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December 1, 2002, 02:27 PM
Khaled Mashud thinks he was right in giving final overs to Ash. This guy needs good lesson in bowling rotation!!! :mad:


Mashud disagrees
Sports Reporter

The day after chief selector Aliul Islam criticised Khaled Mashud in the first one-dayer on Friday, the Bangladesh skipper hit back by saying that he should have been more rational while making such a comment.

"There is a code of conduct for everybody and I am sure that the chief selector is aware of that. I think he said too much," Mashud was referring to Aliul's remarks about the use of Mohammad Ashraful during the slog overs.

Aliul did not appreciate the way Mashud handled his bowlers in the last ten overs, which allowed the visitors to collect 111 in the last 60 balls.

"He should not have allowed Ashraful to bowl in the final ten overs. He could have used Taposh instead who still had three overs left in his spell," said Aliul while talking to reporters at the Bangabandhu National Stadium on Saturday evening.

But Mashud thought that any bowler would have got the same treatment as Ricardo Powell and Daren Ganga were in full cry.

Refusing to comment on Aliul's dissatisfaction over Al-Shahriar and Habibul Bashar, he however, advocated for Al-Shahriar saying the right-hander should be given another chance.

"I think everybody goes though lean patches. He is an experienced players and we should keep faith in him."

Mashud promised to do better in Monday's day/night match against the visitors.

"I think the players are now more focused on their individual performance. They know that they all have to play better in order to achieve a good result.

"If you look back on Friday's match, you will see that our fielding was very encouraging. The bowlers also performed reasonably well within their limitations except for the last ten overs. Again our run rate was also better then West Indies in the first 15 overs. So, these are very encouraging signs," said Mashud at the nets yesterday.

December 1, 2002, 08:20 PM
We got two ignorants going at each other. Here is the selctor wanting to drop an in form player like Sumon, while Pilot too stubborn to admit or learn from his mistake of bringing Ash to bowl in the slog overs.

This fight will only complicate things, or worse.

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December 1, 2002, 08:57 PM
I am thoroughly dissapointed.
Us fans can say a whole lot of stuff but the players and officials need to refrain from this. Expected more from Pilot.
I do see his point, Powell would have gone after any bowler (yes, Durjoy got lucky, eheh) that Bangladesh has. However, someone more experienced (Durjoy/rafique/manju) could have (here is a BIG COULD) taken advantage of it but Ash it too young and too inexperienced to justify Pilot's words. In other words, pilot should have known better.

December 1, 2002, 11:45 PM
Yeah exactly. Just because Powell was going after everyone doesn't mean that Pilot should have bowled our most inexperienced bowler. I am disappointed with Pilot for not admitting that it was not such a hot idea. But I am disappointed with Aliul as well. He shouldn't have criticized our captain in public, he should have taken Pilot aside and told him what he thought. In the middle of a series, publicly criticizing the captain was stupid.

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