View Full Version : A thread dedicated to our beloved member Kalpurush (KP-da)

December 31, 2017, 12:13 PM
⦁ Kalpurush's wedding was once attended by a band party. Then they became banned party.
⦁ Kalpurush can photograph blindspots.
⦁ If Kalpurush wants to be anti-alias then all he needs is photoshop.
⦁ Kalpurush has more match threads than entire Bangladeshi team wins.
⦁ Kevin Pieterson changed his initials to KP after Kalpurush.
⦁ Kalpurush always has the right of way when merging threads.
⦁ Kalpurush once banned 10 bots simultaneously. And he's Amish.
⦁ Kalpurush can rig an election...simply by downvoting.
⦁ Kalpurush is so soft-spoken NSA has dedicated an entire team to hearing him.
⦁ Only two times in the history of universe did Kalpurush get banned. They are called Big Bang and Big Crunch.
⦁ Kalpurush doesn't post. He composes.
⦁ Only way you can see Kalpurush's avatar - is if he allows it.
⦁ Astrologers chart stars by Kalpurush.*
⦁ Kalpurush drank whiskey to become a 'mod'.
⦁ Kalpurush once banned himself from a vbulletin forum. Then banglacricket.com was formed.
⦁ The entire alphabets was constructed around the letters K and P.
⦁ The word Kalpurush is of Gaelic origin which means "Kewl Purush" or "Cool Dude."
⦁ Once Gladesh sued Kalpurush, and Bangladesh was formed.(lol)
⦁ Kalpurush can post under 7 characters.
⦁ Reason why people wanted to move to Canada was because of... Kalpurush.
⦁ Kalpurush's real name is Obayed which is bastardization of "Obeyed".
⦁ Once Kalpurush was told to follow sig guidelines... so he uploaded an image of Sig Sauer.
⦁ Banglacricket.com was registered because the domain Kalpurush.com was taken.
⦁ Only way Mount Vesuvius can come to life is if Kalpurush erupts.
⦁ Reason why Kalpurush is only 50 is because computer cannot round off Big Int.
⦁ Kalpurush sends a private message to himself. Because he is too intelligent to chat with anyone.
⦁ Ladies wanted to add Kalpurush on Facebook. Too bad they ended with HIV positive. (Sorry!)
⦁ Kalpurush can kill you with kindness.
⦁ It's only for your own benefit that Kalpurush bans you.
⦁ Kalpurush doesn't have banhammer. He has... thoughts.
⦁ Reason why Ashraful scored 100 on Jun 18, 2005 is because Kalpurush joined 11 days before that.
⦁ Kalpurush's name font is not exactly in green. But a different hex value of a shade of green.
⦁ Reason why moon landing was delayed to 69 was because Kalpurush was born on 67.
⦁ Kalpurush eats spam for breakfast.
⦁ Speed of light is 186000 miles per second. Which is 10x more than Kalpurush's current post count.
⦁ Kalpurush loves orchids. That's it. I mean no joke. That itself is fact worth.

A very Happy New Year 2018 to you all folks!

December 31, 2017, 03:34 PM
Masterpiece Gopal! :applause:

December 31, 2017, 03:37 PM
Too many K's

December 31, 2017, 06:13 PM
Quite ironic that Kalpurush replied in the BC Drowning thread and not this thread

December 31, 2017, 06:18 PM
Quite ironic that Kalpurush replied in the BC Drowning thread and not this thread

If he replied, you'd have near death experience bro.