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August 16, 2018, 09:00 AM
'Patience will get me big runs'
I have learned a lot playing in domestic first-class cricket: how to score runs, how to counter situations. I am an attacking batsman, but I've learned a lot about patience. There are clever bowlers who can pick your weak points, so I have to be a bit patient, play out a spell or two. Controlling myself was the biggest learning point.
I was a bit disappointed because two to three (top-order) wickets had fallen quickly. They were bowling quite well - Sam Curran, [Jamie] Porter, Chris Woakes, [Matthew] Fisher. I just wanted to play the initial spells and had a bit of a partnership with Ajinkya [Rahane] bhai. We were just talking about being patient. I really tried my best before I nicked one.
I really loved the way he built that innings. He showed how to play Test cricket. Watching him live, watching him stay patient, session after session, waiting for the loose ball, was a good experience for me. I wanted to see what he does differently and watching him do what he did made understand why he is so good.
I just try to be as patient as I can be, especially in four-day cricket. I try to be more mentally strong. I try to retain my focus when I go in to bat. I try to switch on and off on the field. You cannot be switched on all the time. Dravid Sir keeps things positive during training, during matches. As a player it gives me the confidence that your coach is backing you.
When you play a high level of cricket, everyone has their own skill and technique. What matters is how mentally prepared you are to play the game. Patience will get me big runs. Rahul Sir just told me one important thing: Play as many balls as you can. Don't think about the runs that you score. With my strike rate being good, he said I can always score once I have played enough balls. That made me change my mindset. He said this before the tour of England.

The game is named after "Test". What is being tested here for 5 days? Do you have patience? Be it the Bowler or Batsman. ei tuku bhuje na abar test khelte jai. :facepalm:

ei picchi'r kas thekey shikho.

August 16, 2018, 09:05 AM
2 tests finished inside 6 days. 43 allout. Eishob'er maney ki?

Where WI scored 350+ in 2 innings.

Roey Haque
August 16, 2018, 10:31 AM
A thought: What if we made the national teams franchises? And if so, can we sign Prithvi Shaw to Bd?

al Furqaan
August 16, 2018, 11:44 AM
I actually like to play my shots, even in four-day matches. I try to make runs, keep the scoreboard moving. That keeps my confidence up. Playing attacking shots is my strength.

Sounds a lot like Mohammad "Natural Game" Ashraful, hehe.

Anyways, this Shaw kid is the next Tendulkar. Phenomenal technique and run scoring ability. Can't wait for him to make his debut.