View Full Version : My Fear Has Turned Out To Be True

May 16, 2004, 12:59 AM
I never thought that I would be so much accurate :mad: Wish I could be a little less accurate to predict and in my fear for the part timers (part time spinners, to be specific), of both the teams.

I was saying in the pre-match discussion in the match-thread of yesterday that our part time spinners are less accurate than our West Indian part time spinners.

In the end, although it was not Rajin's fault, but it was due to Rajin, our part time spinner and Gayle, their part time spinner that made the difference; if we look at it one way.

Whereas the West Indian part time spinner Gayle is such an economical bowler and sometimes a match-winner, then our part time spinner gives away a full-toss when only 11 runs are needed for the West Indies to win the match with only 1 wicket on hand.

Again, I am repeating, it is not Rajin's job to bowl at that stage, so we can also say that it was the captain Habibul Bashar's bad decision. Well, what can we say? One day his gambling works, when his brains work (i.e., using Tareq Aziz) and when he doesn't use his brains, only heart talks, we fail.

I have another theory: a big one, I suppose. When Bashar is the top scorer in a match, Bangladesh wins, and when he's not, Bangladesh loses.

May 16, 2004, 08:13 AM
what is the definition of part time spinner? I think Gayle bowls in every match but Rajin does not. It shows about their importance to the respective team. I don't think u can compare Rajin with Gayle. You better compare Rajin with Chanderpaul or Sarwan NOT with Gayle as he is the best spinner of the current WI ODI team.