View Full Version : Worst Performance under Whatmore!

July 29, 2004, 09:41 PM
Asia cup 2004

we had to much hope for this tournamnet. but in reality it finished as the worst performance of bangladesh team since WC 2003. why? what went wrong? I'm giving it a try to step out of the fan's shoe and have a unbaised look at the team to find out what went wrong. u wanna give it a try too?

i know what some of us (and THEM) will say. this is what bangladesh is. i must say, NO. bd has a the ability to do better. may be this is not the only time we did worse than our potential, but thats a different issue. whats wrong with this asia cup that was behind the terrible performance in this tournament?

before going into the finding of reasons, i'd like to go into crossing out the non-reasons. in other words, the following were not any factor in this tournament:

weather and enviroment: srilanka is hardly a "bidesh" to bangladesh and they stayed there for so long before the games.

pitches: they had practice matches and past experiences and practices. there was nothing wrong with the pitch.

day-night match: many of us still blames the canada match disaster was vastly due to batting 2nd on a daynight match. well, nots not the reason in this tournament. we never batted 2nd on a daynight match.

unknown bowlers: no, once again. we know the bowlers and we did face them quite well before. it was never so hard facing them.

well, that leaves it all to our team and team only. no outside factor is involved.

then, what could be the reason?

1. tired: possible. they have been playing too much cricket lately and having too much practice. u've to keep in mind that, this practice is not unusual for other team, but for us it could be. the reason is that, our team is used to the usual 2 week camping before a tournament and that camping is also used to be light work. were they too tired to play?

2. too much praised: are they thinking that since they have good some patting on the back in the past year, they are beyond the need of performaning anymore? are they thinking that they are to good to be human? this is very likely because our players are tend to believe that the "moon is made of cheese" anyway.

3. pressure to perform: it could also be the case that they though they had to perform really good and was under tremendous pressure. they pressure had enough ksi to smash their backbone?

4. .......... i give up. all the reason i can come up with is, one way or another, goes into the group of "mental problem".

what u think? they are simply not good enough for this kind of tournament? yet, the performance in last one year says otherwise.