchise. I have no doubt that Wings have a special place for their fans, but it is unrealistic to expect a player ( any player ) to play for anything other than his professional duties. Now, special circumstances may rise, like a sudden calamity ( Katrina and NO Saints, 9-11 attack and the NY based teams ) which may indeed for a short term galvanize a team to play for their community, but NO professional team expects its players to play for anything other than WINS. As I said, it goes both ways, since a team will not hesitate to jettison any player no matter what resides in his heart or what he plays for. Being emotionally detached from external compulsions is the rule no.1 for a pro. I hope my bro Sohel doesn't misunderstand me. I am just opining from what I understand.

People in Pitt who were around in '70s for the glory days of Steelers and Pirates went through similar feelings from what I have been told. City was in ruins and people actually thought the blue collar Steelers reflected their heritage and played lunch pale, tough nosed football just like them toiling away in mines. They thought they played for them !Team was hugely successful and Steelers gladly paid lip service to its fans when it was convenient. But, as the team got older and started sucking beginning in early '80s, they didn't think twice about cutting /dumping hugely popular players regardless of what fans thought of him. That's how the story goes. Also, keep in mind, that in a pro team, you have players coming from all parts of the country ( and outside of country in hockey ) and you can not expect a Louisiana boy like Terry Bradshaw to be attached to the nerve of Western Pennsylvania. He may have said he played for the hopeless fans while he played, but he played for his paycheck and the team that employed him. Nothing more. If teams win and fans think that the team is playing for them, of course, that team is not going to go out of its way to say it otherwise.

Happy Friday.

Leafs PWN
October 25, 2013, 10:56 AM
Agreed on all accounts. Over time, people mould to the culture of their surroundings.

Leafs-Pens will be amazing on Satuday. Over/Under on goals scored Beamer bhai?

I'm going with a 4-3 Leafs OT win :D

October 25, 2013, 11:17 AM
Ha ha ..Pens 6-5 in OT : )) Is it HNIC? I wish I got their feed.

Zatkoff tonight. Fleury tomorrow. Official.

October 26, 2013, 04:20 AM
As expected, Babcock has made some dramatic line changes to generate more offense. Huge early promotion for Tatar and I'm sure he'll take it with both hands. Nyquist is also a special enough player to do that when the time comes. Pivotal game against the Rangers tonight early in the season.

Excerpt for the voice of the RWN, George Malik:

But the Wings would be wise to put a decent product on the ice for their paying customers and those at home, and when the highest-water mark of the past week's on-ice endeavors comes in the form of a 1-0 shootout loss to San Jose, sandwiched between a 5-2 collapse to Phoenix and a 6-1 drubbing by Ottawa, your team needs to get its act together.

READ MORE (http://kuklaskorner.com/tmr/comments/red-wings-rangers-set-up-and-overnight-report)

Tatar's promotion (http://kuklaskorner.com/tmr/comments/red-wings-friday-practice-post-press-shuffle)

Wings-Sens (http://kuklaskorner.com/tmr/comments/red-wings-senators-wrap-up-and-overnight-report)

October 27, 2013, 04:23 AM
Yep, a pattern has clearly begun to emerge here and we need to make some changes. Losing again at home, this time to a team also not playing well, by conceding 40 shots on goal and blowing the lead twice is troubling. There's more here than just "having a bad night".

Once again, I agree with Malik's wrap-up.

Red Wings-Rangers wrap-up: rebuilding-on-the-fly team lays 4 consecutive eggs

The Detroit Red Wings' schedule ahead is a busy one: they'll leave town on Tuesday to take part in what is now a once-yearly Western Canadian swing, playing the Canucks on Wednesday, October 30th, heading to Calgary on Friday, November 1st, battling the Edmonton Oilers on Saturday the 2nd, heading to Winnipeg to finally play the Jets on Monday the 4th. Then the team returnshome for a 4-game home stand and a month in which the team will play 8 of their 11 post-Western Canadian swing games at home.

Something tells me that some of the Wings' players wanted to leave for Vancouver immediately after Saturday's game given the eggs the Wings have laid over the past week. The Wings followed up their 5-2 loss to Phoenix a week ago Saturday with at least something of an improvement, opening their 3-game home stand with a 1-0 shootout loss to San Jose, but the bottom's fallen out over the past two games.

Getting whacked 6-1 by Daniel Alfredsson's former employer on Wednesday was bad; I hate to say it, but surrendering 40 shots en route to a 2-1 OT loss to the moribund Rangers--with the Wings frittering away 1-0 and 2-1 leads, and yielding the final goal with all of 12.9 seconds left in OT--may have been worse.

As such, the Wings captured two of a possible six points at home and two of a possible eight over the past four games, and the Wings that returned home having just snapped a 4-game winning streak a week ago at 6-3-and-1 are now at .500, possessing a 6-4-and-2 record.

READ MORE (http://kuklaskorner.com/tmr/comments/red-wings-rangers-wrap-up)

Stats from the same link above show us just why we're concerned.

Shots: 40-34 Rangers overall. Detroit was out-shot the Rangers 16-13 in the 1st, were out-shot 16-8 in the 2nd, out-shot the Rangers 10-8 in the 3rd and were out-shot 3-0 in OT.

The Wings went 1-for-4 in 7:05 of PP time; the Rangers went 1-for-3 in 4:15 of PP time.

Jimmy Howard stopped 37 of 40 shots; Cam Talbot stopped 32 of 34.

Fox Sports Detroit's Dana Wakiji picked the 3 stars, and she picked Pavel Datsyuk, Jimmy Howard and Derick Brassard.

The Wings' goals: Miller (1) from Andersson (2) and DeKeyser (2); Alfredsson (2) from Datsyuk (7), PPG.

Faceoffs: 34-32 Detroit (Detroit won 52%);

Blocked shots: 7-5 New York;

Missed shots: 12-9 Detroit (total attempts 54-53 Rangers; the Wings fired 34 shots on Talbot and sent 23 wide/blocked);

Hits: 23-22 Detroit;

Giveaways: 10-1 Detroit;

Takeaways: 7-7.

Individual stats, TMR style:-

Faceoffs: Zetterberg went 9-and-10 (47%); Weiss went 7-and-8 (47%); Datsyuk went 7-and-7 (50%); Franzen went 5-and-3 (63%); Andersson went 4-and-3 (57%); Miller went 1-and-1 (50%); Bertuzzi went 1-and-0 (100%).

Shots: Franzen led the Wings with 7 shots; Abdelkader, Alfredsson, Quincey, Zetterberg and Cleary had 3; Datsyuk and DeKeyser had 2; Smith, Miller, Tatar, Tootoo, Bertuzzi and Kronwall had 1.

Blocked attempts: Alfredsson had 2 attempts blocked by Rangers players; Smith, Kindl, Abdelkader, Quincey and DeKeyser had 1 attempt blocked;

Missed shots: Kindl, Abdelkader, Alfredsson, Quincey and Franzen missed the net 2 times; Datsyuk and Zetterberg missed the net 1 time.

Hits: Abdelkader led the Wings with 5 hits; Smith and Miller had 3; Tootoo, Lashoff and Quincey had 2; Tatar, Zetterberg, Bertuzzi, Kronwall, Cleary and Weiss had 1.

Giveaways: Smith and Datsyuk had 2 giveaways; Kindl, Datsyuk, Quincey, Zetterberg, Bertuzzi and Franzen had 1 giveaway.

Takeaways: Alfredsson had 2 takeaways; Datsyuk, Tatar, Lashoff, Zetterberg and Weiss had 1.

Blocked opponent shots: Quincey and Kronwall blocked 2 shots; Lashoff blocked 1.

Penalties taken: Quincey took 2 minor penalties; Smith took 1 minor penalty.

Plus-minus: The Wings finished at -4. Kindl, Lashoff, Bertuzzi and Weiss finished at -1.

Points: Alfredsson and Miller scored goals; Datsyuk, Andersson and DeKeyser had assists.

Ice time: Kronwall led the team with 27:52 played; Datsyuk played 22:14; Zetterberg played 21:42; Franzen played 20:34; Quincey played 20:18; DeKeyser played 20:18; Alfredsson played 20:03; Smith played 19:25; Kindl played 19:19; Weiss played 17:46; Cleary played 17:30; Lashoff played 17:18; Tatar played 15:11; Miller played 14:05; Abdelkader played 13:49; Andersson played 10:31; Bertuzzi played 10:15; Tootoo played 6:34.

October 27, 2013, 08:15 AM
Bad week for Pens. Lost again last night. Not managing the puck well, and not scoring goals all of a sudden, despite outshooting opponents by a huge margin. Both can be corrected. We will score goals too. Getting great chances but not going in or the goalies standing on their heads, like the Boston series ! We do need Neal and Bennett back. The lack of forward depth is showing up. Likes of Kobasew just can't keep with Malkin. We will be fine and team should easily make the playoffs barring catastrophe. Hoping that Scuderi is not out long. Didn't look good. Looked like Clarkson came down on his back leg..We will see..

October 28, 2013, 02:06 AM

The guy we really miss offensively is Homer, AKA Tomas Holmström (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tomas_Holmstr%C3%B6m). His masterful screens and deflections in front of goal made our team offense one of the most unsettling to play against in the league. It's no surprise that he won all 4 recent Cups with us. Always appreciated by the RWN, he, like Chelios and Murphy, also live in Detroit despite the city's downfall because they're that deeply committed to the community here.

Guys like Bert, Cleary or Sammy, even at their best, do only 25% of what Homer used to do night in and and night out, and we have yet to find, or in Kenny case, yet to look for a suitable replacement. Franzen despite his size was never going to be that kind of player, and neither are Andersson, Glendening, Tatar or Nyquist. They're "skill" players who do better with "havoc" players screening the goalie. Helm, Miller, Eaves and Tootoo are hustlers and grinders who provide energy and spark, not havoc players capable of playing with the top two lines.

A great prospect like Calle Jarnkrok is also a skill player, and someone like Rasmus Bodin has ways to go before being eased into the NHL. We have deep pockets and Kenny must go out there and spend money on havoc guys rather than useless has-beens like Bert, Cleary and Sammy until our homegrown prospects are ready to challenge them. The jury's still out on Weiss but so far, so good.

Defensively, it's impossible to replace possibly the greatest defenseman of all time alongside Bobby Orr, but our current group of guys can and will fill the skates of other great defensemen like Fetisov, Vladdy, Murphy, Chelios, Rafa and strictly in terms of shot-blocking, Brad Stuart. I have no doubt that guys like Kindl, Smith, DeKeyser and Lashoff will continue to develop quickly with guys like Xavier Ouellet, Ryan Sproul and Mattias Backman waiting in the pipeline. Kindl, Smith and DeKeyser can be potential Norris candidates if they fulfill all of this early promise.

Leafs PWN
October 28, 2013, 09:44 AM
Beamer bhai what did you think of Phaneuf last night?

JVR and Kessel are on a different level right now. They know exactly where the other player is gonna be. JVR has made about 3 of those no-look passes to Kessel for easy goals near the front of the net. JVR worked with Barb Underhill this offseason on his skating, and the improvement is really showing. He can keep up with Kessel, and beat defenders to the inside more consistently with his speed in addition to that massive frame.

October 29, 2013, 08:54 AM
I thought he was very good Sat night. Played physical and tough.

Worst news regarding Scuderi. He was brought back to shore up that defense. Now, he is out with a broken ankle. No time table. I am guessing, minimum of three months with rehab. He needs surgery. Looked innocent when it happened.

Finally a win last night, but once again, the forward depth is lacking. Need Neal and Bennet back ASAP.
Team played good defense without Scuderi.

What did you think of Vanek trade? Buffalo won big time.

Leafs PWN
October 30, 2013, 07:08 AM
Phaneuf has been like that all season long. He was like that for the 1st half of last year too. This year, he should be able to maintain it though, as we've cut his minutes down by a bit thanks to the emergence of our young D. They aren't that good yet, but they're good enough to take some pressure off of him.

I thought NYI overpaid like crazy. To be honest, I think they would have been better off trading those 2 picks for a good dman. It's understandable why they paid so much though - they wanted to avoid the uncertainty of bidding against 10 teams at the deadline. A Tavares-Vanek pair could be deadly. Not the best skating duo though :lol:

Kessel continues to absolutely own. He scored a hattrick against the ducks, got a goal and an A against the Pens, and then went on to score 2 amazing goals with 2 A last night. The man is on fire right now, and sitting at #3 for points and #4 for goals. His production has shot up since JVR returned, and Kadri got promoted to that line. JVR-Kadri-Kessel has been absolutely lethal.

You have a model line there: PWF-PLY-SNIPER. Kadri has been better this year on the dot, and on the d side too. Hopefully RC keeps it like that when Blowzak returns. He has been utter crap so far.

After a bit of a sloppy start, the team played some good structured hockey last night. The Oilers really didn't have a chance after the first period. It seems like we are finally getting used to a consistent system. We have been playing good hockey from the Anahiem game and on. Columbus game was the anomaly. Tonight should be a good test to confirm that theory - we generally suck *** on the 2nd half of a back to back. Hopefully this group can shake that off.

Lost in all this is James Reimer. Ever since that crappy performance at the Sens game, Reims has been absolutely lights out. Last night he was huge during the first when the Oil were coming on a bit. He now boasts a .949 sv% - good for #2 in the league. Hopefully him and Bernier can keep this up. We can deal Reimer in the summer for a nice return in that case :D

The speed and offensive skill of the Oil is scary. This year they definitely need to pickup a d with their top pick, and trade one of their embarrassing riches of forwards for a top notch goalie.

Finally, RNH is an annoying little ****. This guy went around slashing everyone last night. If the kid doesn't stop trying to act tough, someone's gonna put him out for another extended period.

October 30, 2013, 02:20 PM
Don't they all play well on a contract year?

October 31, 2013, 12:35 AM
Solid but not entirely convincing win in Vancouver ends the month on an optimistic note for us as we start our trip across western Canada, once the league allocated recruiting hub for the Red Wings, alongside southern Ontario, during the O6 years. Our first win in 5 and the Nucks lose their first in 5, a big relief considering we played without regular starters Ericsson and Franzen.

Howard was clutch and the defense in front of him superb. Not counting the flurry of desperate shots after they pulled their overrated goalie, we held them to just 15 shots in their own building. DeKeyser has been promoted to the top defensive pair with Kronwall, and showed why he should stay there. The pace of his transition has been simply astounding. Being a Detroit native, all of this must be an extra special experience for him.

Our puck possession in the offensive zone was good, despite continued mediocrity from Bert, Cleary and the fading Weiss. Weiss hasn't come even close to filling Filppula's skates yet as the second line center. The big two and Alfie were great as were the third and fourth lines. Our offense continues to lack bite as soon as Hank and Pasha end their shift, two players also with major defensive responsibilities. But gotta hand it to Alfie's Quixotic and relentless effort to generate something on his own.

Andesson centering the third line was awesome. His consecutive faceoff wins in our zone were crucial towards the end. Tatar had a great game despite his GWG being yet another Roberto Luongo special :lol:

We threw pucks at the net but as usual couldn't screen their goalie well. That's a major concern when it comes to doing the basic things right. We need to find a real havoc guy ASAP to do just that. Having said that, it was great to see up compete in all three periods, especially during the second, a period during which we've failed to play anything other than glorified pond hockey all season long.

Helm is set to return in Calgary and all of us at the RWN are eagerly looking forward to having our spark plug back. Good to have Eaves back and hopefully Ericsson (partially dislocated shoulder) and Franzen (undisclosed) will also be back soon.

Last but not least, it is always sweet to beat the arrogant twit Tort, and a team whose loser fans riot and trash their own city after losing the Cup.

Leafs PWN
October 31, 2013, 06:59 AM
Yea players generally play well in their contract year. Bolland is playing too well right now, which might result in us having to pay him quite a bit of coin. As long as he can maintain this though, I wont complain. He was a legitimate offensive threat in junior, and has always been known for his work ethic. Given the opportunity we are giving him, I don't think his production will be that different from here on out.

Carlyle has, for the first time, said that if Kadri doesn't **** up, he will be our #1 center. Wonder what took him so ****ing long. Kadri produces, and makes the players around him better in the offensive zone. He can also help take some pressure of Kessel as Bozak does nothing but kill plays. Kadri-Bolland-Bozak-McClemment is a solid group of centers.

We played like absolute *** and still won. I will cut them some slack tonight as it was a back to back, and you could see the guys were gassed towards the end of the 3rd. Another 40+ shots given up. Edmonton got those many shots because we stopped playing in the 3rd after taking a 4-0 lead. Calgary got that many shots because they straight up outworked us.

The Flames have a very impressive unit going on there - much better than the Edmonton lot. They have a good mix of old and young, and they all just work their tail off. Not many coasters on that team, unlike the CHL Oilers. What they lack in talent, they make up for with their work ethic. I was very impressed with Monahan, Brodie and Colborne. This team has a very bright future if Feaster doesn`t **** things up.

The goaltending is the most consistent thing about our team, and it is also our biggest strength so far. Never thought I`d be saying this 2 years ago. These two are the first starter calibre goalies we have had since Belfour.

Leafs PWN
October 31, 2013, 02:23 PM
Hopefully all this Varlamov allegations turn out false. The kid has a bright future ahead of him. It would be a real shame to see him toss his life away like this.

Dumb trade by Avs. Downie is worth more than Talbot.

November 1, 2013, 07:43 AM
I read the Police report and the Denver Post column. Guy is an alcoholic sociopath and a women beater. They should lock him away. He drinks 12 hrs straight when he starts drinking according to his gf and gets violent and this was the third/fourth time he beat her bad. I have no sympathy for him.

Yes, Downie is probably worth more than Talbot, but Max has great intangibles that a young skilled team of superstars like Avs can learn from. He has played well with young superstars in past! Downie, I have no respect for. He is one of the most underrarted dirty player in the league. He is sneaky about it. But, usually runs away when caught. A total coward and perfect Flyer. There is always room for one more degenerate there.

Speaking of Reimer. He was spectacular in the game vs Pens last Sat. I thought he robbed us silly.

The Boston-Pitt game was just amazing hockey. They are such a great defensive team that plays a great structure and the goalie is tremendous. Its always a tough match.

November 1, 2013, 07:46 AM
Bolland is an UFA? Really? Interesting. I thought he came to TO after signing a new contract.

Leafs PWN
November 1, 2013, 09:17 AM
I read the Police report and the Denver Post column. Guy is an alcoholic sociopath and a women beater. They should lock him away. He drinks 12 hrs straight when he starts drinking according to his gf and gets violent and this was the third/fourth time he beat her bad. I have no sympathy for him.

Yes, Downie is probably worth more than Talbot, but Max has great intangibles that a young skilled team of superstars like Avs can learn from. He has played well with young superstars in past! Downie, I have no respect for. He is one of the most underrarted dirty player in the league. He is sneaky about it. But, usually runs away when caught. A total coward and perfect Flyer. There is always room for one more degenerate there.

Speaking of Reimer. He was spectacular in the game vs Pens last Sat. I thought he robbed us silly.

According to his friends, and people that know him, he does not drink alcohol. What you are hearing is 100% from his GF's side. It would be wise to hear the whole story, and the real evidence behind it before forming a judgement on the guy.

Agreed on Downie being a cheap shot artist. He is probably the best at hiding/timing his shots as he rarely gets caught compared to others of his type. He is possibly the most skilled of his kind as well. Lucic is probably the best mix of physical/scoring ability, but I don't consider him to be that cheap.

Reimer has been doing what he does best - making big stops when it matters. His rebound control, and play with the puck is still a huge issue, but our team does a good job of hiding that in general. It's against net crashing teams like the Bruins that he could potentially have trouble against. Hope it gets better with time.

Bolland is an UFA? Really? Interesting. I thought he came to TO after signing a new contract.

Nope, he was traded last off season with one year remaining on his deal. That's why were able to get him relatively cheap (Late 2nd + 3rd I believe).

November 1, 2013, 09:52 AM
You are probably right. I shouldn't trust a Russian gold digger and her motives until all the facts come out. Lol..Russian press is already crying Olympic conspiracy..LOL..I guess, if they need a goalie, Roy can suit up.

I am glad Max is out of there. It pained me beyond to see him in that orange rag. His best days are past him though. It won't shock me if he ends up in Montreal. MT loved that guy. He is a legend in PITT, and both on and off the ice.

Lucic is not a cheap player IMO. However, that rat Marchand is a big time cheap shot in that team. Tried to stick his leg out to Letang last game. Fortunately, he saw it at the last moment.

Bolland would look great here !

Leafs PWN
November 1, 2013, 10:43 AM
They can bring in Bobrovsky actually, so that isn't much of a step down. That Russian politician is just a huge dumbass (I believe it was a politician who first had the quote) given the fact that the reigning Vezina winner is their other option. I'm pretty sure even Putin is facepalming at that.

Bob-Varly is a deadly 1-2 punch. Only if Russia had some dmen, they could be taken seriously. Their defence can't hold a candle to Sweden/Canada.

November 1, 2013, 11:26 AM
I changed my mind. Bolland would not look good here. He would look great.

Bob was great when he was with Philly. I remember him well. I thought they finally got a good goalie. Homer thought otherwise.

Verly was with Caps the last time we played them in playoffs. I also remember his last game in Caps uni. It was game 7 vs us. We won 7-1, I think. That was the end of him there.

November 1, 2013, 11:42 AM
Caught up on some West teams. Here is my observation :

Blues: Tough tough team. Have scoring threat in every line. Great D too.
Chicago : The model franchise right now. From drafting to style and system.
SJ : They are always hot early. But, this looks like a Cup contender.
Coyotes : Best coach outside of Babcock. Love Tippet. We would fire danny boy for him anyday.
Kings : Quick. Enough said. Best goalie in league. He will take them far.
Ducks : I love watching them.

November 1, 2013, 10:44 PM
Another not-so-convincing win in Western Canada, but unlike in Vancouver, we again disappeared during the second period and blew a 2 goal lead in the process. Tatar's early deflection in the third set the tone before Abdel Kader's beautiful shot put us ahead by 2 again. We played well in the third until they pulled their goalie and scored on us with an extra man on the ice. The Flames are an energetic bunch and simply ran out of time before overcoming a 2 goal deficit again. They also played well in the first period despite going down 0-2 to Pasha and Hank. Weiss and Cleary ... :facepalm: again, despite excellent faceoff wins and a good shot respectively. Bert looked good better in the top line with Pasha and Hank but then again, who doesn't?

Anyway, a win is a win and I'm glad we've started November with one.

November 2, 2013, 10:13 PM
Helm is back after 18 months and what a comeback! Gets the puck in the neutral zone, blazes past the Edmonton defenseman, and then 5-holes Bachman for a perfect finish. Tatar scores a few seconds later, his third goal in three games, to put ahead 2-0. Mrazek got the start tonight as Howard took a break and Gustavasson hurt himself again.

November 2, 2013, 10:48 PM
No second period collapse tonight. Kindl makes it 3-0 as we head into the final period.

November 2, 2013, 11:34 PM
Caught up on some West teams. Here is my observation :

Blues: Tough tough team. Have scoring threat in every line. Great D too.
Chicago : The model franchise right now. From drafting to style and system.
SJ : They are always hot early. But, this looks like a Cup contender.
Coyotes : Best coach outside of Babcock. Love Tippet. We would fire danny boy for him anyday.
Kings : Quick. Enough said. Best goalie in league. He will take them far.
Ducks : I love watching them.

Blues: strong team as always with all of the hallmarks of a traditional Blues team. Will make the playoffs easily. The challenge for them, as always, is to play deep into the playoffs.

Hawks: Bowman Jr. is doing in Chicago what his dad did for us as HC and GM. He has built a winning team and the foundation that'll keep them there for a long time. You don't draft high as a top team and need to rely on outside-the-box scouting and comprehensive player development. The fact that they go out there and spend money on the pieces that can make an immediate impact just adds to their strength.

Sharks: we've seen excellent Shark teams beat us in the playoffs and run out of steam. Well, we're not there anymore, so if they manage to time their peak in the playoffs, they can make it to their first SCF.

Kings: Quick, Doughty and Kopitar can get on a hot streak and simply take it away from you. Always a dark horse contender.

November 2, 2013, 11:39 PM
Strong start again, and again we score between the 5th and 10th minute of a period. 5-0 Wings.

Leafs PWN
November 3, 2013, 03:59 AM
Worst game in the last 2 years.

November 3, 2013, 05:24 AM
Efficient and dominant win.


Shots: 31-14 Detroit overall. The Wings out-shot Edmonton 12-6 in the 1st, 9-4 in the 2nd and 10-4 in the 3rd.

The Wings went 1-for-5 in 8:56 of PP time; the Oilers went 0-for-3 in 6:00.

Petr Mrazek stopped 14 of 14 shots; Richard Bachman stopped 7 of 9; Jason LaBarbera stopped 19 of 22.

The 3 stars were picked by the CBC, and they picked Petr Mrazek, Tomas Tatar and Daniel Alfredsson.

The Wings' goals: Helm (1) from Cleary (2) and Alfredsson (9);

Tatar (3) from Andersson (4);

Kindl (1) from Alfredsson (10) and Datsyuk (9);

Andersson (2) from Miller (1) and Abdelkader (3);

Bertuzzi (4) from Zetterberg (7) and Kindl (4), PPG.

Faceoffs: a stunning 40-22 Detroit (Detroit won 65%);

Blocked shots: 15-13 Edmonton;

Missed shots: 17-10 Detroit (shot attempts 63-37 Detroit, with the Wings firing 31 shots ON net and 32 wide/blocked);

Hits: 29-16 Edmonton;

Giveaways: 13-9 Edmonton;

Takeaways: 10-7 Detroit.

Individual stats:

Faceoffs: Datsyuk went 16-and-7 (70%); both Weiss and Andersson went 9-and-5 (64%); Helm went 5-and-5 (50%); Alfredsson won his only faceoff.

Shots: Kindl led the Wings with 4 shots; Tatar, Quincey, Zetterberg and Bertuzzi had 3; Abdelkader, Andersson, Miller, Lashoff and Samuelsson had 2 shots; Smith, Helm, DeKeyser, Cleary and Weiss had 1.

Blocked attempts: Zetterberg had 3 attempts blocked by Oilers players; Smith and Quincey hit Oilers 2 times; Kindl, Abdelkader, Alfredsson, Miller, Tatar, Samuelsson, Helm and DeKeyser had 1 attempt blocked.

Missed shots: Kindl and DeKeyser missed the net 3 times; Datsyuk, Samuelsson and Zetterberg missed the net 2 times; Alfredsson, Miller, Quincey, Bertuzzi and Kronwall missed the net 1 time.

Hits: Miller, Lashoff, Helm, DeKeyser and Cleary had 2 hits; smith, Abdelkader, Tatar, Quincey and Samuelsson had 1.

Giveaways: Kindl, Lashoff, Quincey, Zetterberg, Kronwall, DeKeyser, Cleary, Weiss and Mrazek had giveaways.

Takeaways: Andersson had 4 takeaways; Alfredsson, Datsyuk, Miller, Lashoff and Quincey had 1 takeaway.

Blocked opponent shots: Kindl blocked 4 shots; Kronwall blocked 3; DeKeyser blocked 2; Smith, Andersson, Tatar and Lashoff blocked 1.

Penalties taken: Smith took 4 penalties, 3 minors and a major for fighting.

Plus-minus: The Wings finished at a collective +20. Kindl, Abdelkader, Alfredsson, Andersson, Lashoff, Kronwall and Cleary finished at +2; Smith, Miller, Tatar, Helm, DeKeyser and Weiss finished at +1.

Points: Andersson had a goal and an assist for 2 points; Kindl had a goal and an assist for 2 points; Alfredsson had 2 assists; Tatar, Helm and Bertuzzi had goals; Abdelkader, Datsyuk, Miller, Zetterberg and Cleary had assists.

Ice time: Kronwall led the team with 22:47; Kindl played 20:07; Quincey played 19:41;

DeKeyser played 19:35; Datsyuk played 19:28; Zetterberg played 19:08;

Bertuzzi played 17:30; Tatar played 16:57; Weiss played 16:03;

Smith played 15:08; Andersson played 14:56; Cleary played 14:43;

Lashoff played 14:23; Abdelkader played 14:05; Samuelsson played 13:15;

Alfredsson played 13:09; Miller played 12:55; Helm played 10:10.

November 3, 2013, 08:19 AM
Worst game in the last 2 years.

I was watching bits of that game last night. Looked like Van has a fine team. Bad news for you guys with Bolland. Pretty tough injury. They need to make wearing kevlar mandatory. Speedy progress.

Good professional weekend for the Pens in home and home vs Jackets. 4 solid pts. Thats all you can ask for. Just stack pts in Nov, Dec, Jan. Doesnt matter how you do it. First win for Jeff Zatkoff in NHL and a shut out to boot.

Leafs PWN
November 4, 2013, 07:43 PM
Center depth went from best in the past couple years to worst :lol:

**** you Kassian.

November 4, 2013, 10:54 PM
Our trip to western Canada ends on a sour note as we revert back to 2nd and 3rd period mediocrity, and go down to a spirited young Jets team backed by an incredibly proactive crowd. Montoya's a good goalie, and we still haven't found an answer to Setoguchi and Frolik's ability to penetrate our defense. These two continue to have our number despite being on a different team. Not having Ericsson and Smith visibly weakened our defensive structure, but we should've given them a tougher fight for the puck. I hope we do better once we face them at the Joe in a few days.

Anyway, it was good to see DeKeyser slap home the first of his many NHL goals to come. Psychologically important home stand begins Thursday night against Dallas, followed by Tampa, the Jets and the Caps. Having lost 4 straight at home, the Wings have a chance to redeem themselves. We're playing 8 home games this month, and gotta make them count.

November 5, 2013, 09:29 AM
Center depth went from best in the past couple years to worst :lol:

**** you Kassian.

Best in NHL ? or, best TO had for a long while? Hopefully, the later.

You think Kassian did that on purpose? Melnyk brought similar charges to Cooke with Karlsson inicident. Things happen so fast that it is strange to think that one can actually plant their skate on the back of the heel in the tendon ( a very small area ) while both are moving or colliding. I know in slow mo it looks different, but I think its close to impossible to have intent and act on it. Freak injuries are part of it. Its a fast dangerous sport with men on razor blades. Clarkson hit on Scuderi looked very similar, though no blade was involved, but he has a broken ankle. It was a hit from behind on the boards and the leg came down awkwardly. Not saying he did it on purpose. Just happens.

November 5, 2013, 01:33 PM
<div style="background-color:#000000;width:520px;"><div style="padding:4px;"><iframe src="http://media.mtvnservices.com/embed/mgid:cms:video:thedailyshow.com:430188" width="512" height="288" frameborder="0"></iframe><p style="text-align:left;background-color:#FFFFFF;padding:4px;margin-top:4px;margin-bottom:0px;font-family:Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;font-size:12px;"><b>The Daily Show</b> <br/>Get More: <a href='http://www.thedailyshow.com/full-episodes/'>Daily Show Full Episodes</a>,<a href='http://www.facebook.com/thedailyshow'>The Daily Show on Facebook</a></p></div></div>

Leafs PWN
November 6, 2013, 05:51 AM
Best in NHL ? or, best TO had for a long while? Hopefully, the later.

You think Kassian did that on purpose? Melnyk brought similar charges to Cooke with Karlsson inicident. Things happen so fast that it is strange to think that one can actually plant their skate on the back of the heel in the tendon ( a very small area ) while both are moving or colliding. I know in slow mo it looks different, but I think its close to impossible to have intent and act on it. Freak injuries are part of it. Its a fast dangerous sport with men on razor blades. Clarkson hit on Scuderi looked very similar, though no blade was involved, but he has a broken ankle. It was a hit from behind on the boards and the leg came down awkwardly. Not saying he did it on purpose. Just happens.

Why would I say best in the NHL?

Nah don't think he did it on purpose. It was a reactionary statement.

November 6, 2013, 09:46 AM
Sorry brother if my tone made you angry. Apologize. Graboski will look good in TO right now.

Whats your thought on the whole Ray Emery Philly fiasco? And look, Downie may have got finally what he deserves ( not nice to say such things, but guy plays so dirty ). It was shameful the way Emery attacked Holtby. And, Philly media gave him a no.3 star for the game they lost 7-0 ! What a joke that whole city and its fans. They choked away a victory last night.

Leafs PWN
November 6, 2013, 12:47 PM
It didn't make me angry at all. I'm just wondering why you would think that though. Kadri-Bozak-Bolland-McClemment. No knowledgeable hockey fan would call that best in the NHL :lol:

Philadephia truly is the savage of the NHL world. The way their fans act is absolutely asinine. I haven't seen the emery video yet, but I've heard its pretty bad. What punishment do you think he should get?

November 6, 2013, 01:50 PM
I misunderstood, obviously.

Emery should have been banned for at least 10 games. The refs also just watched. Bettman says there was no previous cases like that! What reasoning! That was assault against an unwilling participant. I have no love for Caps, but Emery pulled a bush league move.He is a fake goon. Prying on the weak. Downie and Lecavlier tried to start a fight when the game was out of control, and both got their butt handed to them. Downie sent to hospital and Vinnie wearing face mask for possible fracture.

November 8, 2013, 02:20 PM
Cool, another loss at home! Perfect plan and perfect execution of the great, purely academic experiment of playing NHL hockey with just ONE FREAKIN' LINE!!! :notworthy:

More specifically, we have one line, a goalie who’s having awful lapses (highlight saves do not negate bad goals), and the most mediocre defensive corps we’ve had in 25 years, despite the "promise".

Oh, and also we appear to have completely tuned out our head coach.

Good times, Kenny?

Leafs PWN
November 9, 2013, 05:44 PM
Kessel's goal was pretty awesome.

Much anticipated rematch with the Bruins tonight. Should be fun :D

Leafs PWN
November 9, 2013, 10:00 PM
I guess elbows and head shots don't count when its the Bruins.

November 9, 2013, 10:03 PM
Déjà vu. The one line show continues at the Joe as we lose 5 straight at home, the first time we've done so since the Dead Wings era. Linemates Hank and Pasha are carrying this team, and that will burn them out real quick. I shudder to imagine what will happen then.

Kenny's boy Quincey's customary defensive error directly led to the Bolts' first win at the Joe since 1994! Kyle panics easily and the mistakes he makes are, you guessed it, pond hockey stuff. Sadly, he's not the only one.

Not re-signing Valtteri Filppula is turning out be yet another example of Kenny's cluelessness. We have a GM who seems to have no clue how to react after the team stopped being elite in 2009. Letting Nyquist sit in the AHL until he’s 25 while having players like Dan Cleary on the roster who does nothing productive is still a mystery to us.

Babcock continues to be tuned out. For the last 2+ years, Babcock has appeared befuddled by his team’s play and given post-game interview after post-game interview about "not being prepared" or "not starting on time" or "not playing to our structure" or "not playing all 60 minutes". I refuse to believe it’s just a talent gap. Sorry.

None of this means Babcock is a bad coach. I think he’s a great coach. But even great coaches get tuned out sometimes. Babcock himself has admitted this many, many times.

Last but not least, every team we've played this year has been faster than us in key moments. Way too many passengers on the Wings bus 2013-2014.

November 10, 2013, 03:52 AM
Sure, losing to a division rival is never good, but losing out of 7 out of 10!? Now that's really alarming for a team like ours, especially when we look into the reasons why.

I'm *#$%@& baffled. The Red Wings continue to waste strong performances by Jimmy Howard, and thanks to a litany of turnovers, unforced errors and plain-old poor decision-making, the Wings have dropped 3 straight (taking 2 out of a possible 6 points) and have lost 5 straight at Joe Louis Arena, for the first time in 26 years.

This one came in the form of a 3-2 OT loss to the Tampa Bay Lightning, a team the Wings will play 4 more times this season, and it came thanks to some really dumb mistakes--whether it was the complete and total lack of coverage on Ryan Malone, the team's baffling inability to cover Steven Stamkos after coming off of over 4 minutes of power play time, or Kyle Quincey's doofy give-it-to-the-game-winner pass to Teddy Purcell under pressure from Richard Panik.

Henrik Zetterberg (2 goals), Pavel Datsyuk, Danny DeKeyser, Niklas Kronwall, Todd Bertuzzi and Howard did their best to take the team on their backs, but the Wings have an error-prone cast behind them (with perhaps the exception of Daniel Alfredsson), and...They look awful. Truly awful.

It shouldn't even surprise you that the Wings were out-shot 4-0 in OT and 34-27 overall, because that's become commonplace.

READ MORE (http://kuklaskorner.com/tmr/comments/red-wings-bolts-quick-take-wings-have-lost-seven-of-ten...and-thats-scary)

November 13, 2013, 11:46 AM
Good move by Buffalo. Lets see if they still keep Miller and co. moving forward.

Pens are in a major slump. Bylsma should have been canned long time ago. Its so frustrating to watch his insane stretch play system over and over again. Team will make the playoffs, but I am sure another heartbreak awaits. He doesn't match lines ( or, not capable of ) or doesn't adjust. We are very easy to play against. Team has too many speedy small forwards who wilt in playoffs. Shero also gives his players that he wants. Not good.

Malkin is a shadow of former self. I have no clue whats the matter with him. We get Flyers tonight, who all of a sudden is playing good.

Leafs PWN
November 14, 2013, 08:10 AM
1 ES goal in the last 4 games for us. But thanks to goaltending, we are 1-2-1 during that period. Could have been a lot worse.

The Leafs are having the same issue with Carlyle's system that Anahiem had towards the end - not generating good scoring chances on a consistent basis. When you take less than 30 shots on a nightly basis, the goals are going to dry up at one point. I don't know if its the players, or its Carlyle, but we have serious issues with puck possession, and setting up an effective play in the offensive zone. I like to think Carlyle's system, or the lack thereof, in the o-zone has a lot to do with it. We have enough board presence now to get a good cycle game going (Clarkson, Lupul, JVR, Kadri, Kulemin).

If this team wants to go far in the playoffs, they need to seriously address this issue.

Leafs PWN
November 15, 2013, 08:28 AM
Who thought we'd be missing all of our top 3 centers 18 games into the season? :facepalm:

Leafs PWN
November 16, 2013, 12:22 AM

November 19, 2013, 12:14 PM
Finally beat a good team. But, Ducks were tired in third after a long long road trip. Pens are a team in transition. The third line is shambolic. Crosby and Malkin are going through a rough stretch. But, a win is a win, though Ducks outplayed us for most of the time. I still see a first rd exit for the Pens as this team is built poorly. Bylsma is becoming arrogant and know it all. He won't make changes. He has his favorites in the team and no matter what, they play, but he is brutal on young players. One mistake and you are scratched for weeks. Hope they fire his a**..

NFL note : Saw Megatron in action last Sunday at Heinz. Wow..what a freaking beast.

November 19, 2013, 09:22 PM
Trailing 0-1 to the Preds after 2 at the Joe. Andersson's awful turnover led to Weber's PPG, taking our PP/PK ratio of -22! Our curse at home continues. DeKeyser left the game after being boarded, and hasn't returned yet. Hoping he's OK. Rookie mistake on his part, got hit trying to make a non-critical play on their forecheck rather than using his body with hands to the glass, thereby protecting the puck and his head in the process. Helm demonstrated how to do it right later.

Really impressed by the young Texan Seth Jones. Still in his teens, his poise on the puck under pressure and judgement on 50-50 pucks on the attack makes me think of Lidstrom in his prime. He already knows when to join the attack and when to stay back and defend the blue line. Graceful sakter who knows how to skate his way, both forward and backwards, to create better passing lanes. GREAT player in the making if this continues.

Leafs PWN
November 20, 2013, 08:01 AM
Wow Detroit has 7 OT losses already. That's 1/3 of their games .

Megatron is a beast like no other. He might be the best athlete on the planet after Lebron James (in terms of overall athletic ability).

Overall, a decent game last night. The first and mid 3rd was good defensively, the rest was not. Johnny boy made some good saves, the best of which came on an Islanders PP. That team does not know how to PK. They put no pressure on the point men or the forwards around the dot, leaving them with ample space and time to shoot or make a play. Kessel scored one of his goals from there on the PP, and set up some really nice passes, which trigger-shy Franson wasted.

Being out shot is the norm now. Thank god we have two good goalies - facing 30+ shots every night for one tendy would be extremely stressful. Although, the number of scoring chances we are giving up is in the middle of the pack.

Kadri and possibly Bozak comes back Thursday night. It's amazing how we've managed to stay in the top 3/4 when 3 of our top centers have been gone for a week, and 2 have been gone for 2+ weeks now. Trevor Smith, an AHLer, has done an excellent job of filling in with 6 pts in 12 games.

Peter Holland (Center) has been very impressive for us so far. The big man crashes the net on a regular basis, wins about 60% of his faceoffs, and knows who to dish the puck to on his line. If he continues to develop, he could be the perfect fit between Kessel and JVR in the long run. He was taken 15th OV in Kadri's draft, and scored at PPG pace in the AHL. Excellent low buy at the right time by Nonis.

November 21, 2013, 08:31 PM
Having lost 7 straight, 8 straight at the Joe, a little bit of sanity FINALLY prevails and Nyquist gets called up from the Griffins. Babcock puts crazy pressure on him right away.

“Well, his job, and no different tonight if I were him, he’s still allowed to go back to the minors, is be so good, tonight you put so much pressure on the coach and the manger that they have to do something about it,” Babcock said. “That’s what he’s done. That’s the only thing you can do as a player. The best players in the end get to play, they decide who gets to play because they play well enough to make it happen and he’s done a good job.”

Gee, no pressure, Gus! You get one effing game to prove you’re indispensible. Fail and you’re headed up the I-96 to Grand Rapids until sometime in January. So what does he do? He causes a turnover on the forecheck and goes to the front of the net. The puck ends up on his stick and he finds the net with great tamber and poise.

1-0 Wings with the most challenging periods yet to come.

November 22, 2013, 10:36 AM
Not bad ! Two goals on two shots. Nyquist is highly rated among hockey circles, and he delivered.

Leafs PWN
November 26, 2013, 11:04 AM
90% of the time our forwards are too high, and our skill guys try to dance into the offensive zone with the puck on their stick. Teams have figured this out now, and stand up at the blue line, and clog the neutral zone against us. CBJ did that, Nashville did that, and so did Minnesota.

These are the tendencies of an immature, and lazy team. Dumping pucks in, and chasing is hard work - and not always certain, but it works more often then not. Aside from a handful of guys, most of our team isn't willing to do this.

We will probably beat the Pens again, as we do well against good skating teams. But then it will be back to modus operandi lardass again.

Leafs PWN
November 28, 2013, 12:42 PM
What a farce by the refs last night. That last Malkin goal :facepalm:


The Leafs sucked *** again anyways. Zero shots in the last 25 mins is inexcusable. RC either needs to get this group playing sound hockey with good possession numbers (before the seasons end) or he needs to **** off. The guy needs to get in touch with the modern NHL. Line matching alone isn't gonna win you hockey games.

Hope he gets canned this offseason. Don't see him taking this team anywhere. We are not built in a way that his kind of hockey can work. Doubt most modern teams are.

November 29, 2013, 11:34 AM
Right call was made. Puck wasn't frozen. This happens every game in NHL. Refs lost sight and perhaps should have blown the whistle, but it worked out fine, since goalie didn't freeze it. Nothing there to see. Besides, if you choke away a 4-1 lead and not produce one single shot in third period, you deserve the result. No arguement there..

I am in pathetic Flyers land now. Its disgusting everywhere.

Leafs PWN
November 29, 2013, 11:55 AM
Pushing the goalie into the net is not goalie interference?

What we deserve and what the rules are is a different thing. Bottom line is Malkin scored an illegal goal to tie the game.

November 30, 2013, 12:52 AM
The November nightmare ends on a positive note for the Red Wings with strong back to back wins. This team can only get stronger once Datsyuk and DeKeyser return soon. Of course having Helm, Nyquist and Tatar in the lineup made all the difference. Not only are they scoring, they're also making others, especially Franzen, better. They bring the combination of speed, passion, two-way skills and toughness that has defined Red Wings hockey since the early 1990s. Hope to see Jarnkrok getting an early shot this season.

Our team leaders (40-13-55) really stepped up during this "rebuilding on the fly" and it's great to see Zetterberg amongst the scoring leaders. Alfredsson has been a perfect fit. Howard getting the shutout was also a relief. Gustavsson has been a solid back-up.

But Kenny still has to deal with the useless old players he has signed for more than they're worth, and predictably cannot trade. It is simply awful to watch Cleary, Eaves, Tootoo and Samuelsson wearing the Winged Wheel in light of their utter lack of productivity. Quincey's schizophrenia is also a major issue but we have a number of better, younger D-men to take his place. I haven't given up on Weiss yet but he better start producing what he's being paid for. He's not being paid to compete to be a 4th line centerman. I'll be happy if he succeeds but won't be surprised if he fails. Kenny signed him after all.

Kenny's an overrated joke of GM who has lived on the fruits of Bowman's system for too long. He needs to get fired after this season no matter what happens during the playoffs. There has to be accountability for squandering all that cash for nothing, and no, he has not been forgiven for not re-signing Hossa. Chelios is the heir apparent, but won't it be great to get Bowman out of retirement? Not only our best coach ever, but also our greatest GM ever.

November 30, 2013, 08:53 AM
The puck was not frozen. He did what any offensive player should do. He went fishing for it. The Leafs player was equally guilty in pushing his own goalie. It was far from a farce. These types of plays happen all the time in NHL. And, yes, Players like Malkin would get benefit of doubt more often. Calder, Art, Hart, Conn Smyth..So, he has earned his dues as a superstar in the league.

November 30, 2013, 09:00 PM
Watching the Habs take on the Leafs. Never gets old, no matter how irrelevant these two teams have become with regards to the possibility of actually winning the Cup anytime soon. Maybe that's true of all Canada-based teams. At least they make it to the Cup finals every now and then and experience the glory of making the playoffs more frequently. Call it bad karma.

Montreal was the last Canada-based team to have won the Cup in 92-93 and the Leafs, a team whose Cuplessness has elevated that statistical anomaly to an art form, have been irrelevant since 1967. Leafs remain the ONLY Original Six team without the Cup to its name for 46 years and counting. Can they continue to survive these nervous 40s and reach the milestone? Can they repeat the feat for 50 more years after that? A hundred years without the Cup, now that would be something. Yep, keep playin' that early 60s hockey.

4-2 Montreal in the 2nd.

December 1, 2013, 08:27 PM
Good win in Ottawa with Alfredsson assisting on Franzen's 7th of the season, and then finishing it off with an ENG, his own 7th GOS. Always important to beat a divisional rival, especially when coached by someone who knows our system well.

December 2, 2013, 02:35 PM
Not good news at all on the Pavel Datsyuk front. The Free Press's Helene St. James reports that the Red Wings' most important player will probably miss his own "bobblehead night" at Joe Louis Arena this Wednesday against Philadelphia as Datsyuk's real bobbling head is still dealing with the after-effects of Jared Cowen's elbow.:(

December 2, 2013, 03:47 PM
Malkin on fire last two weeks. Back to back #1 star of the week. Now trailing Crosby only by a point in scoring race. Having Neal back is wonderful for him. Pens just have to tread water until the back bone of defense , Scuderi and Martin, come back from extended injury. Also, the third line right now is basically AHL call ups due to injury. I won't complain much in light of the injury situation and as long as we win more than we lose right now, I am fine.

December 3, 2013, 12:24 PM
UPDATE: Per Ken Holland, Henrik Zetterberg will miss a minimum of two weeks with a small herniated disc.

December 4, 2013, 10:47 AM
Lundqvist will retire a Ranger, I don't care if they overpaid, He's had a subpar year for his standards ... he deserves every penny. He could have bolted and not one NYR fan would have blamed him.

December 4, 2013, 12:20 PM
I agree. Best goalie in the league. Rangers had to re-sign him. Cap will go up significantly from next year too. They had to do it.

December 4, 2013, 08:29 PM
Playing Philly without Zetterberg and Datsyuk in the lineup. The first time this has happened since both started playing together in 2003, that's 10 years folks! DeKeyser's, an essential part of our top 4 D, not there either. Everyone except Cleary and Samuelsson have been promoted, lol.

Tatar just one-timed a goal, 1-0 Red Wings!

December 4, 2013, 09:32 PM
Everyone has stepped up and we're looking like the Red Wings of old, MashAllah! If we continue to play like this after Hank, Pasha and Danny return, we won't be losing no game 7 to the Black Hawks this year, InshAllah. Nobody other than the Pens and the Bruins would have a chance against us in the playoffs.

Unrelenting. Creative. Cohesive. Menacing. Scary. Brutal hockey machine comprised of 4 lines that fill the opponent's hearts with anxiety and soul with emptiness. WOW, Red Wings, W-O-W!

I'll make the call now as I did back in 2003. Nyquist, Tatar, Helm, Abdel Kader, DeKeyser, Smith, Mrazek and possibly Jarnkrok would be our new homegrown superstars in 5 years max. Franzen has finally arrived to make matters even sweeter.

December 4, 2013, 10:42 PM
Despite being severely depleted, we looked great and took a 3-1 lead before fading fast and losing 6-3! :facepalm:

Humbled by a Philly team that dug deep, readjusted and came back strong.

December 5, 2013, 10:51 AM
They showed the game on TV. Just too many key injuries for Detroit. Played well enough, but just a bit too much to overcome. Playoff team for sure. I will say this about Cryers. They have a great group of top -9 forwards. Their goalie situation has been resolved. They are a very talented team when not running around. I think they will also make the playoffs and make life miserable for somebody.

Huge test for us vs Sharks tonight. Thats a great team. Right now Pens are a strictly two line team due to injuries. Top 2 D men are out, and that means call ups playing bottom 6. The Special team is carrying the Pens right now. No.1 PP in the league and getting goals every night. Not sure how long we can sustain that. 5on5 we are very average due to lack of depth. We will have to eventually make a trade down the road to the bolster the bottom 6.

December 5, 2013, 12:03 PM
Malkin has been ruled OUT for tonight. Lower leg day to day. Man..Just when he was on fire and this had to happen. ugh..

December 6, 2013, 10:30 PM
Excellent win in Jersey without Datsyuk, Zetterberg, DeKeyser and now Helm! Held them to just 11 shots. Tatar and Nyquist continue shine and I've never seen Franzen step up the way he has. Another win for Gustavsson. He has yet to lose in regulation this season.

December 8, 2013, 12:49 AM
Pitiful loss against Weiss' old team. Did the occasion fire him up at all? Of course not! Can't wait for our top guys to return.

Leafs PWN
December 8, 2013, 07:29 PM
Shawn Thornton should get arrested.

December 9, 2013, 11:21 AM
It is what it is Leafs PWN. They are bunch of low lifes in that team. Thats the way they play from coaches to players. They are also excellent in playing the victim card. Orpik hit on Ericksson was a legal hit. Skates never left the ice, shoulders in, drove his body in his chest. Too bad Loui got hurt and he has concussion issues. I feel bad for him. We know all about concussions here! There was no penalty. Perhaps, an interference could have been called. But, that's it. Julien kept on sending Thornton after Orpik. And, you all know what ensued. An assault happened. He slew foot him from behind and started to pummel his face. Now, he is on IR. We are already missing Scuderi, Martin and now Orpik ( Thats three of your top four ). Julien is playing the victim card. Pointing at the refusal to fight ( on Orpik's part ) and rationalizing the assault. So, every legal hit has to answered with a fight by your goon? Anyway...

Compare that to Bylsma, not a fan of his but he did the right thing with Neal , who made no attempt to avoid the head of Merchand. Bylsma said that his own player didn't make an effort to get his knee out of his way. How refreshing! Neal should get suspended. I do not like it, even though Marchand is as dirty as it gets. Still, no room for what Neal did. Funny how Marchand rolled around like he got stabbed, only to get back up right away and spear Kunitz in the face next shift.

League won't do much. There are a lot of Boston apologists in NHL. The commentary from NHL network is shameful. They are basically blaming Orpik for not fighting. Not surprised, because most of the panelists were ex goons, such as Kelly Chase, P J Stock and their ilk.

But, Thornton will get his day. If league doesn't suspend him for long term, some one will take care of him. Julien should get suspended. Won't happen. He instigated repeatedly.

BTW, Man what's going on with Leafs? Injuries? Still good on standing though. Lots of early W's in Sep-Oct. So, point standing is still good. I hope you guys make it. I like playoffs with both TOR an MTL in. Good for hockey.

December 9, 2013, 11:28 AM
James Neal will have a hearing. We will miss his scoring. He revived Malkin after he came back from injury. Only played 15 games, but 10 goals and 10 assists. A pure sniper he has become. But, he deserves it. He needs to get his knee out there, even though its that lowly rat Marchand.

Leafs PWN
December 9, 2013, 03:01 PM
There's a lot of problems with the team, so I'll list them in order of importance:

- Lots of injuries: Bozak, Bolland, Lupul. As a result of this, we now have only one true top 9 NHL C in Kadri. He has been promoted to Kessel's line, so we have one true scoring line now. If that line doesn't score 2-3 goals in a game, we tend to lose. Before, Lupul and Bolland were huge for secondary scoring. Clarkson is a good player, but he really needs a good quality forward to make him score pts.

- Slumping PK: We were #2 in the league in PK last year, and top 5 through the first 2 months. Remember me saying PK is a big reasons why we win despite being outshot? Yea, we have gone to #26 now in PK. That and being a top 5 penalized team is usually a recipe for failure

- Bad possession numbers. Not having much zone time in the other end means you will have trouble scoring, and give up a lot of shots, which is exactly what has been happening over the last 10 games. We have given up 50 50 40 shots in the last 3 games. With an average of 37 shots against per game. Just think about those numbers for a second.

- Bad dmen: Aside from Phaneuf, Gardiner and Gunnarsson our D sucks - plain and simple. When half of your D is trash, you will have defensive lapses on a nightly basis. Liles looks rejuvenated in his last 3 games (was sent to AHL to help bring up his confidence). Hopefully he can help.

-Bad 4th line: Puts more pressure on the top 3 lines as they have to play a lot more. We have a couple youngsters up though, who show promise in that role.

Those are the main reasons I can think of. RC needs to get his **** together, as I continue to say.

Leafs PWN
December 9, 2013, 03:16 PM
Oh and Phaneuf's hit last night was pretty bad. He isn't a dirty player, so I 100% believe that he didn't mean to injure the player, although it looked like he came running at him.

I think he gets 2 games for the hit.

December 10, 2013, 02:57 PM
2 for Phaneuf. 5 for Neal as I expected. Neal can't do that. Bylsma didn't exactly defend him post game, and Shero was more forceful today and said Neal has to change his game. Three suspensions already. He is too good a player. Contrast that to Bruins, who are excellent at playing the victim card yet again, and their brass is still blaming the victim ( Orpik )of an assault for their beloved Thorny. They are scumbag org. Only they are allowed to run around and hit, but if anyone else does ( even its clean ), well you see what happens. Neal was wrong and I said so. So did the Pens org, even if it was done to a lowly weasel like Marchand.

December 10, 2013, 08:39 PM
Datsyuk is back after missing 8 games due to concussion, and we've played stretches of WONDERFUL hockey, all around the ice, for most of the first period down in Miami.

Leading 1-0 but should've been more. I'm not in the habit of bitching and moaning about bad calls, that s**t happens in a fast and physical sport like hockey, but BOY that was a horrible no-goal call on Ericsson! Thomas initiated contact with Cleary who was never inside the crease at all. Thomas embellished it like a true veteran worthy of diving for the Argentinian soccer team, and got a clean goal disallowed. Good for him, I guess.

It has been a pleasure watching the 21Tatar-18Andersson-14Nyquist line make the smooth transition from the Griffins into the NHL. Our development system is paying off big time, again.




*= :(

Three strong lines, two strong defensive pairings, and solid goalie tandem, not bad at all. Just get a Holmstrom-type pesky and productive power forward for Weiss, Tootoo, Cleary, Quincey, Eaves, Tootoo, Emerton and the kitchen sink, and promote Lashoff to pair up with Smith as the third defensive pairing.

December 10, 2013, 08:46 PM
Beautiful play from Franzen and Datsyuk scores his 13th goal of the season. Two points already upon his return. 2-0 Detroit early in the second.

December 10, 2013, 09:26 PM
Going into the third with a 2-0 lead. I hope we don't blow this as usual. We've trailed ONLY SIX TIMES going into the third, meaning we should not have lost TWENTY-EFFING-TWO games this season! :facepalm:

December 10, 2013, 10:10 PM
2-0 lead blown as usual in the third as we head into another needless OT. Hate the way we fall apart and resort to puck watching in the third. Howard has been fading in the third also. This is how so many 2 point games have turned into 1 this season.

December 10, 2013, 10:19 PM
Could've gone either way in OT. Kronwall hit the post before Howard made a key save in heavy traffic in front of the net. Lost 9 SOs in a row. Can Florida make it a perfect 10? :facepalm:

December 10, 2013, 10:25 PM
Florida makes it 10 in a row for us after all. They have good young players who if given the chance, can create considerable havoc in front of the net. Gotta beat Tampa on Thursday. There's an outside chance of Zetterberg playing a few short shifts.

Leafs PWN
December 11, 2013, 08:42 AM
I think Neal should have gotten 10 to be honest with you. Direct contact of knee to the head like that is quite vicious. No matter how bad Marchand made it seem, Neal didn't make any attempt to get out of the way - implying he meant to hit him in the head.

The Bruins do get away with more than other teams though. It's so damn obvious the league favours them.

4 goal performance by Ovy last night, giving him 26 in 29. Hope he can get 50 in 50 this year, and end up eclipsing his 65 goal mark. The NHL is a very exciting league when Crosby, Geno and Ovy are going well. Add Stamkos, Getzlaf, Kessel and the rest to that, and its been a good year for scoring in general.

Who knew making goalie equipment smaller would result in more goals ?!??

Nothing like seeing Crosby and Ovy as #1 for goal and points!

December 11, 2013, 11:22 AM
Unfortunately, suspensions are given based on how hurt or injured the player is after the infraction. Neal had a phone hearing, so five is max, and I wouldn't have a problem if he had in person hearing. His **** was dirty. He needs to clean it up. Like I said, he doesn't want be known for that type garbage. Too good a player.

I won't be surprised if league gives Thornton 8-10 range. He deserves a lot more. Fourth line plug and a coward.

Ovy is on fire ! Best pure goal scorer along with Stamkos.

December 11, 2013, 11:24 AM
2-0 lead blown as usual in the third as we head into another needless OT. Hate the way we fall apart and resort to puck watching in the third. Howard has been fading in the third also. This is how so many 2 point games have turned into 1 this season.

Wings could easily be the no.1 team in terms of points if not for 8 OT loss. But, injury is a big problem with Wings right now. First Pens-Wings of the season this Sat. Can't wait.

Leafs PWN
December 11, 2013, 12:20 PM
Yea, Neal needs to cut that stuff out and play hockey. He is one of the best goal scorers in the league for sure.

100% agree on how the league evaluates suspensions. I think Thornton gets 15. That was just vicious. He could have killed Orpik if his helmet came off on the way down to the ice. Disgusting move.

Looks like Stephen Weiss is shitting the bed so far in Detroit. 4 pts in 26 games - on pace for 12 pts for the year.

December 11, 2013, 12:49 PM
PITT media has been all over Neal. He apologized yesterday at the behest of management I am sure. His post game non-apologetic tone didn't help. He should have cried like Thornton. There is certainly history with him and Marchand dating back to last year. But, still, Neal needs to be better and he says he will. We will see. No question Marchand is a low life form, but even a rat deserves to live.

I bet league only gives Thornton 8-10. They are afraid of Bruins. Original Six and all..

Weiss was a good player four years ago. Speaking of Panthers. Did you see what they did to replace a broken glass pane? They put a cardboard. lol. So ghetto. Hockey and Miami is like oil and water. I walked into a Pens vs Panthers game in '10 when I was there for vacation. Bought a great tkt for 50 bucks from a scalper. Five rows behind the Panthers bench. The arena was half empty, and the other half were Pens fans like me enjoying vacation in FL.

December 11, 2013, 03:50 PM
Are you guys gonna move Kulemin or what? He is so coveted here that one might think he is the second coming of Peter Forsberg. Lately I hear a lot of people saying it again ( just like last year and year before ) how awesome he would be with Malkin. I think Geno's camp is doing this : ) If those two click again in Sochi, I think Shero will pull the trigger this time. Gotta keep him happy, even if it means overpaying. Lots of young D in the farm.

December 12, 2013, 11:12 AM
Blackhawks make me speechless.

Leafs PWN
December 13, 2013, 08:26 AM
Are you guys gonna move Kulemin or what? He is so coveted here that one might think he is the second coming of Peter Forsberg. Lately I hear a lot of people saying it again ( just like last year and year before ) how awesome he would be with Malkin. I think Geno's camp is doing this : ) If those two click again in Sochi, I think Shero will pull the trigger this time. Gotta keep him happy, even if it means overpaying. Lots of young D in the farm.

I really, really hope we can re-sign the guy. He has elevated his game over the last 2 years. He uses his body amazingly well, is excellent in the cycle game, and has very good defensive smarts. He is also near the top in our team when it comes to 5v5 production over the last four years. He has like 10-15 mins of PP time over the last two years.

Last year, after getting promoted to Lupul and Kadri's line, he was going at a 15 goal, .5 PPG pace. It's clear that he is one of those complementary players who can score if you give him highly skilled players, and ask him to clean up the garbage around the net. This year, once again, he has looked good whenever he was paired with Lupul. I can definitely see why he would be an excellent complementary piece for Malkin. The guy is an absolute workhorse.

The good thing is, he isn't playing well enough to get a significant raise, nor is he playing bad enough to make him think he should take a short term deal. With the cap going up, if Kulemin is willing to say for 3 or 4 x 3.5, I would gladly keep him.

The answer to your question, in short, is no, I don't think we are moving him.

December 13, 2013, 10:36 AM
Those are the exact reasons why he is so coveted. He will look great doing those exact things that you said playing on a line with Malkin and Neal. That line needs a bit of a defensive input as well. With cap going up next year, and if he becomes a UFA, I bet we will go after him, unless of course TO locks him up. Plus, he has obvious chemistry with Malkin as they are line mates.

December 14, 2013, 07:54 AM
Looks like we'll the next 6 games without Howard (out 2-4 weeks with a sprained left MCL), DeKeyser, Helm and Zetterberg. All are all scheduled to return on or around the December 28th game against Florida. Add genius Kenny's overpaid and useless liabilities impossible to trade to that mix, and you'll see why we're as exasperated as we have been.

Hosting the mighty Pens at the Joe tonight. I just want to see our guys stepping up and competing in all 3 periods, especially the 3rd, a major problem for us all year.

December 14, 2013, 09:40 AM
LOl,,We are far from mighty right now. This is going to be a battle of wounded tonight. From Pens : Top three of top Four D are still out. Martin-Orpik-Scuderi. Calls ups are filling in. On the forwards front lots of regulars are out too : Neal ( suspension ), Bennett ( hand ), Glass ( leg ). W-B/S are doing doing their job but barely. We got outplayed last night by Devils but won somehow. So, we will have to wait until both teams are at full strength. Hopefulyl Mich native Zatkoff gets the start in goal. Fluery won us the game last night.

Leafs PWN
December 16, 2013, 09:07 AM
It looks like we are more successful when we play a rush game. This is more of a skating team than a grinding team. We can matchup well against the grinding teams like the Bruins/Kings, but we have more success when we just skate. We possibly played out best game against the Hawks. All we did was out-skate them. Mind you, the Hawks probably played their worst game of the season, but we did play outstandingly well Saturday.

Ma boy Kulemin had a G and A Saturday night. Lupul has helped revive this man's offensive game. Peter Holland continues to impress. He had 2 G, 1A Saturday night. Since being traded to us, he has 4G, and 6 points in 12 games. Great production for a young guy. He is one of those players who drives to the net, and has a knack for being at the right place, at the right time. If he develops on his current pace, we will have the perfect center for Kessel. He's already pretty good at faceoffs.

I liked the trade a lot at the time. It just keeps getting better with time.

As Beamer bhai says, the Pens are pretty decimated with injuries right now. We play well against them anyways, so I'm hoping for a win tonight. The Pens will always have a chance to beat anyone with Sid and Geno though, so it should be a good game.

Finally, look at Penner producing again this year. The guy is a waste of talent - he is one of those players who needs constant motivation to play well. He should sign one year deals only from now on :lol:

December 16, 2013, 11:01 AM
Yes, Leafs always play us well and play us tough. Its gonna be more difficult now since Letang just went on IR ( this guy will never stay injury free ). Top 4 D is gone. More calls ups from AHL. Pairings : Matta-Niskanen, Depres-Samuelsson ( debut perhaps tonight ), Bortuzzo- Doumolin ( debuted the other night ). So, it is Baby Pens night. Malkin is out too. He got hurt vs Wings and looked bad but didn't go on IR, so thats the good news. Of course, forwards are calls ups as well. I just heard on radio that tonight could be a record for Pens : 8 AHL call ups for one single game. If we can get 1 pt, I will be ok. However, if the young guys play well on defense, and most of them were knocking on the door, this will perhaps be a good thing. We do need to move some salary on defense. Martin- Orpik combined hit of $5mil and $3.75 mil is a lot for two older players. Maybe, one will be moved to get a top 6 winger in deadline, or perhaps next year. Orpik is an UFA too.

Leafs speed always a worry. Gives us trouble even when we are at full strength.

Guessing you are not a big Penner fan! Big body- that's about it.

How about my man Marchand kissing his ring to the Canucks bench? Yes, as suspected, he is all class.

15 games for Thornton. Well, it was an assault, so he is lucky. Orpik probably will be out for weeks.

Leafs PWN
December 16, 2013, 12:28 PM
Yea Thornton got the Bruins treatment again. How the ef can you give him just 15 games for that straight out street fighter ****? LOL @ the league.

Marchand needs to get his clock cleaned. I'm surprised no one has taken this guy out yet.

I like Penner when he isn't lazy - which is like 1% of the time. His numbers are all over the place mostly because he coasts if you give him a nice contract. He ended up playing well towards the end of his contract in Edmonton, but sucked absolute *** in LA when he was surrounded with lots of talent. Now, since he had to sign a cheap 2 year contract, he is playing hard again. Watch him get lazy if/when he gets a long term deal.

Hate players like that. They are basically cheating their teams for money when they do that.

December 16, 2013, 02:57 PM
Yup. Not a fan of Penner.

Marchand will get his one day. See Lucic get into a fight in a bar in Vancouver. Who in their right mind will pick a fight with him though? I absolutely love his game, even though he is a Bruin.

Didn't know Trevor Smith plays for Leafs now. The player that hurts Pens all the time is JVR. Out of all our call ups, I am beginning to like Jayson Megna the most. He was playing real well with Malkin. Won't shock me if scores a goal tonight. He plays near the crease all the time. Big night for Phillip Sameulssen ( Ulfs son ). He will be making his debut tonight. This will make Matta the no.1 pairing on defense. He has been incredible really for a 19 yr old.

December 16, 2013, 04:44 PM
Thorton appealed ! Look at the nerve of this guy! Gets a slap on the wrist for assault and now he is appealing. Whatever happened to all the cry after the game? Felt sorry for Brooksie, felt sick to his stomach, gonna accept my punishment. Yup, some honest guy that Thorny. See NHL screwed up by waiting for a week and giving a weak punishment. They were afraid and they smell it. Now he is emboldened. They should tack 10 more games now after its rejected.

Leafs PWN
December 17, 2013, 08:43 AM
Last night's result is easy to explain - the Pens worked very hard, and the Leafs half-assed it. The entire team looked like they partied too hard after that Hawks win. No legs, they won no puck battles, and the finish was bad. Luck wasn't on our side either, as we hit two posts, but it was a sad effort. The Pens put in a very good "workman" type game with their call ups. That's the advantage of having lots of AHL players - they will try to prove themselves and show they belong.

Bortuzzo was very important in changing the momentum of the game towards the end. I didn't like his first hit on D'Amigo, but the second hit was huge. Fleury played really well last night too. Took away some good chances with good rebound control and positioning.

Off to face the Panthers tonight. They have won 5 of 6, and we are playing our 3rd game in 4 nights. Gonna be a really tough game.

December 17, 2013, 11:10 AM
Its true. When you have that many rookies and AHL players, they will go beyond to show they belong and thats exactly what they did. Plus, Bylsma is good at coaching these type of players ( Pit-Tampa series that went to Game 7 minus Sid and Malkin for example. They battled hard for seven games ). However, the defensive call ups are all going to be main stays eventually. Matta already plays like a vet. Dumolin- Harrington-Samuellsson- Pouliot will all play for the big club one day- and not too far in the future. Most are almost ready. Bortuzzo plays well and scraps every time he is called upon. Depres is playing like he doesn't want to go back. Defensively we played good with the young guys and they will continue to do so if called upon, since that is the strength of the org. Not surprised. Well earned two points.

I like Bernier and the way he played. Kulemin missed a semi open net that could have tied the game. Of course, Sid buried his one good chance that he got all game. Phaneuf really plays him well.

Leafs PWN
December 17, 2013, 11:54 AM
You guys have a good mix of speed and skill. It's good to see how well Shero has drafted with no lottery picks in the last 6 years (aside from Pouliot). That goal by Sid was just horrible coverage from the Leafs. He had all of eternity and then some in the slot. He could have grabbed a seat, had himself a beer, and then scored the goal.

You give Sid that much time and space and he will score always. Guess who wasn't on the ice when Sid scored. Phaneuf vs Crosby is an excellent match up, and its a lot fun to watch. Phaneuf's game has evolved since he has been traded here. Although he did go for the big hit last night (the one that resulted in an odd man rush) he was superb last night. Crosby has just 2 assists in 2 games when Phaneuf is on the ice with him.

It really shows you how much depth Canada has at D, when Phaneuf doesn't even get consideration for the Olympic team.

The Olympics is only a couple months away! Although I want my country to win, I wouldn't mind to see an underdog team, like Czech Republic, take it. It's always fun when small teams come out of nowhere to win.

My prediction for team Canada is as follows:

Hall - Crosby - Stamkos
Tavares - Getzlaf - Perry
Sharp - Toews - Carter/Giroux
Lucic - Bergeron - St.Louis
Carter/Giroux, Duchene

Keith - Seabrook
Vlasic - Weber
Bouwmeester - Pietrangelo
Doughty - Subban/Letang


December 17, 2013, 12:53 PM
It was an icing. So, Phaneuf couldn't jump on the ice, as he watched Sid hop off to the ice. Tight games always have a play or two like that which ends up as the difference. Phaneuf always play him well. He has always played him well. I say after Chara, Phanuef and Subban are the two guys who shuts him down pretty well.

For Pens a major worry is Dupuis. He played out of his skins for peanuts for three years. Now, he got paid this off season, which was a bad deal to give out for a 34 yr old glorified third liner, and now we are kinda stuck. He doesn't hustle as much. He looks slower. Can't make crisp passes ( minus the one last night ) . Bennet already bumped him from the 1st line until he too got hurt. He will be a great third liner, but making $3.75mil. I didn't like the deal but I guess he earned his dues, but he is not playing like a first liner though he is being paid handsomely. Lets see if he can turn it around.

I think Duchene plays with Crosby. Love watching him play. Letang shouldn't make it. He is horrible defensively, but is a sexy pick. I have really low opinion of Bowmeester. He is the anti -Phaneuf to Sid. He has burned him so many times one on one ( you tube dekho..the you will understand ) that I have a very negative opinion about him. I am wrong perhaps. Is Yandle Canadian? He is really good.

December 17, 2013, 12:56 PM
Oh...Price for goalie. Please, don't pick Fleury. Let him revive his career here. He is playing great. Already under too much spotlight and doesn't need the limelight. Those two weeks off will serve him well.

Leafs PWN
December 18, 2013, 08:33 AM
I think Fleury should decline an invite to team Canada as well. He needs to focus on getting his NHL **** together first. Canada can do without him.

Another lame duck effort last night - another great display of dump and don't chase. Quite obvious this team has tuned out Carlyle now.

December 18, 2013, 11:18 AM
Yes. He can do without Canada. You have Holtby! I would not pick him. He is not a very good goalie. Why not go with Harding instead? He is unbelievable. USA is clearly better with goalies. Top notch goalies at disposal.

A bad loss for you guys at home to Florida. Funny you mention the dump and no chase. I was about to comment about that after the Pens- leafs game. Our D retrieved almost all the dump ins and skated out unmolested. Matta played Kessel as good as anyone I have seen positionally. He could be our best defenseman and I say it with sincerity. I know its way too premature to even mention, but people liken his game to Nik Lidstroms. If he can become even half of that!

Total ugly hit on Schenn. So dangerous. I tell you what? Philly scares the day lights out of me. I hope they miss the playoffs. I would not want anything to do with them.

December 19, 2013, 10:05 AM
Chalk up another win for Team IR ! Even the Bylsma cynic like me is getting impressed. 10 wins out of last 11 will go a long way securing playoff spot in March. Quick turn around as we travel back to Burgh to face Minny tonight. This is gonna be hard one. Guys were getting tired last night and the young D were showing a bit of in experience. But, doesn't matter. Have done fair share of winning in last month. Can afford to lose two-three games and still be ok. Neal comes back and that should be a major bonus.

December 20, 2013, 11:14 AM
Olli Maatta- That's it. What a player !

Trade that always hurt turn over machine Letang to Edmonton for one of their prized wingers...

December 20, 2013, 11:35 AM
For those who haven't seen this yet :)

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/NeIdK658Iyw" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

We're expected to get all of our guys except Weiss back for the 2014 WC.

December 21, 2013, 11:03 PM
Blew a 3-1 lead but prevailed in the end over "The Center Of The H:lol:cky Universe", despite notable effort from the refs. Now, I'm not one to b*** but WTF was their 4th goal all about ?! I suppose certain basic rules simply don't apply to Bettman's home team in their own building. Can't go actually 50 years without winning the Cup now, can we? Tic-toc, tic-toc, tic-toc ...

Anyway, congrats on reaching the 40 point plateau in 38 games this season. Looking forward to seeing the commemorative banner hanging from the rafters of Valhalla where the Cup has been "just two years away" since 1967. Just put it next to the "Aunt Maple Made A Great Meatloaf On Statistical Anomaly Day" banner. :clap: :clap: :clap:

Can't wait to be totally healthy and host the team from Assguard on New Year's Day.

December 22, 2013, 09:25 AM
Lol...Were you watching Thor by any chance?

December 22, 2013, 09:38 AM
We struggled to beat Calgary yesterday, but got the two pts. Thats all it matters right now considering the unreal injury situation. But, I like that Calgary team. They are a very hard working team. They kept coming coming. Props to our W-B/S guys for holding the fort down, yet again.

West maybe stronger but Pens are 7-2 vs West !

December 28, 2013, 10:04 PM
We blew a 2-0 lead with some atrocious swamp hockey in the 2nd but managed to get it back with 2 goals early in the 3rd. It was all living dangerously from there but we managed to hold on for the regulation W. Sean Bergenheim and Nick Bjugstad have impressed in all 3 of their games against us this season. Not that they will, but an excellent couple of players to build a good team around in South Florida.

Gustavsson is probably the most thrilling goalie to watch in the league and that's not a compliment. He can go from great to shite defending any, and I mean ANY shot on goal, but he's winning games with clutch saves after giving up soft goals often in the same game. Not a Cup winning goalie this one. Definitely a good move by the Ample Fleas to get rid of him. Carlyle is a Cup winning coach and couldn't tolerate a schizoid the likes of him. Too bad he won't win the Cup again as long as he stays in Assguard. Maybe this calls for another new type of banner hanging from the rafters of Valhalla, this time celebrating good riddance. :clap: :clap: :clap:

Good to have Zetterberg and Abdel Kader back. Our players are getting healthy at long last.

December 28, 2013, 10:33 PM
Go Leafs go!

December 30, 2013, 10:00 PM
Howard's back and not tracking the puck well at all. 3 soft goals he'd not have allowed last year when his elite play took our weakest team in 30 years to the playoffs and then to game 7 of the WCFs. He has been off all season so far but we know he's way too New York to allow this for too much longer.

Zetterberg's still not 100%, and we're really missing Alfredsson and Franzen out there. Alfie has made us all fall in love with him. Class, poise and grit, all in one. The classic Red Wing who has finally come home to the team made for him. Shanahan, Chelios and Hull come to mind when I think of that kind of perfect fit. We owe this man a Cup!

Seth Jones, what an amazing young player! Soft hands and overall hockey sense well beyond his years. He and Olli Maatta alongside our DeKeyser will be some elite players in the near future.

Trailing the Preds 1-3 after 2. It would suck to lose our last game of the year, but not as much as losing the first one of 2014.

December 30, 2013, 10:43 PM
Decent effort in the 3rd but the damage was done already. The ENG made it 6-4 in the end, and Bert's dumb penalty with 2 minutes left lessened our chances trailing 4-5.

December 30, 2013, 10:52 PM
Red Wings going down on New Year's Day. Leafs will own you. T.O. all the way.

December 31, 2013, 03:07 AM
Red Wings going down on New Year's Day. Leafs will own you. T.O. all the way.


-- The other Shubho.

January 1, 2014, 12:59 PM
Looks like we'll be skating against the wind in the 1st and the 3rd. Not good because we'll have to keep our shifts, including those of our best players, shorter than theirs without conserving much stamina. Skating against the Great Lakes wind is a steep hike.

January 1, 2014, 01:27 PM
It's cold, windy, and snowing. Welcome to Ojibway country fellas!

January 1, 2014, 02:19 PM
0-0 after 1, and I'm just lovin' how the players are adjusting to the tough, snowy conditions. Hard working players will prevail here as the game goes on. The game will get a lot faster if it stops snowing. It'd be nice if that happens in the 2nd with the wind on our backs. The elements add a whole different dimension to the game.

US-born players (Kessel, JVR) usually grow up playing a lot more outdoor hockey than their Canadian-born counterparts simply because Canada has more indoor facilities. Michigan and Minnesota come close, but not quite as many as Ontario and Quebec. Swedes and eastern Russians also play a lot outdoors.

January 1, 2014, 03:27 PM
1-1 after 2. Totally bogus call on Kindl led to that crucial PP, but it was a well deserved goal. JVR's working very hard. Seems to be made from the same stuff as many of the past Leafs players I deeply admired over the years: Gilmour, Clark, and Roberts. Red Wings type players who work extremely hard all every shift and every season for decades. Yzerman, Fedorov and Draper back then as Zetterberg, Datsyuk and Helm do now. I see Nyquist, Tatar and Andersson continue the tradition in the future with Jurco and Jarnkrok also turning into our kind of "diamond in the rough", low draft pick elite players. Of course our top twos have been a zillion times more skilled than Gilmour, Clark or Roberts.

January 1, 2014, 04:33 PM
2-2 and going to OT. What a game! What a game by Bernier!!! Almost feel sorry for the much hyped bag of mediocrity by the name of James "Rebound" Reimer, now destined to be a backup for the rest of his less than mediocre career.

January 1, 2014, 04:39 PM
Zetterberg had a break as the horn sounded at 2:30 in the OT. Drama!

January 1, 2014, 04:49 PM
Yeah, baby! Go Leafs go!

January 1, 2014, 04:51 PM
Tough shootout loss. Alfie never actually got a shot off and Tatar overstickhandled himself into a weak nudge, not a shot.

January 1, 2014, 04:51 PM
2-2 and going to OT. What a game! What a game by Bernier!!! Almost feel sorry for the much hyped bag of mediocrity by the name of James "Rebound" Reimer, now destined to be a backup for the rest of his less than mediocre career.

Reimer isn't too bad at all. Had a good few home games at the ACC.

January 1, 2014, 04:52 PM
Tough shootout loss. Alfie never actually got a shot off and Tatar overstickhandled himself to a weak nudge, not a shot.

Not sure what the heck Tatar was trying to do.

January 1, 2014, 04:55 PM
Bernie was wicked awesome today. Saved our bacon big time.

January 1, 2014, 04:58 PM
Not sure what the heck Tatar was trying to do.

But credit goes to Bernier for staying in his crease as much as possible. An exceptional goalie like him could be kept on the bench by only by the likes of a Jonathan Quick in LA.

Howard came out way too early to challenge but couldn't rattle Toronto's quick and accurate release. He should learn from Bernier. Poise wins over reflex any day, unless you're a freak like Billy Smith, Hasek, Thomas or Quick. Howard's a very good reflex goalie, as was the multiple Cup winner Osgood before him, but he's none of those 4 that I mentioned.

January 2, 2014, 10:03 AM
Happy New Years guys. Have been away for over a week. Missed most of action in NHL, including the winter classic. Looked like it was a packed house. Lets see what the new year has in store. Oh yeah, we have lost Pascal Dupuis for the season! what else is new..

January 6, 2014, 10:36 AM
No Datsyuk, no Franzen, no Helm and no DeKeyser but we still managed to beat Dallas with Howard's 44 saves. I hope this is a sign of things to come throughout this half of the season. Being at the top of the bottom four isn't the best way to make the playoffs after last year.

January 6, 2014, 12:30 PM
Detroit will make the playoffs. Write it down. Philly scares me. Look how far they have come.

Canadian team will be announced tomorrow. Tough job for Yzerman. He will be criticized either way. There are just too many good players. However, if Rick Nash gets picked ahead of Neal or Kunitz, then I would have to seriously doubt his mettle. But, anyway, its a hard job.

Pens make a trip to Western Canada this week, after two years or so ! 10 : 00 PM start times are no fun for me : (

Hearing a lot of rumor of Evander Kane becoming a Pen. That will be freaking awesome. I would give up a lot to grab him. Guy is a stud, a pure beast on skates, and only 23. He can easily play with Sid on the first line and thrive.

January 7, 2014, 09:15 PM
As a Torontonian for the past seven years, I'm a big Leafs fan, but I'm seriously loving how my Austrian countrymen - Vanek and Grabner, both of the NY Islanders - are schooling the men in blue and white tonight.

January 7, 2014, 09:16 PM
Shocking game by Bernier vs the Islanders.

January 8, 2014, 11:36 AM
Vanek has the best hands in the league. Yes, what is going on with Leafs? Can't believe how well the Flyers are playing. Second spot in Metro div after that start. They scare me.

We managed to win in shootout against Van. Down 4-2 and the goalie pulled we scored two goals in 1:11 to tie things up. In shootout, Pens are money. We are 10-2 vs mighty West for what its worth.

January 8, 2014, 02:34 PM
And very rarely do I praise Crosby because his machine like point production and consistency is soooo taken for granted. But, last night, he was having one of the worst games this year. Turning pucks over, losing battles on the board, missing on passes- very rare by his standard. I was thinking, ok, he is entitled to a bad game especially the way he carried the team last month due to all the injuries. Then...boom.. sets up one goal and scores one in a matter of a minute, then the lone shootout goal to secure two pts. Very special indeed. He was hobbling badly after taking a rocket of a Malkin shot to his foot all game. And, Malkin is playing brilliant right now. Even after missing all those games, he is climbing the leaderboard at a frantic pace. So lucky to have these two..

January 12, 2014, 07:17 AM
It's really hard to rebuild, "on the fly" or not, when some of your top players are always injured and Kenny's untradable faves continue to get the ice-time they do not deserve in this league. No Datsyuk, no Alfredsson, no Franzen and no Helm!

What an ugly game, but I'll take the win. HUGE 2 points on the road against the rock-'em-sock-'em Phillies of the West being backstopped by possibly the best goalie amongst great American goalies dominating the league. Having said that, Howard made 44 saves AGAIN, and stole another one, AGAIN. I suppose fundamentally solid teams always find a way to win, but without Howard finally hitting form this season, we won't be winning too many of these.

Our George Malik summed up the goals nicely.

"Between the Wings' status as significantly undermanned and the Kings' desire to hit everything that moved and some things that did not while clutching, grabbing, hooking, holding, smashing and mashing their way toward another low-scoring win (Jeff Carter's recent scoring exploits included), the game had less than a pleasing level of aesthetic value, and the Kings' first goal was either the result of a "gritty effort" by Dustin Brown or a plain old dive that allowed Drew Doughty to blast the puck into a partially-vacated Red Wings net 14:10 into the 1st period." 1-0 Kings.

(What else does Dustin Brown have to do to get called for diving and interfering in front of the goalie? I hope for our sake that this officiating trend continues in Sochi. Filled with the likes of Brown with only Kane and Kessel offering quality skill, Team USA would be the most difficult team to play against. We'll need the breaks to actually score against not only top gold medal contenders like Canada, Sweden or Russia, but also against fast and skillful dark horses like Finland and Slovakia.)

"The Wings responded relatively quickly, however, with Riley Sheahan jamming the rebound of Tomas Tatar's drive to the net past Jonathan Quick with 1:49 left in the 1st." 1-1.

(I like Sheahan and local boy Glendening a lot. Tough players strong on the puck and in front of the net. Sheahan also has great vision for creating chances at high speed. These two should stay. Both are significantly better in every way than Cleary, Eaves, Samuelsson, and Kenny's latest eff-up, Weiss!)

"The second period had the Kings out-shooting the Wings 15-9 and the Wings out-blowing 3 power plays to Los Angeles's 2 man advantages, but it was mostly an exercise in mucking, grinding, checking and post-whistle scrums full of pushing, shoving and water bottle police-style exchanges, but the Red Wings stood firm against the Kings' attack, and Howard continued to battle his way through traffic and players who just happened to be skating a county or two removed from the industry that shoots the kind of footage involving what the Kings' forwards were trying to do to Jimmy Howard's goal pads.

With the Kings checking the snot out of Henrik Zetterberg's line and Danny DeKeyser and Niklas Kronwall gobbling up ice time on defense, coach Mike Babcock seemed to be more than willing to toss the Bertuzzi-Sheahan-Tatar, Cleary-Glendening-Eaves (or Samuelsson) and Miller-Andersson-Samuelsson (or Abdelkader) lines over the boards,

On the decisive goal, the Wings were actually able to mount an end-to-end rush in Los Angeles, and Todd Bertuzzi and Riley Sheahan plowed up ice, engaged in a give-and-go, and as Sheahan shot and Bertuzzi crashed the net, Tatar skated toward the most likely spot Jonathan Quick would rebound the puck toward, he collected the puck and blasted it into the yawning cage before pointing skyward and collecting the puck for his dad with 7:54 left in the 3rd." 2-1 Wings.

(Tatar played with a heavy heart. His dad passed away the night before the game. He'll be flying out for the funeral this week before joining teammate Jurco for Team Slovakia's Sochi camp.)

"Five minutes and twenty seconds later, at 17:26, the Wings managed to muck the puck up ice on one more end-to-end rush, and Luke Glendening smartly swiped the puck from Jake Muzzin (who was dumped possibly illegally by Patrick Eaves), and Glendening found Daniel Cleary all alone in the slot, fed Cleary the puck, and Cleary gave the Wings all the breathing room they'd need." 3-1 Wings.

January 13, 2014, 11:20 AM
So we conclude our Western Canada trip with 5 out of possible 6 points, but we played like..meh..Lately we can't protect a lead. Looks like the team has hit a brick wall. Too many turnovers and lazy play. Defense is constantly out of position. Hopefully, they will get out of it soon. We only play one game ( vs Caps ) until next Monday. Maybe, team needs to refocus.

How about the Ducks? No regulation loss at home all year!

January 14, 2014, 01:07 PM
Leafs PWN, where are you brother? Missing your comments here!

Wanted to watch Det-T.O tonight, but NBCSN has scheduled Phi-Buff for the night ! Yuck..

Jets fire Noel. Saw it coming. Paul Maurice is a good coach and a good hire. Don't know if it changes anything, but a lot of Jets players were on trading rumor mills. New coach might want to wait and see. They do have solid players ( Ladd, Wheeler, Kane )

January 15, 2014, 11:28 AM
Ooops..it was Boston- T.O.

January 17, 2014, 11:45 AM
The depressing combination of perpetual injuries, rebuilding, and Kenny Holland has gotten many of us living in the past again. So here's a classic for not only Red Wings fans and enviers, but any true hockey fan appreciative of the most subtle nuances of the beautiful game.

This is the greatest game 7 performance by any team, especially the greatest Red Wings team against its greatest rivals, the Colorado Avalanche, also at their very best. Enjoy the superlative Red Wings hockey friends.

<iframe width="420" height="315" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/d4hL4nUq3Y4" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

January 18, 2014, 09:00 PM
It's Hockey Night in Canada, peeps. Cracker of a game between the Leafs and Habs. TO up by one going into the 3rd.

January 19, 2014, 09:17 AM
Line brawl to start the Van-Cgy game. What a sight ! then idiot Torts trying to go over to their locker room to fight Hartley. Lol..He however ran pretty fast when some asst coach came out to answer back. Just comedy all around.

Only one game in a week for my pens. Gotta wait till tomorrow. Feel like we are on a football schedule. Looks like slowly more and more injured players will come back.

January 24, 2014, 01:32 PM
Thornton and Marleau just got extended with Sharks. Off the market now.

January 26, 2014, 02:03 AM
We're finally getting healthy again as Franzen and Andersson are expected to play today, and Datsyuk and Howard later this week InshAllah. Sammy finally got dumped by Kenny and we hope he has the sack to do same with Cleary, Bert and Weiss. Local boy Glendening is being promoted. Sammy simply took the money and did nothing other than leave us with a cap hit. The wasted money and time, there's more coming thanks to Kenny's faves Cleary, Weiss and Bert, should be taken out of our unscrupulous GM's fat paycheck before he's kicked out of town.

Our young guys, now known as the "Wiffins", are much better than the useless geezers in question, and more productive at both ends of the ice. I particularly like Sheahan. He has good poise, vision and physical presence. Definitely a major player in the making alongside Tatar, Nyquist and Jurco. Maybe Jarnkrok and Mantha will join them. Great to see our formidable pipeline continuing to develop and deliver diamonds-in-the-rough, low draft picks and simply neglected players like Lidstrom, Fedorov, Draper, Holmstrom, Datsyuk, Zetterberg, Kronwall, and Howard. Klueless Kenny needs to understand that and get some real players to ease their successful transition from the AHL.

I think our "rebuilding-on-the-fly" team will make the playoffs again this year and again surprise people with their feisty play. I just hope we don't blow a 3 games to 1 lead again to lose the series in 7 as we did in last year's WCFs. We're more than likely to finish at 8 or 7 and will play either the Pens or the Bruins. There's also an outside chance we'll finish 6th and play Tampa. I see the Habs, the Leafs, and Philly making the playoffs also with the Rangers, the BJs, the Canes, and Jersey putting up a serious fight for a spot.

The post Sochi scenario would be interesting for us with our 10 Olympians. I hope nobody gets injured in Russia. Zetterberg and Datsyuk will wear the "C" for Sweden and Russia respectively, and youngsters Tatar and Jurco will play for Chara and Hossa's Slovakia, a hugely underrated team with serious skill and flair, and my favorite "dark horse" team other than the USA. Alfredsson, Kronwall, Franzen, Ericsson and Gustavsson are also playing for Sweden, and I'll be happy if Howard gets a game for the USA.

I'll be rooting for the USA as usual followed by Sweden and Russia, two of the three teams alongside Canada set to win the gold.

January 26, 2014, 05:11 PM
No Zetterberg all of a sudden! Recurring injury. No Andersson yet. Still nothing definite on Datsyuk.

GOD, when will this END??? :(

Florida scores inside 2 minutes of the first. Defensive lapse during line change but Gus should've had it. :head:

January 26, 2014, 07:40 PM
Man oh man! Having blown 3-1 and 4-2 leads, we're tied at 4 after 3. Smith, as talented as he is, will never be better than a number 5 or 6 defenseman because of his Ashrafulesque stupidity. Quincey sucks too and Lashoff was always a 5 or 6 d-man anyway. :facepalm:

January 26, 2014, 07:47 PM
Another needless shootout thanks to some terrible defense. Unforced turnovers, lack of aggression and poise in all 3 zones in the third, and losing way too many 1 on 1 battles. Upside once again? Helm, Sheahan and Tatar.

January 26, 2014, 07:53 PM
Tim Thomas beats Gustavsson in the shootout with Tatar overhandling the puck. Tough point to lose after blowing not one but TWO 2-goal leads. :(

January 27, 2014, 11:20 AM
Yes there is a great chance that Pens meet Wings in playoffs. I want no part of that. Much rather face a newbie like BJ's. Don't want Flyers either.

Pens are getting pts but this team is by far the worst in last four years or so. This is a top heavy team. No third line or fourth line. All scoring provided by Crosby-Kunitz-Neal-Malkin-Jokinen. Thats it. If they get shut out, no one else can step up and score here and there. Last time a third liner scored was in Dec 19. Insane. Days of Cooke-Staal-Keneddy are gone. Shero must wheel and deal to land and upgrade bottom six, or this team will lose in first round. Orpik is just pathetic. So is Martin. One of them needs to be moved so young guys can play. But, Bylsma won't do it.

January 27, 2014, 11:24 AM
Getting Beau Bennet back would help. Losing Dupuis for the season is crushing. Guy was so versatile. He was able to play in top line and produce, kill penalties, and slide down to third line. Right now Sutter needs help. But, he only has Glass ( a fourth liner at best ) and Rangers reject Pyatt. Also, fourth line misses Vitale. Great face off guy and penalty killer. He needs to get back post Olympic. Once Vitale and Bennet come back, things will improve, but still need another solid forward or perhaps two.

January 28, 2014, 01:56 AM
Every game is important now and we're playing Philly without our one-two punch, AGAIN! No Hank or Pasha against the thugs tonight. :(

January 28, 2014, 02:20 PM
And it keeps getting worse. No Franzen either!!! :(

Our projected lines against Philly: 14Nyquist-18Andersson-8Abdelkader, 21Tatar-15Sheahan-26Jurco, 71Cleary-43Helm-11Alfredsson, 20Miller-41Glendening-17Eaves.

February 3, 2014, 12:04 AM
Tough OT loss against the Caps after coming back so many times. But I'm proud of the team for fighting so hard. What outstanding performances from Zetternerg (still not 100%), Nyquist, Tatar and Abdel kader! Pond hockey type defensive lapses and a mediocre Howard cost us at least two goals.

Franzen won't be going to Sochi but looks like Nyquist will take his place. Datsyuk, named captain of Russia, is the real concern. He's nowhere near ready but looks likely play in Sochi anyway. I hope all of our players return fit and ready to make a serious playoff run. I'm optimistic about our chances provided everyone's healthy and Howard becomes a .930 goalie after the break.

February 3, 2014, 01:00 PM
The latest from Datsyuk: -

Pavel Datsyuk took part in the optional skate and still hopes to return for a game or two before the Olympics.

"Hoping, looking to." Datsyuk said when asked if he was still going to play in the Olympics. "I don’t know. I'm just trying to make sure I play one or two games (before). That's my goal now."

"I’m not thinking about over there now," Datsyuk added. "I'm thinking about coming back to our team and helping our team."...

Asked about what some fans are saying that if players can't play for their NHL team that pays them then they shouldn't play in the Olympics, Datsyuk said, "No comment. Everybody has his own mind. Everybody has his own decision. It's my decision."

LINK (http://redwingsfront.wordpress.com/2014/02/03/datsyuk-wants-to-play-in-a-game-or-two-prior-to-olympics-but-not-ruling-out-playing-in-sochi-if-hes-unable-to/)

It's really annoying to see that so many experts and fans simply don't get how important it is for American and European players to represent their countries and play for their national teams.

February 4, 2014, 03:06 AM
Important, gritty win against the Nucks tonight. Sadly, Philly beat San Hoe and the BJs took care of the Ducks, so we gotta keep winning. Florida, a team that has had our number all season, is next followed by Tampa before the OB. Datsyuk wants to play both before captaining Russia in Sochi.

February 4, 2014, 08:30 AM
Less than 10 days to go before the puck drops, and I'm super excited. I'd be rooting for USA as usual, followed by Sweden, Russia and Slovakia in no particular order. Here are my picks.

1. Russia: I pick Russia to win the gold at home. Simply too much talent in an amazingly balanced team. At goal, Borovsky and Varlamov are tough to beat, especially in front of a calm yet mobile defensive unit led by the likes of Markov and Voynov. The offense, led by captain Pavel Datsyuk, is the most potent in the tournament. Just think of Datsyuk, Malkin, Kovalchuk and Ovechkin coming at you.

2. Sweden: My second favorite to win the gold. Lundqvist is arguably the best goalie in the world and getting to him through the likes of Kronwall, Oduya, Edler, Djalmarsson, and Karlsson would be a nightmare for any offense, no matter how potent on paper. The two-way play of captain Zetterberg leading exceptional forwards like Backstrom, Landeskog, Steen, Berglund, Eriksson, Kruger and the Sedin Sisters will wreak havoc in all 3 zones. Last minute inclusion Nyquist will turn heads on bigger ice.

3. USA: Yes, the USA, easily the hardest team to play against in the tournament. Great goaltending and solid, physical defensive play bolstered by the unrelenting toughness of Kesler, Parise, Stasny, Callahan, Brown and JVR will be a nightmare for any defensive unit as Kane and Kessel break free and score timely goals. I feel this is the strongest Team USA in history with the best chance to do what we couldn't 4 years ago.

4. Canada: Incredibly strong, star-studded team in front of mediocre goalies, enough said. I don't think they'll come together and gel as well as necessary to win the gold.

5. Slovakia: My dark horse favorites. I just love watching these underrated guys who play with tremendous courage and flair. Halak is an amazing goalie and playing behind a solid defense led by Chara can make him seem unbeatable. Their offense is led by supremely skilled guys like Hossa, Garborik and Handzus. Our own Tomas Tatar will also turn some heads on the bigger surface.

Who are your top 5 picks to win the gold (in order) and why?

TEAM ROSTERS (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ice_hockey_at_the_2014_Winter_Olympics_%E2%80%93_M en%27s_team_rosters)

February 6, 2014, 01:59 AM
Datsyuk is likely to return tonight. Not nearly 100% but he'll hit the ice anyway. Yzerman did it for club and country, and so's Pavel Datsyuk. I hope and pray he continues to get healthy while playing and not make things worse.

February 6, 2014, 11:47 AM
I don't have any rooting interest, unless of course BD is playing !! Ashraful on skates? can a man dream? Here are my top five picks :

1. Canada- has the best coach, the best offense and defense, and high end players in all four lines. Goalies are suspect, but I think it doesn't matter.

2. Sweden- Great overall team. Really balanced. Great goaltending. Hopefully they won't medal and I would actually root against them ( only team ). But they take silver.

3. USA- Easily the hardest team to play against, but I think scoring could be an issue. Plus, Bylsma is a big question mark. I know he is my coach, but he will be exposed big time. He doesn't match lines and always gets outcoached. Also, team roster is bad. Orpik over Yandle? Please. Orpik is in big time decline. Martin is equally suspect. Shero and Poille picked these two based on their form two years ago. Both are in decline. Bobby Ryan should have been there as well.

4. Russia- Only because they are at home. But, that defense is by far the worst.

5. Slovakia- Dark Horse team.

February 6, 2014, 10:46 PM
^I don't think scoring would be problem at all for the USA. I think they'll create a lot of traffic in front and knock-in quite a few scrappy goals. Then there's Kane and Kessel to worry about. Americans take a lot of pride for playing for the USA, and find a way to gel together and peak at the right time in tournaments.

Canada's superstars on the other hand, will find it tougher to come together and deliver gold on foreign ice. Mediocre goaltending will create serious problems for the team.

Russian defense isn't bad at all! Just have a look at their roster and see how important those D-men are to their teams. BJs are an excellent defensive team and their D is anchored by underrated Russians. The Habs, San Hoe and Edmonton also have excellent Russian D-men. Last but not least, the KHL guys will turn lots of heads and I'm sure we'll see some if not all of them play in the NHL next year.

We shall see for sure. :)

Anyway, a huge win against Florida tonight, a team that has had our number all year. Datsyuk's back and only Franzen's missing now. Looks like the Wiffins are here to stay and that's great to see. These guys deserve it over Kenny's untradable geezers. I thought we played great in the first and the first half of the second period. We were awful in the third but Howard bailed us out big time. Hope we play well in all 3 in Tampa before the break.

February 7, 2014, 11:36 AM
Yup, we will see for sure. I am just going with my hunch based on following the NHL this year. I could absolutely be wrong. A few things though :

1. Scoring could be a problem for USA. Sure they play for pride, but so do all other teams. Canadians play with tons pressure and pride too. So do Russia and being at home, the pressure will be even more so on them. Americans have great wingers, but not sure the Centers are good. Of course, goalies are top notch, but defense is not good. Danny Boy Bylsma cannot outcoach Babcock, if it comes to that.

2. Tutin and Nikitin are good players for CBJ, but if that's their second pairing, I am not sure its good enough. I am assuming Emelin and Markov/Voynov are first pairing. Emelin is very good. Markov will be exposed big time if he is eating a lot of minutes and especially on that big ice. Who else they have? Benov ? I don't see them getting gold with that defense, unless of course forwards go nuts, which can happen. Some of the names are scary - Malkin, Kovalchuk, Ovechkin, Datsyuk..etc.

3. Canadians will not have any problem whatsoever coming together. That forward and defense is unmatched. Sure, goalies are not that good, but Price can get hot and if he does he can be as good. Plus, the defense will make sure goalies don't face a ton of shots.

Looks like Letang has some serious health issues. What a season it has been for him. Poor guy can't stay healthy. He is dealing with some not hockey related illness and could be lost for season! or, at least until the playoffs ( I think Pens are pretty assured of a playoff spot, so I can utter the playoff word )

February 7, 2014, 11:51 AM
Looks like Kris Letang had a stroke last week. Scary stuff. They found a hole in his heart ( he was born with it ). Hockey is secondary right now. On blood thinners to treat it and possibly out two months. Of course, no one cares if he is shut down for whole year. Health and life before hockey. Get well soon #58.

February 8, 2014, 10:55 PM
A tough loss to Tampa but I'm encouraged by the way we played. We competed hard and were slightly the better team until the final 4 minutes of the game before an understandable confusion between Kronwall and Ericsson left them open for the GWG. It's safe to say we've found the next Datsyuk and Zetterberg in Tatar and Nyquist. And although DeKeyser looks to be another Rafalski in the making and Sheahan's coming into his own as someone with surprising vision, still looking for next Listrom and Shanahan or Hull.

I hope we'll get everyone back, healthy and ready to go after the olympics InshAllah. In the meantime:


February 10, 2014, 12:34 PM
Semin-Malkin-Ovechkin in top pairing for line rushes in practice. Looks like Geno has to forecheck, backcheck and make plays for three people in that line. How bad is Datsyuk's groin?

February 10, 2014, 03:33 PM
He's one of the toughest top-line forwards ever to play the game despite his size, speed and skill level. I rank him up there with Howe, Lindsay, Delvecchio, Bobby Clark, Bobby Hull, Yzerman, Fedorov, Forsberg, Draper, Shanahan, Holmstrom, Francis, Wendel Clark, Gilmour, Lehtinen, Peca, Brind'Amour, Lindros, Iginla, Zetterberg, Helm, Toews, Bergeron, Legwand, Kesler, Parise, Brown, Callahan, Stasny and the Staals. So I'd have to say that his groin is not good at all bro.

He'll be playing hurt and probably LW, a less punishing position, no more than 17 minutes in 35 to 45 seconds, less demanding shifts. He and Zetterberg usually do close to 40 nowadays during these rebuilding years when healthy in long 1 minute shifts. That means he'll be more focused on deftly stealing pucks and limit himself to stick-checking and PP. He won't be busy checking or be in our PK. He thinks and I PRAY he can pull it off, that'll help him recover and get him back to 100% with 20 games to go in the regular season. So I'd say he'll be 100% after playing 20 games, Sochi and NHL. That's the best case scenario.

The more likely worst case scenario is that he'll aggravate his injury and miss the rest of the NHL season including the playoffs if we make it without him. Zetterberg is also playing hurt with a recurring back problem, but he'll be 100% in about 10 games, Sochi and NHL, unless he gets hurt again. Add Franzen, Howard and Helm and Gustavsson to the "at risk" list, and you'll see why it sucks to be us at this moment.

February 11, 2014, 11:30 AM
Wow...a lot of names up there. Hard to sift through. I think Datsyuk is the modern day Forsberg. Same type of game.

Hockey starts tomorrow in Sochi. Such awful time for the games back here in east coast. Guess the DVR will have to work overtime.

Injuries ravage Pens all the time too. I just can't remember one stretch of a month where we played with our full compliment of players and this goes back to last four-five years. What can you do? Get a key player/s back and somebody else goes out. Letang being the latest on that list. But, at least Maatta can fill the void now. He is already playing PP's and PK's. Points are coming too. He is going to be such a special player. Just amazed by his poise.

February 11, 2014, 11:41 PM
What can I say, bro, the NHL is known for its tough players who play hard every shift. The folks I mentioned are the hardest of the hard and with useful to great offensive skills. Anyway, Datsyuk may have issues with his left knee also and we're keeping our fingers crossed 24/7.

Yep, Kenny needs to get out there and find some players without compromising our pipeline. Of course a top 4 defenseman would be great but what we really need are physical guys capable of imposing their presence in front of the net, and scoring ugly goals. We need to fill the void left behind by Holmstrom. Not difficult for a loaded team with deep pockets unless you're Kenny, who loves to overpay useless old has-beens like Bert, Sammy or Cleary OR third rate guys like Weiss and Eaves. All guys who at their best are no better than what we already in the Griffins. In fact, those Griffins have proved themselves to be way better players all season long.

Looking forward to tonight's game between Sweden and the Czech Republic. Would be great to see our captain wear the "C" for his country as well, and Karlsson on bigger ice. This Czech team isn't the best it could be on paper but then again, we always have a tendency to undervalue the fiercely competitive and high quality hockey in the KHL.

I predict Sweden by at least 3 goals (3-0, 4-1 or 5-2, including an ENG). Also predict Switzerland to win by 2 against Latvia, a totally unknown team, pretty much. But these teams tend to play together more, and have the tendency to play harder. Just look at where Switzerland was and where they are today.

February 12, 2014, 12:08 AM
Good piece: -

The NHL is officially on break, but more than 100 of its players and several coaches will board flights Sunday bound for the 2014 Sochi Olympics, where a medal stand awaits.

The men's hockey tournament begins Wednesday. All the questions people across the hockey world have been asking since, oh, about four years ago, will be answered within the next two weeks.

Here are the 12 of the biggest questions that need to be answered as NHL players begin their journey to Sochi:

READ MORE (http://www.nhl.com/ice/news.htm?id=704400&navid=DL|NHL|home)

February 12, 2014, 11:02 AM
Sounds like you guys have tuned out Kenny. Very similar with Bylsma here. Great regular season followed by disappointing playoffs has become his MO. His refusal to match lines, preferential treatment to certain players and refusal to play younger players etc etc has just become to much. Lots of arrogance as well. We have no hope to win another Cup with him. Look how he bungled Iginla situation. He was brought in to play with Sid ( like Hossa and Guerin ) but he never replaced Dupuis from top line. God bless Dupuis, but he is not a top line player ( unfortunately he is out for season ). Shero enables him too. Giving him the extension in summer after the Boston debacle made me angrier and frustrated. He is great at coaching if you give him four line of grinders. He is very good at that. I give you that.

Sweden - Czech should be a dandy. Surprised at the Czech team. Just saw that roster. Petr effing Nedved is still playing. No Hudler or Varbata!! Sweden should easily move forward. That group is the easiest of all.

Tomorrow should be great. I am gonna miss all games. I will keep an eye on the scorecard.

February 16, 2014, 12:43 AM
Free ridin' Kenny has benefited enormously since taking over from Scotty Bowman and the system he put in place. His own acquisitions, absurdly pricy on the whole, have been mediocre at best and downright terrible in most cases. Definitely not getting our money's worth. Letting Hossa go the way we did would plague us for years. Not finding a suitable replacement for Holmstrom or a top 4 Defenseman is also costing us big time. Since Bowman's departure to Chicago with his son and working his magic there, we've had a system in place where Babcock cannot interfere with Kenny's decisions and vice-versa, and must do the best he can with the players given to him. There's nothing he can do when players tune him out. Bowman as GM and HC did both, and created a dynasty where free agents literally lined-up to play for us in order to win the Cup. Those days are long gone, thanks in no small part to Kenny's lack of vision, infuriating complacency, and abject misuse of club funds.

Anyway, great game last night between the USA and Russia. Could've gone either way but I love the way the USA has been playing. After holding off the hosts at home and the manner in which it was done, I'd say we have our best shot at winning gold this year. But beating Russia would be tough. Perfectly balanced team with an underrated but strong defense, Malkin on fire and so far the best player of the tournament bar none, and an inspired Datsyuk scoring goals on one leg. That's just too much to overcome as teams get stronger with each game out of the way.

Of course scoring isn't a problem for the USA! A solid team with a four 25 to 30 goal scorers is all you need. USA has more than four in its roster. Media darling 50 goal scorers are nice but hardly necessary when you're scoring as a cohesive unit. Sick and tired of people underestimating the USA and overrating the Canadians. Canada, when it comes to international hockey in USSR and post-USSR era, is NOT some "Brazil of hockey" in quality tournaments like the Olympics. They're more like the "England of hockey". Overrated and disappointing no one except delusional and arrogant Canadians and their minions. Just 2 golds since '56 (USA and Sweden ALSO have 2 BTW) compared to 8 for Russia. Fact.

Slovakia has been the major disappointment of the tournament so far and the Swiss have picked up right where they left off. The most disciplined defense in international hockey backstopped by Jonas Hiller, they should be considered "graduated" by now. Expect many of their players in the NHL next year.

Zetterberg's loss is a major blow for Sweden and of course, the post-break Red Wings. His leadership by example, and uncanny ability to contain the opposition's greatest threats while chipping-in timely goals and primary assists is essential for success. I doubt Sweden can medal without him or the Red Wings make the playoffs.

February 18, 2014, 11:34 AM
I have been pleasantly surprised by the US team. Maybe, I shouldn't be. There is a great amount of talent in that roster. They are fast and young and playing as a cohesive unit. US is no longer underrated. That's for sure. Bylsma has been aggressive and hopefully it translates in to Pens after Olympics. Real tournament starts tomorrow.

Canada is playing ugly hockey. Way too structured and not pleasant to watch at all. However, if I make the Brazil comparison- just like Brazil, Canada also starts very slow in tournaments. I am a big fan of Canadian hockey and her players. So, we will see.

Slovakia is not a dark horse. They are an old horse.

Finland is very sharp. Missing top three centers and still playing great. Not sure if they can keep it up.

February 18, 2014, 02:39 PM
QFs are set.

Slovenia- Sweden : It should be easily Sweden, but Slovenia is playing spirited. But, too much to handle for them. They have already overachieved. Sweden wins.

Finland-Russia : best game tomorrow. Russia should win but could be a low scoring grinding affair. Finns play air tight defense that can frustrate Russians. Finns have great goalies too. No Filpulla, Barkov or Koivu. So, the centers are decimated for Finns. This is a toss up. Won't be surprised if this is an upset. Russian coach has Malkin playing in second PP unit. Radulov is on first unit !!

USA-Czech : USA. Czech will be tired. Older team. Goalie suspect. Watch out for Jagr though.

Canada- Latvia : Canada. Probably the easiest game in the bracket for a favorite. Should not be an issue.

February 19, 2014, 09:55 AM
What a team Finland is ! They are a team. Top three centers missing, and they still move on. Russian defense is garbage as I have mentioned earlier. Not championship material and far from a balanced unit. No PP QB either. The coaching is shambolic. When you have that great forward unit, you don't sit on a 1-4 trap and have them skate backwards. Malkin on second PP unit is beyond shocking. Anyway..

No surprise that Sweden moved on. Slovenia overachieved for sure and they showed so much heart.

Now, on to the other two games.

February 20, 2014, 01:31 AM
Yep, Brazil's a slow starter as is Canada. Unfortunately though, that's where the comparison ends. It's all about the championship and Canada's 6 behind Russia in the Olympics. 2 golds to 8 since '56, not even close.

It was horrible to see Russia choke, but credit the Finns for taking full advantage of that. I don't think Ovechkin's a big game player, and don't see him winning anything other than personal awards. He needs to switch teams to win the Cup at some point. Mediocre teams packed with excellent players who don't usually play together don't. Slovakia's been the best example of that at Sochi followed by Russia and Canada. Excellent teams on the other hand, even when depleted like Finland or Sweden, tend to come together. Team USA has always played like a cohesive team but this year has the players to win it all InshAllah.

Canada's setting itself up for yet another Olympic disappointment, much like the English in every soccer World Cup since 1966, unless they get Crosby going and start finding the back of net from their forwards. Crosby didn't have a good tournament in Vancouver either, but when you show up just to score the Gold-winning goal against the run of play, all can be forgotten by those who had only 1 Olympic gold to show for all their hockey "superiority" before Sid made it happen again in Western Canada. Wake the ef up guys, things haven't been the same since Europeans and Americans have been crowding the scene on merit and distinction in every facet of game.

Led by Weber and Keith, their defense has been the best in the tournament, and the fact that Weber always seems to find the net, thanks to his heavy shots from the point, also helped Canada's cause big time. But the forwards must do better in all three zones, and that won't be easy against a hard, fast, skilled and 3-zone team like the USA. No better time to finally gel together. Looking forward to avenging Vancouver and giving our "hockey is Canada" neighbors up north a bit of reality check.

Expected the Swiss to advance but I guess you gotta score the odd goal to do that. Slovenia was the pleasant surprise of the tournament followed by the ever resilient Latvia.

Sweden versus Finland will be a great semi between neighbors and bitter rivals, much like the USA-Canada match-up. Depleted but not done, either team will be tough to overcome in the GMG. Gotta crash the net hard against these guys to beat either Lundqvist or Rask. Not easy because they can be just as physical.