View Full Version : the situation with BD

al Furqaan
July 23, 2004, 11:01 PM
ppl were talkin about how ash was a horrible opener and how he should stay at no. 5...i knew as well as whatmore that he had the skill to open. two good matches from him opening and everyone jumps on the bandwagon. welcome aboard folks!

anyways, we do have an opener at long last. paired with either JO or Rana, we will be not bad at all...then when rajin and alok are in form, our batting lineup should be quite potent (relative to its current state).

someone earlier mentioned that BD were largely talented but somehow we SUCK. i agree...the asia cup was a HUGE dissappoointment compared with our ODI series against Zimbabwe and West Indies. here are some of the possibilities for explaining our performance or the lack thereof. for some reason our boys gave up...i dont think that they mentally or physically wanted to play. i dont know the cause of this but this is the only way i can explain it. the only other possible answers are that we are just in a slump, which is what i thought at first and it may be true. the last possibility is that we really arent any more improved as a team then we were before whatmore. this last one i think we can all rule out.

our players just have not gotten over the mental aspect of playing well and dominating on the big teams. our bowlers have for the most part gotten over this. what they make up in sheer agression, they more than compensate with dicipline. our fielding is the same way. batting, however, we just lose it. this team with rana, ash, rajin, alok, anf faisal, is not a weak batting team. each of these players is capable of scoring a 50 in any match. its not they arent able to, its just that they "lose it". either they play foolish shot, or they make some other dumb mistake. and they (bashar especially) repeat the same mistakes over and over again. whatmore has taken our test team to respectability, but in ODIs he has his work cut out. fortunately he has some talent to work with.