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April 11, 2004, 09:06 PM
The first major exhibition of legendary director Stanley Kubrick's film props, possessions and memorabilia is being held in Frankfurt am Main in Germany

When Kubrick died in 1999, shortly before the release of his last film, rumours abounded about his compulsive obsessiveness and predilection for reclusion.

The most impressive exhibit is the shooting schedule of the film 'Napoleon' Kubrick said would be the best ever made.

Other goodies on show include personal letters - one from Katharine Hepburn, gently turning down a request to star in a Kubrick film - and letters from fans marked "F-P" for the positive ones and "F-N" for the negative ones.

Plus there are photographs of the so-called pie scene, which never made the final cut in Dr Strangelove.

Then there is the famous Dali-inspired, lip-shaped red settee used in Lolita; the zero-gravity loo door used in 2001; the outrageous naked-woman coffee table of A Clockwork Orange; sketches for Artificial Intelligence, eventually completed by Steven Spielberg; and the small-scale model of the war room in Dr Strangelove - never entirely seen on screen.

1928: Born on 26 July in The Bronx, New York
1946-1951: Photographer for Look magazine
1953: Produces and directs first feature film Fear and Desire
1957: Paths of Glory is banned in Switzerland and Israel. Not distributed in France until 1975
1961: After filming Spartacus, Kubrick quits Hollywood and moves to London
1974: Withdraws Clockwork Orange in the UK due to adverse public reaction and personal threats
1999: Dies on 7 March

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