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May 3, 2015, 07:31 AM
BFF Football Academy opens in Sylhet
Shahad Raju from Sylhel

As the sun tilted in the west and colourful balloons flew high from the BKSP ground in Sylhet, the enthusiastic crowd witnessed the gala opening of the first-ever Bangladesh Football Federation (BFF) Academy by Finance Minister Abul Mal Abdul Muhith there on Thursday.
In his speech Abul Mal Abdul Muhith said, "I am very happy to see that at last Bangladesh Football Federation got an academy for football to create world class players. I hope in near future our players will be ready to play against any international team. One thing I must say, this academy is not only for Sylhet district but also for all the players of the country."
He was present as the chief guest at the inaugural ceremony along with Bangladesh Football Federation President Kazi Salahuddin, Minister for Commerce, Tofail Ahmed, State Minister for Youth and Sports, Shri Biren Sikder and State Minister for Finance M A Mannan.
Kazi Salahuddin talked about the financial side of Bangladesh Football. He said, "We have a vision for this academy. Football is played in 209 countries across the world. It is not like other sports which are played by few countries. For that reason the completion was too tough for us. We built this academy for our players and our first target is to bring players of various ages together. They are so talented. If we can develop them effectively so that they can serve the nation in future."
"Also we have to keep us them on the right track. That's why we built this academy. But our vision is more than that. Government supports us but it's a big question why we cannot achieve our goal. The infrastructure is okay. But only70 per cent of our work is done We need to do more. For financial constraints we could not complete the project perfectly. The second part is to run this academy and for that we need four crore taka every year. The last thing is, if we play an international match or any exhibition match against international team then it cost almost 70-lakh taka. So we need more financial help from the government," Salahuddin added.
He further said, "Other countries have big budget to run football federation. Japan has 200 million dollar budget for every year. But I am not looking for big budget. I am looking for reasonable budget for the federation to run it smoothly. One portion of that budget would make me look after young generation who will be total footballers and shun drugs, alcohol use and dirty politics. Nation gets healthy."
Salahuddin said, "It was a dream for long to have a football academy and at last we have this after 43 years of liberation. We want our players to bring pride to the nation."
The Sylhet BKSP, one of its four centres of sporting excellence around the country, is built on over 13 acres of land at Khadimnagar on the outskirts of Sylhet city. The BFF will pay a monthly rent of Tk 50,000 to BKSP authorities for the academy that has a classroom for 50 students, one conference room with the accommodation capacity of 100 people, two office rooms, two rooms for coaches, 19 rooms for hostel in which 38 students can stay along with dining, one football ground, two quarters for officers and two quarters for the staff members.


May 3, 2015, 07:33 AM
BFF launches Bangladesh football academy in Sylhet

Finance Minister AMA Muhith ensured all possible assistance from his ministry and a fund for the development of the country’s football while he inaugurated the Football Academy in Sylhet yesterday.
Muhith accompanied with four other ministers – Commerce Minister Tofail Ahmed, State Minister for Finance Abdul Mannan, State Minister for Youth and Sports Biren Sikdar, Deputy Minister Arif Khan Joy, unveiled the plaque of the academy as the chief guest. FIFA representatives Shaji Pravakaran, development officer of FIFA of the South Asian region and Vaithilingam Subraminam, FFIA technical officer were also present.
BFF president Kazi Mohammed Salahuddin in his address said, “After 42 years of our independence we have come to success to set up a football academy.”
“To run the academy we need Tk four crores in a year to run the academy, but I don’t want any grant of Tk two or four crores but I extremely appeal to the government for a budget for the development of football.”
“You see there is a budget for the development for every sector and I think there should also a budget for the development of football”
“Now in the world economy football plays an important role, specially, in Europe, I can tell that after four or five years our football will also able to play a vital character in our economy with producing skilled players, who will be able to play in Europe.”
“We have a grant of half a million US Dollars from FIFA, which we have to spend to run the administration, some programme of national teams but we can’t do real activities for the development of football. We have to scouting to pick up the talented footballers from Under -12, 13, 14, 16 but due to lack of enough fund we can’t do it properly.”
“Now like to request to the finance minister to grant a budget for the development of football.”
Commerce Minister Tofail Ahmed said that he attended the function just to keep the request of Kazi Mohammed Salahuddin.
“I am here just to advocacy on behalf of Salahuddin to the finance minister to make a budge of Taka 20 crore for the development of football.”
“I believe that if I recommend to Salahuddin’s request, finance minister could not overlook it. If can make a budget of Taka 2,50,000 crore for the national development, so why not we can provide a budget of Taka 20 crore to bring the country’s football to international standard.”
The finance minister did not also ignore the proposal of Tofail and the appeal of Salahuddin but to say might be we not fulfill the full demand, I will provide all possible support and will make a budget for the development of football.”
Meanwhile, the FFIA development officer Pravakaran announced that they will provide an Astroturf for the academy by May-June 2015.


May 3, 2015, 07:34 AM
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May 3, 2015, 07:44 AM
First ever football Academy in Bangladesh Football Federation History in Sylhet. Alhamdulilah, that's a start... We need to make more of these in the future everywhere in the country big or small doesn't matter, what matter's is to give the youngsters/kids/any-level a chance to develop their game. Without good institutions/facilities/programmes the game wont develop better and grow bigger and better.

Nonetheless this is good start by BFF. I love football myself, and wish Bangladesh develops this beautiful game better and bigger going forward... One day want to see Bangladesh in the footballl world cup InshAllah!


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