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August 7, 2017, 07:20 PM
'Salman Shah didn't commit suicide, he was murdered’

“Salman Shah didn’t kill himself, he was murdered,” Rabeya Sultana Rubi, one of the accused in the popular actor’s death, thus began her “confession” in a video posted on Facebook.

An expatriate in the USA, Rubi made the claim for at least eight times in her 2.59-minute video that went viral on the social media platform today.

She alleged, “My husband (John) planned the murder and my brother accomplished it. Samira's family (Salman Shah's wife) was the mastermind to kill him. A Chinese community member completed the task."

“I’m Rubi and remain hiding here so that I can prove it as murder,” she said.

The accused further added she will do everything to prove her allegation.
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So, even though we most knew this. He didn't commit suicide, he was murdered. Finally truth of proper evidence comes out from a one of the suspects wife. Better late than never, I guess!

What, some sad inhuman animals did to the hugely adored/followed/loved actor who had mesmerised the whole nation such ways no one has done in such short space of time. Losing him cost BD film industry big ways from growth, it lost a complete whole package of a hero who had everything in him.

Bhichar Chai...!! Justice needed.