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June 11, 2004, 03:15 PM
A. Please be civil and courteous:[list=1] No offensive comments, personal or otherwise, through post or u2u. Avoid replying to an offensive post, report it to the moderators instead. Maintain a G rated environment at all times. No profanity or flaming. Avoid off-topic, misleading and repeat posting. Avoid posting about your personal hatred toward any country, nationality, race or ethnicity.[/list=1]B. Please maintain a pleasant reading environment:[list=1] Avoid all caps, all bold, excessively large fonts or excessive number of emoticons. Post messages only in Bangla and English. Avoid posting pictures wider than 600 pixels. Put at least one "space" after 10 consecutive emoticons. (These distort the forum look and feel)
Put long link inside text. Use short, text only signatures without objectionable messages. Use short and concise subject when possible and do not post replies in the subject line.[/list=1]C. What we may do:[list=1] Moderators may edit or delete any post any time. Violators may be warned privately or publicly. Repeat violators may be banned. Administrators' and moderators' decisions are final.[/list=1]