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November 30, 2002, 12:11 AM

Pilot has defended his action of taking only 2 pacers by telling that inclusion of 3 pacers would decrease the batting depth.

But actually, if we had Sujon in the 14 man squad, then our batting depth would not have been decreased even after taking 3 seamers. So, the main problem was in the selection.

Also, the 11 man team was announced the day before the match - and at night as there was rain, so the conditions became different in the morning of the match day. In this case, our new selectors have failed to capitalize on the advantage of being a home side - by announcing the team too early.

This is why, our team always need to be a balanced side - no matter whatever the condition is.


At least 2 bengali newspapers, namely Janakantha and Prothom Alo have reported on Greenidge. They said that during and after Bangladesh's first two world cup match against New Zealand and West Indies, Saber Hossain and other board members used to move around along with the players including going into the players' dressing room.

Which left the players uncomfortable and the players told about this to the then coach Gordon Greenidge. Greenidge told about this to Saber Hossain and they had a meeting of some sort in front of the players.

In which meeting Saber Hossain asked to the players himself in the presence of Greenidge whether the players have any problem or not.

One senior player answered that they don't have any such problem.

Does anybody in this board remembers what was the name of this player?

I can't seem to remember about who it was and I can't also find it out until now.

November 30, 2002, 01:23 AM
kind of a bizzare story, don't see a big deal either way.

if true, seems like typical bangali spineless behavior to put the coach up to handling a difficult issue and then not backing him up when the heat got turned on. "na, ami to orokom kore bolini, gordon bhai bodhoi bhul bujechilo, apne dorkar hole shara rat amader room-a theken, sir"

November 30, 2002, 01:38 AM
I believe it was Akram but I may be mistaking that event with another event later on.
We've heard such reports about our team physio too. Press reported some players commenting on their 'doubts' about Gavin but when asked by board the players said everything was ok. I think Akram was quoted on the second one so as far as your question goes, I don't recall the name.
(maybe if we dig up the archieves of Dailystar from that period.....)

November 30, 2002, 03:21 AM
I remember this incident and it was said to be Akram.

November 30, 2002, 05:58 AM
I was at the BD v Pakistan game at Northampton. I actually got a ticket from SHC. What happened was, my friend knew SHC and said she could get me a ticket. So I called SHC and he asked me to turn up at the ground and call his mobile on the day of the match. Anyway, I turned up in the morning and called him from outside the gate. He sent one of his chamchas out with a ticket for me. It was very nice of him.

Anyway, point of my story is, after our amazing win, the fans basically all came onto the field to cheer the players up on the balcony. Believe it or not, there were so many of SHC's chamchas up on the balcony, some players couldn't come out for the lack of space. The chamchas were raising their hands and acknowledging the crowd, as if they had just won the game for us. Some of the fans even shouted at them to get the f***k off the balcony so that they players could come out and acknowledge the crowd. I knew that these guys were Saber's chamchas because the guy that brought me my ticket was among them and he was sitting with them during the match, all trying to look important.

So, when I read about Saber and other "BCB" people going in and out of the dressing rooms at will, it did not surprise me at all. Saber as then President of BCB may have been entitled to do as he pleased, but the problem I think was that all his shango pangos thought they could do as they pleased as well.

November 30, 2002, 11:07 AM
Unfortunately, that's what you need to do in Bangladesh to survive, Sham. Chamchas need to feel important, and Saber (or anyone else) has no choice but to do so. As soon as a bevy of chamchas withdraws their support...BOOM...that's it...you can say 'adios' to your political survival.

There are numerous examples. To narrate a personal experience: I was present at a party in Vienna where the former High Commissioner to the UK, Mahmud Ali, was present. He spent the whole evening badmouthing Sheikh Hasina. The year after (or two years later), guess who comes to power in Bangladesh: Sheikh Hasina. All of a sudden, this guy's political colours have changed. He's the Hasina's biggest chamcha ever. Everytime I visited the then prime minister in London while she was there in late 1997, that guy was brown-nosing her...making her little cups of coffee, running errands for her, answering questions for her, etc. Then, just before the elections...BOOM...Mahmud Ali makes a complete about turn.

OK, well, Sheikh Hasina didn't lose the election because of Mahmud Ali, but he orchestrated a lot of **** behind the scenes behind her downfall.

Anyway, this anecdote is a round-about way of telling you that there is no point blaming somebody for keeping chamchas. They're an evil the top brass have to tolerate...they're not really wanted.

November 30, 2002, 12:12 PM
actually the top brass are not wanted either, but they are too busy to notice

November 30, 2002, 04:11 PM
I want my own chamchas, can't a guy get a decent cup of coffee around here ???

November 30, 2002, 05:33 PM
Chamchas provide the physical connectivity between the top brass and the commoners. Sigh :(

November 30, 2002, 06:01 PM
I personally know Mr. Mahmud Ali, it did surpised me also. After Hasina came to power, all he would ever talk about is praise Hasina. He even ran for the MP position this time for Hasina, but lost.

December 1, 2002, 05:08 AM
Actually, I know Mr Mahmud Ali as well. The thing is, this is what diplomats do. So do civil servants. I am not saying each and every one, but most. Sheikh Rehana's kids are very good friends of mine, the two older ones. Man, on their birthdays and stuff, the High Comissioner's wife turned up with cakes and mishti. How bloody sad. I think this has come to an abrupt halt since Oct 2001. Anyway, I have no problem with politicians having chamchas. Since I might go into politics myself, I am looking forward to my bevy of chamchas.

But what I was saying is their appeasement, especially in the form of letting them go in and out of the dressing room as they pleased, may have been the cause of the problem with Greenidge. If Lord McLaurin or David Graveney goes in and out of the English dressing room, its alright. But if half their cronies started doing the same, I bet Duncan Fletcher would be pissed. If this is the reason Greenidge got fired, thats really sad. Someone told me, maybe it was discussed on this board, that the board had a difference of opinion with Greenidge regarding our Test status, which Greenidge felt we were not ready for. I don't know, the Greenidge termination remains a mystery.