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June 2, 2004, 12:08 AM
Was reading Zunaid bhai's approaching milestones on the other thread, and that took me to Howstat.com (http://http://www.howstat.com.au/cricket/Statistics/Players/PlayerBatGraph.asp?PlayerID=3131). Rajin has some very interesting stats.
He has 425 runs in only 15 innings, has 6 40+ innings. A very good ratio indeed, 1 in every 3 innings. But he fails to take it further. Now, u look at his dismissals, he was caught behind 8 out of 15 times. Thats a scary ratio for someone who is suppose to give us the stability in the middle order. He has fulfilled the mental requirement but would like to hear from members about his technique, specially while facing outswingers.

Rajin Dismissals (15 inn)
Bowled/LBW 3
Caught Behind 8
Caught 2
Other 2

Some related Ashraful (35inn) stats:
Bowled/LBW 6
Caught Behind 4
Caught 24 (matha gorom?)
Not out 1

June 2, 2004, 12:15 AM
as the stats suggests, i also think that bd has more problem with mentality right now than with technique. if they can believe, they can do it. rajin is not a highly talented batsman, i guess. but he has the fighting spirit. so, as soon as he realise that he has taken over habibuls 50 complex and turned it into a 40 complex, he'll be able to continue further.

June 2, 2004, 03:16 AM
Actually, I think he can be made to play the outswingers better. He has the muscle power. A common cure for the caught behind would be to push those deliveries with a punch. We saw Rafique do it during his century. As young as he is, there's time to help him overcome this.

BTW, I think this 51 was his best innings yet.

June 2, 2004, 05:26 AM
That's actually pretty poor advice since most of our batsmen have been out to left-armers either trying to play on the up and punch the ball or play it with an open-faced bat.Rafiue's batting technique is a very poor example of batsmenship.For reasons that i could never understand, the WI bowlers bowled up to him even though he was so obviously intimidated by short bowling.And Rafique's way of dealing with that stuff was even worse;move away from the ball and try to loft it over the slips into the vacant 3rd man region (which was kept vacant too long by lara's inept captaincy).

here's the deal:Bangladeshi batsmen, including the juniors, are pretty poor at playing left-armers coz we're not used to the shape of the ball either pitching in line and moving slightly away, or worse still, coming into the bastmen.Our left-arm seamers at domestic cricket are woeful as far as variety is concerend.Consider this:pathat took 8 wickets at the junior level against us and when i talked to mcCinnes about it, he we was really puzzled as yo why we cant play deliveries moving in.

My advice:play like pilot did, very very late.Don't shuffle so much and, above all, dont try to punch or play with an open face;we won't be getting Abahani Math pitches a lot at international level :)

June 2, 2004, 10:03 AM
At the test level, batsmen has to develop the ability to judge which bowl is coming in and which is swinging away. while playing late will give batsmen some precious time, the key has to be the judgement through keen obsevation of bowlers action, which side of the ball is shining and bowlers grip and release right until the moment of release. The deliveries that take the edge can often be left alone. Hannan has probelms with judgement but atleast he tries. Can't say the same for all others. Ashraful plays an awful lot of his shots in the air. You simply can't do that. He has to make those shots into high percentage shots........so that the balls will go right where he intend to for atleast 98 percent of times. I like Rajin because he plays well within his limitations. Same goes to Mashud. I would love Rajin to develop few more shots. Another thing about Mashud is that he plays with soft hand......often his nicks won't carry to slips, especially with older ball.