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July 24, 2004, 02:11 AM
As it has become quite evident by now, most of our players perform better in tests than in ODI's. The best example is the skipper Habibul Bashar, whose ODI average is around 18 - a big contrast to his test average of 35. He has been failing continuously, and it does not seem he is very comfortable with the shorter version of the game.

Another example would be Mohammad Rafique. Although he has bagged 50 ODI wickets, one should also consider the number of matches that he has played. As threatening he is in test matches, he simply seems toothless in ODI's, bowling a tight line but not getting wickets, and sometimes leaving the field with expensive bowling figures.

When our two best players are having problems coping with the demands of ODI's (and so are others), we might as well try developing separate teams for the two versions of the game.

Currently, however, we do not have many choices. We do not have hard hitters, or batsmen who can cope with the fluctuation of the situation in an ODI match by going into and coming out of a shell as required, OR batsmen who can really improvise on the opponent bowlers and punish even those balls which were not so badly bowled after all. Neither do we have bowlers who can actually trouble the batsmen with their accuracy, speed, flight and variation.

On several occassions, our players have found them in a situation where it has been difficult for them to score, whereas the opposition batsmen have come in and showed them how easy it was to score quickly on those pitches. The same has been the case for our bowlers. This has been due to the lack of ability as well as application on the part of our players.

What we need right now is a group of players who are actually prepared, mentally, to strip off the opposition. We need people with the correct attitude as well as the aggressive mood that is required to convert the attitude into performance on the field.

Personally, I do not see anything like this coming in the near future. However, there are talented players in the under 19 level. We should look at developing these young guns in a way that is compatible with the demands of modern day ODI cricket.

In the match against Sri Lanka, Wasim Akram, one of the commentators, mentioned that Bangladesh need to bat out the first 15 overs in test style. This is not the way to play ODI's. This is not the way to win matches. I agree that it will save us a couple of wickets and enable us to initiate the fireworks at the end of the 40th over, but when all other nations look to take the advantage of the field restrictions in the first 15 overs, so should we. We desperately need batsmen who can improvise without the risk of getting out.

Therefore it might be time that we dropped some of our main test players from the ODI team, and develop players with the capability of playing genuine ODI cricket.

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July 24, 2004, 02:34 AM
Asif: check your u2u

July 24, 2004, 04:36 AM
1. In theory all major test/ODI playing countries should have a pool of 15 to 20 quality players to pick from for test and ODI matches. We don't have that sort of quality at present. We have players with potential, but they are not able to transform their potential into performance on the field. I think the problem is deep rooted and something to do with our poor domestic cricket played on garbage pitches.

3. Different teams for tests and ODIs is not a solution - we still lack quality player who can implement their skills on field.

2. Something is fundamentally wrong with BD's batting order. I rule out the possibility of Bashar being dropped from ODI squad even though he proved nothing and has a low average. Bashar needs to go down to no.4 slot. His unique batting technique has been successful to get him runs at 35 average in tests but in ODIs it's totally exposed more often than not. Let us find a rather solid player techniquewise with patience at no.3 then Bashar could come and play his innings with less footwork when the ball is old and doesn't move much. I suggest Rana , for Asia cup, to play at no.3 or Rajin saleh in future when he's in form and selected for the team. Considering Ash will open with Javed or Shahrier, our middle order remains our biggest concern. I guess we have to give Kaps and Faisal little more time (!) or bring in a U-19 player who's relatively matured than other U-19 players. Nafiz Iqbal comes to my mind even though he used to play as an opener. But opening for the national team is a whole different issue all together and Nafiz has to wait for that one.

3. Khaled Mahmood has to go, I'm afraid. Mushfique or other players are not doing any good , but we can't afford to keep another old useless player. Here the key word is 'his age' as a medium fast (!) bowler, otherswise being useless isn't that much of an issue now!

4. I strongly advocate for introducing Twenty20 cricket in domestic level. Not only that we would not be left behind in case it becomes a permanent fixture worldwide in few years time, Batting-wise, they are going to be learning new shots and improvising much more. In the longer game you wouldn't have to do that until the very end, here you are going to have to do it straight away.

July 24, 2004, 04:48 AM
Some pretty interesting comments there from Zephaniah. Introducing twenty20 in the domestic league will be great. However, I also feel the need to send some of our players abroad to play the domestic leagues in those countries. Even if twenty20 is introduced, whacking some third class Bangladeshi bowlers will be of little help, although I agree that our batsmen will learn to be more aggressive.

July 24, 2004, 08:14 AM
You got some really great points there Zephaniah, Twenty20 cricket could really prove useful for bd cricket. Although I have to disagree with Asif. I think Wasim was right when he said that we have to play out our first 15 overs cautiously. We definitely have a problem facing the new ball , our batsmen can sometimes give a charge later on... Im not saying start stonewalling, but play cautiously to set up a score of about 50 runs in the first 15 overs that should be enough.

July 24, 2004, 08:51 AM
I do not think cricket "with 20 overs per innings" will help us at this point. We still do not know how to survive first 15 overs properly. To me whether it is ODI or test we should stick to the basics.

In ODI, now scoring 225+ consistently should be the priority of the team NOT winning .. that is far ahead.

To improve BD cricket, BCB should make natioanal league as attractive as possible. They should spend more on domestic cricket. National league players should get more money than they are getting now (Tk 400 per match or day?). All national league teams should have A team, under 19, 17, 15 teams and they should play each other different tournaments. There must have competition to get places of the national league teams. What I want to say cricket need to be decentralized... one high performance squad at BKSP would not help to increase the standard of our cricket, need six for six national leaugue teams. Best six coaches of Bangladesh should be appointed as head coach for national league teams and they should get other supports from BCB like physio.

July 26, 2004, 05:59 PM
Having an ODI team with some of the U19 and A-team batsmen (who seem better and uninhibited strokemakers) in the ODI format, and the more sedate and experienced older players making up the test team may have its merits.

How about these ODI and test line ups for our future?


Nafis Iqbal
Nafees Ahmed
Mohammad Ashraful (vice captain)
Rajin Saleh (captain)
Aftab Ahmed
Manjarul Islam Rana
Shamsur Rahman
Dhiman Ghosh (wkt keeper)
Mushfiqur Rahman

reserve: Nazmul hossain, Tapash, Talha, Nazimuddin, Tushar Imran, Faisal Hossain.

Emphasis: Stroke makers (high strike-rates, line-length, economic bowlers). fast-bowling ratation policy to keep the legs fresh.

Test line up:

Javed Omar
Md. Ashraful
Habibul Bashar (Captain)
Rajin Saleh (VC)
Alok Kapali
Khaled Mashud
Md. Rafique
Enamul Haque Junior

reserve: Nazmul Hossain, Tapash, Talha, Mohammad Sharif, Nafis Iqbal.

emphasis: temperament, stickiness in batsmen. Wicket-taking bowlers!

Eventually the two teams can be semi-merged as the older players retire and the younger ones have gained the necessary experience. Temperament can be learned later in life, strokes are much harder to!

July 26, 2004, 06:31 PM
for a sec I thought pompous' team was

For ODI - U-19
For Test - U-23

Shish Ahmed
July 27, 2004, 04:27 AM
Although U19 boys are doing well at the moment they still need time to develop. We need them to play more matches at U19 level and also for them to phsyicallty develop.

Players like Nafees Ahmed, Nafis Iqbal, Aftab Ahmed, Nadif, Enamul jnr, Nazmul, Dhiman are great prospects but need to be looked after.


Bashar (C)
Rajin (VC)
Enamul Jnr


Hannan (C)
Ashraful (VC)
Nafis Iqbal
Nafees Ahmed
Aftab Ahmed
Shafaq al-Zabir