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May 14, 2004, 04:58 PM
Hey People,

I just read the article on the front page. As I have read about it in other daily news papers I wasn't surprised to read the content, but what impressed me was his intent to explain "The Matrix" in this forum. This fella (Rick) is a true coach, meaning he just didn't take the job as a job, he took the job to teach not only the BD players but the BD's insanely fanatic cricket fans. Only a human being with true intentions can be this motivated. I know he's not in charge of our BD national team so I can't call him "Neo" (that'd be Dav), but none the less I'd like to call him "Morpheous", because he believes he can make a difference in BD cricket. So I sincerely thank you sir for your kind and honest effort in coaching our tigers.

So guys come and join me thanking Richard McInnes for his time and effort with "The Matrix."


May 14, 2004, 05:34 PM
In general I try to stay away from calling people Neo or Morpheus, but I'll say that I deeply appreciate the approach taken by McInnes. :)

Just like many other fans, I have always looked at our cricketers with an analaytical frame of mind. Ie. I am always thinking "why did he play this shot instead of that..." I think that doing this sort of analysis on your own game is probably the strongest asset of any player. Look at any of the best players and they will tell you how much they think about their game, approach and techniques. Bangladeshi cricket seems to lack that sense of self-analysis, and that explains a lot of our batsmen's persistent inability to improve shot selection.

By bringing in this sort of detailed analytics into coaching, our cricketers will surely improve better and faster. 'Metrics' and structure(properly used) can only help our coaching system tremendously.

Thanks for doing what you are doing Mr McInnes, and also thanks for visiting this site regularly.:)