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May 24, 2014, 11:43 PM
I'd share mine later on (live in the stadium)
For now (TV)
1982 Spain. How paolo rossi stole the match from Brazil. :(

May 25, 2014, 01:13 AM
I'd share mine later on (live in the stadium)
For now (TV)
1982 Spain. How paolo rossi stole the match from Brazil. :(

Ditto from that World Cup.

And how Shumacher stole it from France with the Battiston foul.

With both Brazil and France out, the cup lost it's charm for me.

May 25, 2014, 01:25 AM
1974, West Germany. I was 7. Watched the entire second round from my uncle's flat in North London. I was a Brazil fan because that's the team my dad supported his whole life, but it was Holland who made a huge impression. They thrashed Argentina 4-0 and Brazil 2-0 with some absolutely beautiful soccer led by Cruyff and Neeskens. I was upset when they lost the final to the hosts. Other players who impressed me: Muller of West Germany and Lato of Poland.

1978, Argentina. Watched the whole tournament from my uncle's North London flat and a local sports pub on High Road. Supported Brazil and Holland. Two things created a lasting hatred of Argentina that have lasted to this day. First the shocking racism of Argentine fans I experienced at the pub, and then the fixed match against Peru. There were no semi-finals in the second round in the year's weird format and the fixed match enabled Argentina to reach the final over Zico and Dinamite's amazing Brazil. All of the gratuitous diving and other forms of cheating were equally repugnant. Seeing them lift the Cup after all that cheating was depressing. Loved Tunisia's positive, never-say-die approach. Peru's Cubillas made a strong impression.

We moved to the US in 1980 and I became more interested in North American sports, especially hockey. So the 1982 WC in Spain didn't seem as important but I supported Brazil as always. Watched at the USIS offices in Washington DC but was blown away by Zico, Socrates and Falcao's Brazil. It was horrible to watch them lose to Italy. Algeria (Belloumi) and Cameroon (N'Kono) were the impressive small teams of the tournament. USSR (Blokhin, Shengelia) and Poland (Boniek, Lato) also played some really impressive soccer. Maradona and Rummenigge were very impressive. I developed a fondness for France, Platini, Tigana and Giresse after moving to France in 1983.

June 5, 2014, 10:03 AM
Okay!! This is how I saw the 1982 World Cup!! The games were in Bangladesh time 2am in the morning. We had a house full of people to watch games. Kheta, balish niye shobai ready.

Lets start with chora Italy. 1st of all in the group stage they had equal points 3 (draws) and Cameroon (with 3 draws) had 3. Goal difference was equal. On technicality, chora Italy advanced with Poland (5 points). Amar monay hoi patainna khela khelsey!!! 1-1 draw. Cameroon ousted. My uncle gave me a color WC sheet where one could record match results, goal scorers for the tournament. That piece of paper was gold to me. Bhai, back in those days, Bd didn't have color printers, internet, computers.

2nd round Italy, Brazil and Argentina ek group. A young 18 year old Maradona was in the team. Brazil the best team ever to take the field was in unbelievable form. First match Argentina (defending champ loses to Italy 2-1). So second match for Argentina was do or die against Brazil. Well superior Brazil destroy Argentina (3-1). Frustrated Maradona makes a high kick (groin) and gets a red card at the close end of tha game.

Brazil had 10 legends. There only weaklink was the goalie (as usual). Junior was by best player. There was falcao (white shoes - first time I have ever seen on a soccer match), Dr - captain (Socratis - he was a physician by profession as well, precision passing on the field as well), Zico (super star of the team), eider, batista, Blanco, and so many others.
I need to give a background on Chora Paolo Rossi. he was a renowed goal scorer. In 1978 WC he scored 3 goals for Italy. 1980, he got suspended for betting for 3 years. Well obviously chora Italy reduced the ban to 2 years so that he could play the WC. He got out of jail six months before the cup. Before the brazil game he scored zero goals for the 1982 tournaments.
I am quoting wiki on Brazil - Italy game...
The match between Brazil and Italy put Brazil's attack against Italy's defence, with the majority of the game played around the Italian area, with the Italian midfielders and defenders returning the repeated set volleys of Brazilian shooters such as Zico, Socrates and Falcao (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paulo_Roberto_Falc%C3%A3o). Italian centre back Claudio Gentile was assigned to mark Brazilian striker Zico, earning a yellow card and a suspension for the following game against Poland. Enzo Bearzot (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Enzo_Bearzot)'s striker, Paolo Rossi (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paolo_Rossi), opened the scoring when he headed in Antonio Cabrini (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Antonio_Cabrini)'s cross with just five minutes played. Socrates equalised for Brazil twelve minutes later. In the twenty-fifth minute Rossi stepped past a Brazilian defender, intercepted a pass across the Brazilians' goal, and drilled the shot home. The Brazilians threw everything in search of another equaliser, while Italy defended bravely. On 68 minutes, Falcao collected a pass from Junior and fired home from 20 yards out to draw the match. Now Italy had gained the lead twice thanks to Rossi's goals, and Brazil had come back twice; At 2–2, Brazil would have been through on goal difference, but at the 74th minute, a poor clearance from an Italian corner kick went back to the Brazilian six-yard line where Rossi and Francesco Graziani (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Francesco_Graziani) were waiting. Both aimed at the same shot, Rossi connecting to get a hat trick (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hat_trick) and sending Italy into the lead for good. Pura game'a Rossi monay hoi total 6 ta ki shatta touch korsey boll'a. Tin ta goal. Mon'ta je ki kharap hoisilo.....

Anyways, Italy went on to the semi finals facing Poland. Taklu boniek was fast. Very skillful. Thik'i Rossi aro dui ta goal korlo and Italy went on to the finals to face W. Germany. Brazil already with 3 WC wins. Both Italy and W. Germany with 2 wins. Whoever wins, will join the ranks of Brazil.

W. Germany, ar ek chora team'er kotha boli. Group stage'a Austria, W. Germany, Chile are Algeria. Algeria'r 4 points game shesh - they beat W. Germany 2-1, and chile 3-2 but lost to Austria 0-2. Germany's last game is with Austria who also have 4 points. ki shundor Austria poisha khaiya game hairey galo. Bass!! Algeria out.

So 1982 finals was between two chora teams. Both teams had legendary goal keepers. Dino Zoff and Schumacher. This was Rummenigge's finest WC. The player every liked was Litbraski. Anyways, Bodmaash (In pure bangla - shujog shonddhani) Rossi scored the first goal for Italy. The won the cup in 3-1.

June 5, 2014, 10:38 AM
1986 Supporting Brazil. One of the strongest teams World have ever seen. Socretis, Zico is there. New offensive threats of Careca is added. Heart broken to the worst kind. Zico ar Careca goal miss kortey kortey ..... Shara match bhalo kheliao porajito. Regular time'a Zico missed a penalty. Never before he had missed a penalty kick in his life in his professional game. GRRRRR!!!! Losing to Platini's France on penalty shoot out. Grrrrr!!!! Wasn't meant to be.

This World Cup was more enjoyable to watch. Some players caught the imaginations of the world.

Belgium - Enzo Shifo, Young, fast, pinpoint passing
Spain - Butragueno
Italy - Altobali
Uruguay - Franchescoli
Germany - Voller, Matteius, Brehme (Before Roberto Carlos there was Andreas Brehme)
England - Linekar

This was Maradona's coming out party. He delivered, fullfilled promise. Buruchaga another superstar on the making for Argentina.

June 5, 2014, 11:03 AM
1990 shob che bhuwa WC in my opinion. But the emergence of Cameroon was the best part. They were in a very strong group of USSR, Romania, Defending Champ Argentina. And they become the group champion and advanced. Roger Milla show. England won quarterfinal matchup because of the chora referee. They were losing and then two penalties. Manay ar ki bolbo.

Brazil, 3 easy wins and qualifying for the second round facing Argentina. Argentina kono motay uthsay second round'a behind Cameroon and Romania. Pura game khela hoisey almost Argentina'r side'a. Cross bar, both side bars have saved Argentina several times. The Goalie Goycochea was out standing. He may have saved 1,000 goals in that match alone. :) Easily 5/6 goal'a jita uchit chilo Brazil'r. ek ta matro counter attack ar fazil Maradona sends through a pass to Caniggia that is just sickening. Argentina scores. Television astho thaklo kamney bhujtey parlam na. NOt enough time left to score the equaliser. GRRRRR!!! Another WC and another dissapointment.

Germany was very strong. With Voller, Klinsmann gave them more fire power. Brehme and Matteius (Captain with powerful legs) was too good for everyone. This was the WC where everyone thought it was Holland's cup to win. With Gullit, Van Basten, and Frank Rijkaard they should have been scoring machine. Dissappointed.

This must be mentioned. The world saw Thomas Brolin (Swenden), Hagi (Rumania), stojkovic (Yugoslavia), Roberto Baggio, Schillachi (Italy - Golden Boot), Gascoine (England). Some great goals and nifty footwork.

Germany wins against Argentina in a controvercial penalty on the 85th minute in the finals. GRRRR!!! Not a good way to end the World cup!!

June 5, 2014, 11:48 AM
1994: WC upclose. It was held in US. I was a mostan in US soil during that time. Me and my buddies travelled two weekends to Dallas to see WC live in the Cotton bowl stadium. Parking was b!tch. But what games those were. Best of kinds. Sweden - Saudi Arabia and Brazil - Netherlands.
Atmosphere er kotha koi. What you see in TV times 10. The fans are rowdy way before the game. Brazilian fans (females) .... :) I am just going to say, at that time, was a treat to watch. On the Brazil - Holland game I was sitting behind the goal 15 rows above. Bunch of Holland fans behind me. Mingled with them easily (female ones of course - I was different person back then). Obviously supporting my favorite Brazil.

This is a new look Brazilian team. By their play one wouldn't recognize them as Brazilians (with the exception of holland game). Boring unimaginative plays with strong defense. Dunga, Cafu set the tone. With Romario, Bebeto and Ronaldo (Original Ronaldo - much better than the fake current one from Portugal). They did enough to win games in ugly fashions. The flair of Zico - Socretis was gone. The back heel passes, the samba dance was missing. Yet they were efficient enough to finally win the cup.

Now the live games:
Saudis played with their heart and soul. Their right wing can't remember was too good for the swedes. This was a second round match. Down with 1-2 Saudis put everything in to attack. Almost had a equaliser. Unfortunately they concede on a counter attack at the end. The saudi players represented themselves well.

Brazil - holland: The first half was 0-0 with Brazil very cautious. Romario scores and then bebeto. Brazil up 2-0. Holland comes back with of their own. I am thinking here we go again. They get a free kick right outside of the box. With seemingly Romario would take the kick. I get my camera ready. Up close. Instead of kicking he just chips it over the wall and a wide open guy gets it and puts it in. Not much time left. I get the moment in my camera (not digital). You know the kind where you have to load the film. :)

I happily make the return trip of 6 hours. I have the tickets and pictures up in the attic somewhere.

Asian teams played very well. Nigeria was sensational. Morocco was the dissapointing. Roberto Baggio's Italy couldn't muster against Brazil in the finals. First finals every to be decided by penalty kicks. I am not dissapointed. #4 is home. Go Samba!!

Babu (sona) bangla's France didn't qualify for this World Cup. Hahahaha!!!!

June 5, 2014, 06:29 PM
Looks like Mijan has found his category. -Alex

June 5, 2014, 10:02 PM
Looks like Mijan has found his category. -Alex
This and NBA 80s and forward, College Football. :)
Golf - 90s and forward as well. I would do anything for Shark to win a Major in US soil. :)

June 6, 2014, 09:23 AM
1986 was a devastating year for me and my family, and the World Cup was an ephemeral break from the tragedy and grief. I took summer school that year and stayed in the dorms with a bunch of European students, mostly French, Spanish and German. There was also a Moroccan guy by the name of Brahim. We'd watch the games on Univision in the TV lounge and play soccer later. That was Maradona's World Cup. A showcase of godlike skill matched only by his disgusting personality and the habit of cheating like most of his countrymen playing the game. Morocco was very impressive much to Brahim's joy. They beat Portugal 3-1. France and the USSR also played brilliantly. Zico's penalty miss coupled with the brilliance of Platini, Giresse and Bats knocked Brazil out of the tournament. The West Germans played mechanical soccer with everyone executing well, but Rummenigge was truly a class apart. Denmark also had a great team with Larsen and Laudrup. They beat Uruguay 6-1 and West Germany 2-0 and raised a lot of hope before Butrageno's Spain murdered them in the quarterfinals 5-1. Then Spain's hopes were upset by Belgium in the semis. France's helpless loss in the semis was devastating for all of the French guys and gals staying in the dorms. The final was an excellent contest with Argentina winning.

al Furqaan
June 6, 2014, 09:27 AM
Looks like Mijan has found his category. -Alex

But will still write"Shakib" as his answer in Final Jeapardy.

JK, Mijan bhai...you know I love you (no homo, fi sabilillah only).

June 6, 2014, 10:48 AM
But will still write"Shakib" as his answer in Final Jeapardy.

JK, Mijan bhai...you know I love you (no homo, fi sabilillah only).
I love you even more. Amar ek'ta boro may' thakley tomar shatey biya ditam. Free aso ekhono?

June 7, 2014, 01:34 PM
Was in class 1 .... khub e pichchi .... but I already had a lifelong football love for ITALY ( hehe Mijan bhai - mairen na amake, ami ekhono italy'r kora supporter) ... most likely I heard they were the defending champions and my abba talked about Paolo Rossi before the WC .... no body in my entire family supported my team .... but who cares ... still remember the very 1st match Italy - Bulgaria (0-0) ... Most of the people I know supported Brazil or Argentina ..... ei jonnoi ei duita team ke kokhonoi support kori nai sei choto bela thekei .... :goal:

Dream came true .... WC in Italy .... i had so many colorful WC books, view cards etc from that world cup .... watched every single Italy game with real passion. I started hating tie-breaker from that WC. my team lost to Arg in shoot out - semi final match.... Roberto Baggio was my fav! :notworthy:

Italy lost again in shoot out - final match vs bhua Brazil .... bhaba jay .... Maldini, Baressi, Baggio .... ah! ki hoito cup ta jitle .... final khela onek bhor bela sesh hoisilo mone hoy .... pura elakay ami chilam ek matro Italy supporter .... parar boro bhai ra michil kore amader bashar niche ashlo amake khepaite .... I was in tears! :(

shoot out again .... Italy lost to France ..... tobe final e zidane er goal duita ekhono bhulte pari nai ... classic! Brazil harate khub anondo hoisilo ... :lol:

Brazil abar cup niye nilo .... taklu Ronaldo besh bhalo khelsilo ... tobe Brazil- Turkey match e Rivaldoo r ovinoy dekhe ami khubi mughdo hoisilam .... Oscar material! shala chor ekta! :down:

toto dine Canada te besh kisudin hoye gese .... My most fav WC ... ki ar bolbo .... Italy-France final khela seshe prithibir bohu pranto theke ami call paisi .... shobai congratulate kore bolse oboseshe amar team cup jithse ... amar porichito jonera jane ei ta koto kushir bepar amar jonno .... Grosso, Cannavaro, Totti, Pirlo, Buffon, Del Peiro, Zambrota, De Rossi, Matarazzi, Buffon ... kar kotha rekhe kar kotha likhbo! :)

Spain besh bhalo khelei cup jithse .... tobe Germany r khela dekhe khub bhalo lagsilo .... Italy 1st round ei OUT .... khub beshi tension e rakhe nai amake .... free mind e khela dekhsi ... LOL :D

Jersey Fersy kena sesh Italy r ....
Bring it On baby! :wave:

June 8, 2014, 02:16 AM
Soccer-wise, 1990 was a memorable World Cup only because of Argentina's loss against Cameroon in the first game, and against West Germany in the final or the last game. Karmic justice at its best. Maradona and Giusti actually drugged Branco to slow him down in their game against Brazil. That scum Maradona would actually admit to doing so years later on Argentine TV! Watched all of the games on Univision in San Francisco.

Fell in love with Cameroon in particular and African Soccer in general from this tournament. Omam Biyik and Milla just blew my mind with their vision and skillset. I was heartbroken to have seen them lose to England in the quarterfinals, a game watched at an English Pub on Haight St. in the City.

The other players who impressed me: Goycochea (Argentina), Brehme-Matthaus-Klinsmann (W. Germany), Maldini-Baresi-Schillaci (Italy), Gascoigne-Lineker (England), Hagi (Romania), and Branco (Brazil).

June 9, 2014, 03:52 AM
1994, my favorite World Cup to date. I was living in Berkeley and saw every game in person at the Stanford Stadium! Also partied with Brazilian fans the whole time they were in Northern Cali. Romario was the man! USA beating Colombia was H-U-G-E! Second only to the feeling of Bangladesh beating India in the 2007 ICC World Cup. Impressed by Nigeria, Sweden, Bulgaria and Romania.

Top players: Romario-Bebeto-Dunga-Mauro Silva-Taffarel-Jorginho (Brazil); Dahlin-K. Andersson-Larsson-Brolin (Sweden); Stoichkov-Letchkov-Balakov-Ivanov (Bulgaria); Amunike-Amokachi-Yekini-Finidi (Nigeria); Hagi-Raducioiu-Dumitrescu (Romania); R. Baggio-Maldini (Italy); Klinsmann-Voller (Germany); Redondo-Batistuta (KhyatZentin:sick:); Bergkamp (Netherlands); Myung Bo (Korea); Wynalda (USA).

June 9, 2014, 09:17 AM
1986..Don't recall much as I was too young to understand football. All I can remember is my father screaming Maradona Maradona Maradona....Goooooool

1990..Was fortunate enough to watch few games at the Stadium.
Loved how Mila robbed showing off Colombian goalkeeper Higuita and scored in the empty net. Argentina Italy match was just mind blowing and very intense. From that day, I have become an admirer of Maldini and the Azzurris..Final was simply a big scam and too hard to endure.

1994...Escobar. how tragic it was to see a player being killed due to his own goal against USA. It was really heartbreaking. Was rooting for Italy. Again a penalty shoot out deprived Italy from winning the cup. Hate when Brazil wins :

1998...Brazil jite nai thanx to Zidane. :

2002: Don't know or understand how could Korea went that far. Few games were extremely controversial. I remember Maldini got kicked in the head by a Korean player but the referee totally overlooked it. And few fouls were committed in D box but penalty was not given.

2006..Italy wins it...FINALLY.

2010..All I can remember is Wakka Wakka yeah yehh.

June 9, 2014, 10:44 AM
My WC memory starts from 1982 when I was in 3rd grade. Don't recall much from that time except the final.

Most memorable world Cup: 1986. Rise of Denmark, Brazil's super-team of Zico, Falcao, Socrates and Careca. The heartbreak of Brazil - France QF. And the one latino team standing up against European domination - Argentina and Maradona! Argentina vs England QF match tops it all.

Favorite World Cup: 2002. The only time, other than 1986, Brazil had a true super-team of Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Rivaldo and Dunga. Loved the rise of USA as a competitive team including USA vs Germany QF which was amazing. Most satisfying final watching Brazil crush Germany.

WC 2010 was tournament of hearbreaks for me. Especially because group matches looked great, then everything went downhill. USA vs Ghana was just so sad. Brazil basically beat itself against Netherlands. Germany's destruction of great rivals like England and Argentina was the most crushing I've ever seen in WC. By the time the final match happened, there were just way too many upsets and the great rivals of the past were all gone.

June 9, 2014, 10:56 AM

My most vivid WC memory. Roberto Baggio and his penalty miss.

June 9, 2014, 03:52 PM
Baggio'r 10 nombor pora uchit na. 10 nomber'er kolonko. Ki bolo Pasha?

June 10, 2014, 02:27 PM
^^ nah! Mijan bhai ..... Baggio'r 10 nombor thik e ase .... tie-breaker miss korleo onek anondo dise jibone .... 2006 e team cup (after perfect 5/5 tie-breaker) jitar por Baggio ke map kore disi .... "divine ponytail" bole kotha! :D

June 11, 2014, 02:05 AM
1998, France. Zidane is my favorite soccer player and I played high school soccer in France. So I was kinda happy despite Brazil getting humiliated in the Final. France played the best soccer in the tournament and deserved to lift their first ever Cup. Brazil's performance throughout the tournament was woeful. The first round loss to Norway was annoying. Hated the way USA played. NIgeria were impressive in the beginning but sucked against Paraguay and Denmark. Very disappointing.

June 11, 2014, 02:14 AM
2002. Watched the whole tournament in Dhaka. Very happy to see both Korea and Japan do so well. Loved the USA victory over Portugal, and their performance in general. Loved Senegal. Ronaldo and Rivaldo won it all for Brazil.

June 11, 2014, 02:24 AM
2006. Watched the whole thing in Dhaka and Chiang Mai. Boring, boring boring.

2010. Watched the whole thing in Dhaka. USA impressed as did S. Korea, Japan, Ghana and Germany.

June 25, 2014, 06:52 AM

Jersey Fersy kena sesh Italy r ....
Bring it On baby! :wave:
Oi Miya, karey tata dao? :floor:

June 25, 2014, 07:34 AM
^^ http://a.pomf.se/phdzcy.gif

kamray dilo, lal card dilo, abar sathe ekta goal o diye dilo .... ar khelbo na! :ohno:

June 25, 2014, 03:06 PM
^^ http://a.pomf.se/phdzcy.gif

kamray dilo, lal card dilo, abar sathe ekta goal o diye dilo .... ar khelbo na! :ohno:Ami khela dekhi nai. lal card kan dilo? foul chilo na? And so the Goal wasn't legit as well? Offside? Handball?
Ekhono shomoi asey. Brazil'er support shuru koro. :lol:

One World
June 26, 2014, 10:41 PM
The 1986 world cup was the best, watching it in a color screen of 24 inches was a gift. My dad brought the tv from Germany and he was a big German fan obviously. He actually helped me recognize the Italian skill first time and differentiation between Latin and European styles. We watched the 1982 black and white, I was too young but cannot forget Rossi. I instantly became a fan of Baggio after 86. Remained a fan of Scilachchi during 1990. 1994 was a Brazil era. During 1998 I watched the matches with a detached manner knowing the the whole staging was confirmed to one particular goal, making Ja Perez happy and make France the champ. Not a Maradona or Zidan fan. Never. 2006 was joyful time as Italy won it again. Did not follow 2010 much. Now 2014 already produced some memorable moments. Hope it continues. That is like 32 years of history right there.