November 29, 2002, 08:21 AM
Player assessments based on first ODI between Bangladesh and the West Indies.

Hannan Sarkar - chinga tu madre!!!

Al Shahriar Rokon - hijo de puta

Habibul Bashar - de los cojones

Ashraful - por que, por que!?!?

Sanwar Hossain - chinga tu madre, tu padre y tu abuelos tambien

Alok Kapali - carajo!

Naimur Rahman - Morx, chinga tu padre (but you weren't too bad)

Khaled Mashud - ai, la puta mierda

Manjurul Islam - la mierda chingada

Mohammad Rafique - chinga tu madre

Tapash Baisya - chinga tu madre


November 29, 2002, 08:41 AM
Hannan Sarkar - fielding not always perfect, needs to improve batting technique a lot

Al Shahriar Rokon - Good fielder; but joto gorje toto borshe na - meaning that he said that he played South African bowlers in South Africa, so West Indian bowlers are nothing. But in reality, the West Indian bowlers are everything - and Rokon has not learnt anything in the recent tour of South Africa. The only thing that he may have learnt with his batting is not to get out after scoring ducks; i.e., scoring low scores yet again.

Habibul Bashar - He is really not concentrating on his cricket - batting at the moment. May be he has lost it in the one dayers or may be that he needs a long six months break from all types of cricket.

Ashraful - disappointed just like Kapali with the ball, though it may not be his fault always - he was overestimated; was given the ball in the 30th over, but he was rightfully given the ball as the fifth bowler; he just doesn't have it in him - the experience to really bowl well at the finishing overs. And as a batsman, he should be talked into, be given some more responsibility to show him that he IS the most talented batsman that we've got. It is actually our coaching system, if you see his innings carefully, you'll see that he can't punish the bad balls as often enough as a batsman should.

Sanwar Hossain - What can I say? He is getting better and better everytime. But there is room for improvement in his fielding - he needs to hold on to the catches - he dropped Powell today, and after he dropped him, Powell scored a six in his next ball. If Bangladesh is to win a match someday, our good fielders like him should catch the simple catches. He also should have been given the ball for a few overs just to see him through.

Alok Kapali - Bats well, but has this weakness against pace bowling - he was dropped once today; bowled better than his economy rate suggests - also took his maiden one day wicket today.

Naimur Rahman - Looks like the old Naimur Rahman of the yesteryears that used to bowl economically before the world cup has risen. But hasn't seen him with the bat yet, and also hasn't seen him on hard and fast wickets of South Africa.

Khaled Mashud - His weaknesses in captancy is coming up, if we are to win a couple of matches in the world cup, he should be really looking at his bowling changes. His bowling changes especially with Ashraful after 40 overs really looked bad.

Manjurul Islam - I thought that he could have bowled better. He also deserved the wicket of Samuels, but it happens in cricket matches. He took a good catch too.

Mohammad Rafique - Bowled economically - the 2nd best spinner for Bangladesh today - but he took 1 wicket for his 45 runs - and on the other hand, the best spinner - Naimur Rahman who may have given away only 30 runs off his ten, has not taken any wicket.

Tapash Baisya - Just had a rough day. Showed his inexperience and also he has the ability to bowl better just like Monjurul, but I guess all new pace bowlers bowl that bad on Bangladeshi pitches.

Actually, all the specialist bowlers - or whom we can term as specialist bowlers, got wickets today.

November 29, 2002, 01:04 PM
HAHAHAHAH lol Shubho - you the man!. I think amar roja vangse. My feelings exactly for some of the players. Especially Ashraful - I cried for 5 mins. I thought habib and Ash would be it. Shubho. No commentario en la lluvia (rain)??

Good Assessment fwullah. ppl who say stuff and can't back it up should be murdered. ie Al-shahariar, Bashar and Khaled Mashud. Still I look forward to enjoy 2nd and 3rd ODI

November 30, 2002, 05:38 AM
I think its simplistic to say that Naimur was our best spinner and Rafiq second. Or even blame Ashraful's bowling. The thing is, Durjoy got through ten overs before Powell came out to bat. And Powell made all the difference. Every bowler had very good figures before Powell decided to screw them up. Only Durjoy was spared that.

November 30, 2002, 11:05 AM
This Naimur is won very lucky SOB !!

November 30, 2002, 03:30 PM
Can anyone please translate the messages ? If they are 'questionable' words, feel free to send a u2u message. :)

November 30, 2002, 06:05 PM
chinga tu madre...

madre = mother

tu = your

make a wild guess what chinga means ;)

November 30, 2002, 10:40 PM
As usual, I think we are being a tad too harsh on our performance.Which is not necessarily bad as long as we are constructive with our criticisms, right?Here are my comments:

1.Sarkar:Had a decent day in the field, definitely improving on his past performances.Got out in very similar fashion when he played against SA: failing to get behind the ball and knickin it straight to the keeper. A cardinal sin for an opener.Verdict:drop him and play Ash in his place.

2.Rokon:What a catch!But then again, has no foot movement against the lateral moving ball.Verdict:keep him but play him one down.

3.Ash:Has guts, this kid has.Battted with fire, reminds me a lot of Imran Nazir, waits for the ball and then goes on to his backfoot and plays it on the up.A compulsive hooker and puller, which is all right in the one day version I guess.Has potential as a bowler and is definitely not overated as some mebers said, was turning the ball a lot.Gives away too many full tosses and half volleys in his efforst to be aggressive.Verdict:Definitely keep him but open with him.Do not use him to bowl at the death.

4.Shumon-What can I saw.In his bad days, he looks lazy and unmotivated.But when he gets going....Verdict:Definitely play him at no.4.He also needs more confidence.

5.Sanwar:Good competition between him and Tushar.Would have liked to see him bowl a bit.Sanwar is definitely BD's most improved batsman in the last year. Had a fielding lapse, but have seen him field better. Verdict:Keep him but bowl him too.

6:Kapali:Bowled well but unlucky.Verdict:Keep him, he's definitely the find of the season

7.Pilot: Good captaincy on most parts. Singlehandedly plotted the dismissal of Hinds,keeping long on and asking Monju to bowl a leg side half volley.Raised a few eyebrows using Ash to bowl at the death.Didn't pay off, but I liked his guts.

8.Durjoy-Was at his nagging best.Fully committed on the field too.Verdict:Did more than enough to keep him for the next 2 matches.

9.Rafique:I've long been heralding him as our mainstay one day bowler.

10.Taposh:Has good control but no pace.Verdict:Talha in for Taposh.

11.Monju:I understand the need for control in the one dayers but he totally misread the pitch, which had a lot of juice.Should have bent his back more.Verdict:Keeper.

Overall Comments:We played against a side that has consistently posted 300 plus scores against India in not too dissimilar conditions.The fact that we restricted them to 275/7 should say something.Notice that aside from Powell, who played out of his skin in this match, no one else looked very comfortable against our attack.As for the bowling, Drakes came into his element in this match while the rest crumbled.I say we play him with caution but throw everything but the kitchen sink(and maybe that too) at the others.This WI attack is powderpuff on our pitches.

December 1, 2002, 05:09 AM
My two changes, Tushar in for Hannan with Ash moving up to open, and Talha in for Taposh.

December 1, 2002, 11:16 AM
don't be too overconfident about the WI attack. they left a few pacers out of the first odi, we always have trouble against pace no matter what wicket.

December 1, 2002, 09:06 PM
Keno khamokha shobaire taal dichchen ? I am waiting for the series to be over before I can celebrate but in the meantime, it will be fun to see the others suffer, MUhahahahahaha. But apni majh khan theke eshe amar shei shukhe badha dichchen.

P.S. If we can keep WI under 250 (thanks to their 300+ scores against India, the expectation went up) I will be happy. If you notice, our lowest against them was 182 and we crossed 200 twice in the three 'full' matches that the teams have played. So, the matches will be close if their openers and Powell don't have other ideas.

As for their bowling, check out how India's tough batting failed against them in the last 3/4 ODIs. So, it won't be that easy for us.

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