View Full Version : All crimes revolve on the fundamental basis of theft

July 12, 2017, 02:52 AM
Religion aside, the fundamental basis of all crime....is simply theft, think about it

You kill a man: You steal his right to live
You tell a lie: You steal the right for someone to know the truth.
You rape a woman: You steal their the right of pure chastity
When you perform a terrorist attack: You steal the right for peace and serenity

So doesn`t all crime basically revolve around theft, all crimes are simply combinations or permutations of theft. So why do criminal law have individual categories for the crimes committed by individuals, wouldn't it save time and hassle if all non-religious crimes are labelled as theft.Furthermore given the severity of the theft, judges can warrant an applicable sentence. Life would be so much easier if all crimes are based on the multidimensional category of theft. You kill a father, you steal his right to live, you steal their families right to be happy, you steal a child's right to have a father. The Universal Category of theft can technically be applied to any crime.

Thats just my idea, what do you guys think