View Full Version : Rafique shows the mental side

May 31, 2004, 02:22 AM
This is out of Rafique's interview in the Daily Star.

Steve Waugh couldnt have said it any better. These words need to be on the wall of every batsman.

"I never thought about the century. The first target was to stay at the wicket. I told my partners that we have to spend time at the crease. I knew that runs would come if you hung around.

"We planned on taking singles and we were rotating the strike. If I made a mistake he would point that out and I would do the same.

"When I reached 50, I could realise that this was my highest score in Tests. But still I didn't think I'd get ton.

"I wasn't concerned that we were nine down. I said to myself that if the ball was there to be hit, I'd go for it. I just concentrated ball to ball. I saw that I was on 99, but didn't feel anything.

May 31, 2004, 02:56 AM
if you have ever visited Kamrangir Char, you know from where Rafiq's mental strength coming from.

if anybody can change this match (except weather) scenario, then it is only Rafiq who stands out among the lesser souls.

Rafiq's Ton
Rafiq's Ton from no. 9 in the batting order
Rafiq's catch that got Sarwan out
Rafiq's bowling that got 2 danger men out

More scripts will sure be written today.....