View Full Version : Mushfique Babu as an example - good or bad you decide

July 31, 2004, 12:37 PM
I am trying to give an example here. I have said it before and most of you know that Mushfique Babu is in my favorite players' list. Whether it is a good example or a bad one, it is upto you to decide.

We all know where he started from - he played his first matches during the last Pakistan tour, after a long-break of a few years. Then in the England tour, he was in tremendous touch, or may be just trying to impress Whatmore and the national selectors.

Then in the next 2 series, especially during the Asia Cup, some of his attitudes were wide open. Like for example, shouting at a bad fielding off his own bowling, whereas he misfielded on some occassions himself, off others bowling. I also saw this, and even though he is one of my favorite players, I could not help, but noticing the same attitude problem.

Another thing that went through my mind - especially after the last Asia Cup match, may be I am imagining things as I watch him very closely, but I observed that he was not batting properly in the first few games of the Asia Cup - he was somewhat irresponsible with the bat. Remember that he came in the side as an all-rounder, (which I used to think earlier that he is a batting all-rounder), but now - after watching his stats today on the Internet, I discovered it that he is currently the most economical bowler in Bangladesh - 4.28 runs, to be exact.

Anyway, the thing that I noticed about his batting is that he was not playing responsibly with the bat in the first few games, but then after he was dropped, and then returned to the team, possibly for his good bowling (not to mention the pitch-factor during the last match - it was a seamer's pitch), only then did he score some runs - 21 runs off 65 balls!

Now why is that? Why is it that he had to be dropped to get the best out off him?

I think that this disease is present among most of the current players. My question is, why are they so relaxed - not giving their hundred percent everytime?

July 31, 2004, 01:50 PM
Given the paucity of talent available, he should definitely hold the "can bat - can bowl" position. I do not rate anyone in the Bangladesh side as a true all-rounder.

Considering his capabilities, he is a perfectly good bowler. He bowls just on and outside off stump. More importantly, he bowls to his field - hence he is Bangladesh's most economical bowler amongst those who have bowled 100 overs or more. He is not a great wicket taker - but neither is anyone else. Rafique is a wicket taker but in test matches.

Mushfique's batting average is just above 16. Just a run or so behind Bashar, Ashraful etc.

His "shouting" at others maybe a sign of his intensity of involvement. If that is so, I have no problem with that.

I do believe that both Mashrafe and Tapash can improve their batting considerably. I have seen Tapash hit some shots which are as good as any batsman's. Some of our batsmen should learn from him.

Bangla Mostan
July 31, 2004, 02:01 PM
The way I see it, its like a job application, where all the applicants would apply for a certain position, when that is taken up the 'left-overs' vacancies are there, jobs that most applicants dont prefer.

This seems to be the same with our own batsmen. They probably wanted to be a bowler, but could not match the current crop, so instead they have to settle for the 'LEFT-OVERS' being playing as batsmen.

That is why they possess no talent nor technique whatsoever with the bat and that could possibly be why our bowlers are usually showing them the way.:flag::P