View Full Version : NOT OUT??

December 2, 2002, 04:28 AM
How can that run out be a dead ball? Its pretty obvious that Rafiq did not intentionally obstruct the non-striker. It is unfortunate, sure, but that should have been out. This is the same as when a batsman slips and falls. Had Rafiq intentionally done it, I would have understood this decision. But this is rubbish.

December 2, 2002, 11:29 AM
This is all about not having a good reputation at the international level.

And the Bangladeshi players have certainly not been playing good cricket to build such type of reputation for international umpires to give decisions that is right and that would also go our way.

December 2, 2002, 02:53 PM
Our reputation should have nothing to do with the way the match is adjudicated. If anything, I think umpires and match referees should favour us a little. That wicket could have made a huge difference in the WI final score. Very unfortunate.

December 3, 2002, 12:08 AM
Etai Bastobota je reputation counts.

So, in the match against Kenya, we really should not hope or expect to get such kind of 'favorableness'.