View Full Version : Who will play in WC???

December 3, 2002, 05:29 PM
Now we have more difficulty in finding
the best squad for the WC. I don't know -
is there any other international match
practice for our boys before WC? If not - then
this 3 match series is the end of ODI practice
before WC.
Things have become more complecated in player
selection after this series. I don't like the
action taken against Bashar for not selecting
him for the 3rd ODI against WI. He is undoubtedly
our best batsman - just didn't get run in the first two
matches. He had a fifty (?) in the last ODI in SA.

Things are very complicated now. Who gonna open?

Sezan/Anwar/Ash/Rokon/Golla/Hannan - big question!!
We have a long list in every position now.

How the selector gonna select - from what basis -
as there is no more practice matches.

December 3, 2002, 05:40 PM
yes, if this one day series is termed like what the challenge trophy was for selectors, then only Ashraful and Kapali has performed well enough to really be in the final squad.

Among all the openers, only Anwar Hossain, the debutante seem to have done better than the rest. But with only 1 ODI, is he suitable for selection?

I guess the best thing would be try out and see them along with others in the test series also, not that it matters really.

Thought Rokon could make an impact on his recent one day performance by converting his new found confidence in test matches.

But despite him being a strokemaker, he has shown that he is a test specialist batsman.

I won't be too surprised if Rokon is in the stand by list and Javed Omar getting through to the final fifteen after performing better in the 2 test series.

December 3, 2002, 08:00 PM
Rokon would definitely be in my list to open in SA. His "swing before delivery" strokeplay translates into sweet timing their. However, If I were Aliul, I'd definitely send him with the threat to beat the crap out of his ?@@ if he were to perform this badly. That would do half the job.