View Full Version : to adnan, mba, abhs and other disguiser

July 9, 2004, 03:20 PM
Ok, its been raining today and the practice match was abandoned. Seems like we all got bored to death and then found out our new member sagor aka nisha aka misa too entertaining to pick on :)

It reminds me of a few members who brought some spice to this forum with their postings during a non-cricketing dull and somber period. They are namely adnan, mba, abhs and so on.

Where are they? Why don't they post thier comments anymore? Were we the members too harsh to let them go down with thier "hey presto"? C'mon adnan and abhs....i know you check out this forum regularly with your invisible mode. Just show up and share your views with others! Its fun, man! We all are virtual entities to each other, so its no use to take someone personally and then quit posting with a mind-boggling "obhiman".

We want you all back, guys! BD tigers need your clamorous supprort! I know youre suffering from claustrophobia:) so show up and join us as a nucleus family again:flag:

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