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July 13, 2002, 10:33 AM

BD is 227 runs behind after day two. There were two notable performers with the bat - Hanan Sarkar, the opening batsman scored 92, while Khaled Masud played a captains knock with 43 runs.

M Pushpakumara wrecked our middle order.
On the whole BD played better than expected in my opinion. They almost wrapped up the Sri-Lankan innings 1st innings in day one . On the second day, they should have tried to play the entire day. They did manage to play 69.1 overs and then remove three notable Sri-Lankan batsman, inlcuding the centurian from day one. With no match practice I have to say they weathered pretty well.

July 13, 2002, 01:58 PM
Hannan and Pilot is a great acheivement. But other than that, it sucks. Specially Ash.

For bowling, seems like sumit and Alamgir got it. And Monjur rocks.

July 14, 2002, 10:56 AM
Well BD did manage a draw thanks to some some good fielding and to some patient batting by Al Sahariar (43) and Ehsanul Haque (100).

Tushar went cheaply for a duck and Ashraful went for 11. Ashraful did play 71 balls and batted for 87 minutes. He is part of reason for the draw even though he might not share the limelight with Al Sahariar and Ehsanul. Ashraful should be picked for the test. He is the person BD can count on when when we need to stall and salvage a draw. Just wish he had the confidence to score a few more runs while being careful.

Manjural Islam continued with his consistency in the second innings with two wickets for 56 runs in 15 overs, although Alamgir Kabir was the more economical with 4 maidens and givinning up only 3.59 runs per over. All BD bowlers needs to keep that figure below 3 in the test. I want to see Tarek Aziz in action in the second practice patch tough.

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July 14, 2002, 11:05 AM
How did we draw? I have no idea why they didnt make us follow on with 154 runs lead in first innings and 100 overs in hand.

July 15, 2002, 12:10 AM
Al Shahriar scored 42 runs in 41 balls - which means that he had not definitely batted patiently - what's more 40 of those runs came in boundaries - 10 fours.

There is nothing wrong if attacking is the best defense, only if he could scored more than Ehsanul and Hannan - but he didn't.

I am now wondering how many batsman will the team management play against SL in the test match now that both Hannan and Ehsan has scored more than expected.

If Tushar Imran also fails to score in the 2nd practice match like in the 1st match, then he is definitely out of the test matches.

July 15, 2002, 03:40 AM
Hannan and Seezan for their performance.
Rokon has the potential but needs to focus.
Sumon is untouchable for me as has been clearly pointed out by some of the members here. *wink*
Pilot - captain and also - HE TRULY TRIES. He is not the best player but his heart is right on the money.
Bulbul and Akram - need the oldies.

Ashraful - let him come back through the A team
Manju - Ek matro bhorosha
Moni - Still has some kick left in him
sanwar/tusher - I'll go with Sanwar in the tests but for one-dayers, Tushar might be in.
Tareq - haven't seen much from him after the Zimbabwe blitz.
Alamgir - Pushing too hard too quick, aren't we ?
Talha - Still not fast enough or good enough to replace Masri.

Rafique - how come he is not there ?
Sharif and Masri - how come we are sooooooooooo unlucky ?
Nannu - Age does put him back but I think he could have made a difference.

July 16, 2002, 01:26 AM
MY apologies for not reading the scorecard correctly. Al Shahriar in fact did NOT bad patiently. Now I wish he did...not because it would mean I would not have to post this apology but because he is a very talented batsman and can score some runs if he in from and he keeps his cool.

Speaking of batting impatiently...one batsman who, from what I seen, is not very keen on waiting for the odd delivary, is Habibul Bashar. No one can doubt his talent as well but he just loses his head after he crosses the 50 run mark. Also, he seems to play his shots forcefully rather than time them well like Al Shariar and Javed Omar. Bashar is the ideal one day player but he needs to keep his cool in the tests.

Let's hope he keeps his head down after he crosses the 50 mark in the upcoming tests.

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