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April 26, 2004, 06:09 PM
Jalil plans victory celebrations
on April 30:-/

Awami League general secretary Abdul Jalil claimed on Monday that his party would have victory celebrations (Bijoy Ullash) on April 30 after unseating the Bangladesh Nationalist Party-led alliance government.

Jalil, who has repeatedly claimed that April 30 will be the last day for the BNP in office, told newsmen at a press conference that he was still holding the ‘trump card’ to force the government to resign by the deadline.
“Don’t worry, I will use my trump card at an appropriate moment, which will make the government of Khaleda Zia fall,” Jalil said in reply to a question as to when he was going to play his much-talked-about trump card.
“There are still four days left, and four days are enough to topple the government.”

Asked what programme they will announce for the last day, i.e. on April 30, Jalil said, “Celebration of victory.”

Awami League presidium member Tofail Ahmed echoed Jalil.


April 26, 2004, 06:12 PM
Question to the Prime Minister
Do you really believe what you said?
Mahfuz Anam

We are dumbfounded, to say the least, to read about your speech at the BNP Parliamentary Party meeting the day before yesterday where you reportedly said that there has not been any harassment of the innocent people in the last several days of mass arrest. Do you really believe that?

Almost all the newspapers, over the last several days, have daily reported on the innocent people being picked up from bus terminals, railway stations and launch terminals. We have published reports of arrested individuals with their names, where they came from and sometimes with their age and occupation.

We have filled our pages with pictures of long queues of ordinary people in police stations being sent to court for sentencing. We have published stories of anxious parents, relatives and friends desperately looking for their children or near and dear ones.

And yet you say that no innocent people were arrested or even harassed. We have published stories about jails bursting at their seams from overcrowding. We have also reported how police were taking bribes and releasing people from police stations. We have reported on how thousands of people have lived on one or two pieces of bread for 24 to 48 hours at a stretch and yet you said that nobody has been harassed.

Have you not seen the picture of destitute woman Saleha, with unstoppable tears rolling down the cheeks of her struggle-marked face, wailing her heart out on the premises of a magistrate's court for her son

Alauddin, who was picked up from Shahidnagar in Mohammedpur thana? Please look at her eyes, see her poverty-wrecked face and ask yourself, 'Could her young son have anything to do with politics?'

Have you not read the story of Hazera Bibi who has been running from one police station to another, from one court to another in search of her only son Monoo for the last three days? Her cries have reverberated throughout the court premises without any result.

Monoo was picked up by the police three days ago and since then Hazera Bibi has been running from one police station to another, from one court room to another carrying a loaf of bread and some water to feed her son. Please examine Hazera Bibi, portrait of a mother devastated by her son's arrest, and question your heart, 'Could such a poor widow's son really have been a political activist of the opposition?'

Honourable Prime Minister, we are forced to conclude that either newspaper reports are not brought to your attention or that you do not attach any credence to them. Either way, shutting yourself from independent media is the surest way for your isolation with all its disastrous consequences as testified repeatedly by history.

May we be so bold as to remind you that you used to find our reports extremely credible when you were in the opposition. So what happened? At the risk of offending you we have to say, you have changed -- from being the opposition leader you have become the Prime Minister. We have remained where we were, doing our national and professional duty as we did BEFORE -- telling the truth as best as we can, as fast as fast as we can and as objectively as we can.

You have also said in your parliamentary party meeting that we would "shudder" if we knew the details of the opposition conspiracy to topple your government. Honourable Prime Minister, however much we may shudder in fear, we want to know the truth. We have a right to know how devious, vicious, anti-national and unpatriotic our opposition truly is. Just as we have a right to know, so also you have an obligation to inform people. You are democratically elected and have constitutionally formed government. To conspire to "topple" such a government is punishable by law, which most of the independent media, especially The Daily Star, has unequivocally said over and over again. Therefore, you must inform public about it.

However, we are forced to point out that this is not the first time you have said about the opposition's conspiracy. This has been your recurrent theme for many months now. But in spite of demands from us -- the independent media and civic society leaders -- you have never divulged anything about the nature, extent and depth of such conspiracy. WE once again urge you to do so and fast.

However, there is another conspiracy about which you need to share your 'evidence' with people. There is not a single Bangladeshi who would not consider the "biggest arms cache ever" as the most serious threat to our security and stability. There is also no question that those who are responsible for bringing these arms into our soil are enemies of our country in every sense of the term. And yet, what has your government done about unearthing that conspiracy?

The high-powered committee, headed by the home secretary, has not made any breakthrough to the best of our knowledge. Is that the best we could do in getting to the bottom of our most serious threat to stability?

We are not aware of any attempt to seek international assistance in the matter yet. Arms smugglers, by the very nature of their crime, have international linkages. So it is only natural that international co-operation is a necessary precondition for getting to the bottom of such crimes. Given the fight against international terrorism and the fact that Bangladesh has pledged complete co-operation in the matter, such collaboration is almost a natural first step. And yet nothing has been done in that regard.

In fact, an inexplicable silence has been forced on the matter with the authorities sharing nothing with the public. After inordinate delay in the initial investigation, the case has now been shifted to the CID, whose record in solving crimes is less said the better. Then again, can the CID really handle crimes of international nature? So both in the case of innocent public being harassed in the name of foiling opposition conspiracy and in investigating the biggest threat to our security, the question to ask is : Who is the government fooling?


April 27, 2004, 02:01 AM
Well, apparently this government, the one that came before it, and the one the will come after it can and will fool all the people all of the time.

April 27, 2004, 11:59 AM


April 27, 2004, 12:14 PM
Why do we even bother about talking about BD politics? It's gone down the drain...

April 27, 2004, 12:21 PM
everyone knows that. I just want to make some fun. Ok, this is my last post about BD politics.

April 27, 2004, 12:23 PM
dhakary shomprotik obotha niye kintu ami khubi shongkito. shadharon jonotake kintu dhore dhore ail a bondi kora hochhe. asha korbe shighri ar oboshan hobe ebong asha korbo 30 april khub kharap kichu hobe na. dannabad.