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December 2, 2002, 11:26 AM
It really hurts to see the senior players not helping the captain.

When Rokon and Sumon was in the team just because captain Pilot had vouched for them - usually, a normal captain would not have dared to do this type of a thing.

But in Pilot's case, his place is permanent in the side as a captain for the moment, and he sort of used his power on the national selector's words to not to drop them, and what do they do?

Rokon making the same type of mistake again - not moving his feet at all, so as a result of bad footwork, as well as missing a ball that is on his pads, so he was out in the end as the ball hit the wickets after deflecting on his pads.

On the other hand, Sumon showed his complete lack of concentration and instead of defending a full pitched yorker length ball that was aiming for his stumps, he was pushing the ball - the very first ball that he faced and was bowled.

Pilot will be really kicking his *** for talking to media favoring these two golden duck boys of today.

December 2, 2002, 12:37 PM
Despite a good knock here or a couple of inspired bowling efforts there, Bangladesh cannot seem to get off square one. Whoever plays a technically sound game one day completely lacks footwork the next. rokon, kapali, sumon, ashraful - what is the magic to consistency that they have not been able to find? it goes beyond the typical "we are learning" and "everyone has a bad day".

Do we really not have any talent ? Wisden is calling the batting line up the "worst in international cricket ever". with the exception of ashraful, the "oasis in a very, very barren land". A few days ago the oasis were Kapali and Rokon. Before that Bashar was "test class". Sanwar was "consistency". Mashud "led from the front".

Anyways, there was reason to believe after SA that at least the top 11-12 would stay together and return to SA in the World cup to show improvement. Yet here we are in disarray again. With no other one day action coming up, before the WC (is there?), the team will be chopped and stirred yet again tomorrow. Anybody hoping for a magical turnaround will likey be dissapointed.

One only hopes that the matobbors stop talking in the papers like they have figured it all out, stop making the stock excuses about getting better with every game, and just admit that we are really still rubbish, don't learn easily and therefore are just going to have to work harder than everyone else to get better.

December 2, 2002, 05:14 PM
It hurts more to see the idioticy selecting these teams. They go in without a bowler like Talha, they leave out the most current infor ODI batsman Tushar.

They seem to make all the bad calls and never the right one. I still dont see how Rokon was in this match. Now I hear, they want to play Akram in first test (ittefaq).