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May 16, 2004, 04:52 AM
Bangladesh lost by 1 wkt yesterday. Losing by 1 wkt or less then 15 run mean the match was not one sided, it was very competitive and any side could win. In last wkt WI required 10 runs, Ban needed I wk, in crease no recognized batsman was there, so it was any body’s game.
Again it shows that Bowling of Ban is now very consistent and match-wining performance is exposing in any moderate scoring matches. On the other side, batting is in big question. Opening is remarkable inconsistent, soggy, no 3,4, & 5 players are getting in to face the 3-7 over old ball, which is not matching as per the position as if up to 5 all are opening the match. Pitch was also a factor, but play according to behavior of pitch is required at this level.
When ball were coming to the bat lately, uneven bounce and movement were restricting to play drive then stroking shot is destructive, either losing wicket or run will dry. Yesterday Ban showing very poor performance to keep the score board moving. Taking singles or two keep moving the score and pressure also changed the side from batting to bowler and fielders.
Last ten over Ban could manage only 42 runs. But run per ball is minimum benchmark in slog over. When boundary is dry, run per ball is literally mean run per ball, singles can do effectively in such position but yesterday Habibul to Alok all were surrendered through stroke playing. Hopefully today they will keep their head down when they will be bating.

It was also not easy to understand why 5th/6th bowlers were bowling to real tail Enders while specialist bowler’s quota was available!

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