View Full Version : Why do we always have a half-hearted attempt at everything we do.

November 27, 2017, 03:23 AM
Have you guys ever noticed, that we have never seen anything to the end, be it with sports, technology, heck even our infrastructure. I mean think about it like this, everything we Bengali's have ever done is half-assed/half hearted. As I shall soon point out.



WHAT THE HELL, were the civil engineers thinking when they designed this road, clearly the future wasn't taken into account. The city management really needs to get off it's *** and something about the roadside shops, that are contributing to the loitering IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD.Dhaka should of ripped a page off of Chicago and gone for a grid in grid street layout


Lets talk about the roads. Instead of screwing the public with all these faux elections have the two parties ever thought of investing in our garbage infrastructure, Dhaka to Barisal takes 8 hours in Bangladesh, whilst in Australia(I know this is a rubbish comparison) it would take less than 4 hours to travel 300 Kilometres . Bangladesh really needs some good highways. Oh WAIT we can't have any since the bus drivers like to drop people off in the middle of the road, road side vendors will love the high traffic location and pocket stuffing dakaits will try to scrape off the tarmac and sell it in the black market.

Look at the conditions of the Mouchak road.


Another half assed attempt by the government to build a road, if your going to do it right, do it right the first time.

Sewerage System

Ahhh, yes who could forget the beautiful rivers, in the streets of Dhaka, who said you had to go the countryside to experience such lush rivers. I don't think the concept of having slopes and roadside drains are known to our bengali engineers. Periodic rain causes our roads to flood up. Another example of robbing the public, of such basic things, to fill up the pockets of some.


Transport systems.

The fundamental aspect of a moving nation is to have a moving infrastructure. Why THE HELL would you privatise your transport system. There are 3 managing firms in charge of coordinating buses in Dhaka (Dhaka City Corporation (DCC), Rajdhani Unnayan Kartripakkha (RAJUK) and Bangladesh Road Transport Authority). Maybe it would be better if we just had 1 centralised body, for each state controlling transportation, instead of 3 uncoordinated, out of touch governing bodies and a armada of private transport companies.

You see many bus stalls offering rides to the same area, the fact is that many buses you see are not owned by the government.



Some of these buses are just hand me downs from india,Japan and surronding states. Look at the buses of malaysia https://i.ytimg.com/vi/iTmnmRIDF1c/hqdefault.jpg They have actually put a decent effort into having a functioning transport grid.

I am sure there are more things, we have done in a half hearted way.