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August 4, 2004, 02:08 PM
The national selectors are in favour of injecting fresh blood into the Bangladesh cricket team after the sideís dismal show in the recently-concluded Indian Oil Asia Cup.
Three Under-19 players Nafees Iqbal, Aftab Ahmed and Nazmul Hossain, who are currently on England tour, are likely to be benefited by the policy as they are on the verge of getting a nod for the senior side during the ICC Champions Trophy, to be held in England in September.
The players may replace embattled batsmen Alok Kapali, Faysal Hossain and left-arm spinner Abdur Razzak, said a highly-placed source in the BCB. The players will join the senior team in England, if the get the call, claimed the source.
The selectors will start the procedure of forming the team after coach Whatmore returns to Dhaka today revising his early schedule. He was supposed to come on August 7 but brought forward his arrival date after physical trainer Justin Cordy was sent back home on medical ground.
Chief selector Faruque Ahmed told New Age that they will announce the team for the ICC Champions Trophy before August 10 but refused to comment on the choppings and changings.
Faruque, however, said that they will seek a clarification from the BCB regarding Abdur Razzak, who had been reported for suspect action during the Asia Cup, before deciding his fate.
Razzak had been reported for doubtful action by the ICC match referee, Roshan Mahanama, after the second match against Pakistan. He, however, continued to play in the tournament and will be allowed to do so for only six weeks after being reported.
The period will be over before the Champions Trophy starts and the player will have to go through a redeeming process to get the clearance. It will only be possible to include him in the team if the BCB gives the guarantee that the playerís action will be cleared by an experts panel of the ICC before the beginning of the Champions Trophy on September 10.
The source said since it is apparently impossible, the player has a very little chance to go to England with the team. And if Razzak is axed, a pace bowler will replace him in the team. According to the source, the new inductee could be Under-19 pace bowler Nazmul Hossain although discarded seamer Manzurul Islam has a slight chance of being drafted into the side. The selectors have to choose the final squad from the 26 players, who are in the preliminary squad submitted to the ICC earlier. The names of Nazmul and Manzurul are on that list, confirmed the source.

Source: NewAge (http://www.newagebd.com/2004/aug/05/spt.html)

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August 4, 2004, 02:25 PM
if the above news item is true what do you think will be the order and lineup?

Here is mine:

Nafis Iqbal
Javed Omar
Md. Ash
Habibul Bashar
Rajin Saleh
Aftab Ahmed
Khaled Masud
Md. Rafique/ Rana

6 specialist Batsmen + 1 wicketkeeper-Batsman + 4 specialist bowlers

5th bowler's duty to be shared around mainly between Ash and Rajin.

August 4, 2004, 02:26 PM
Can someone post that list of 26 players if available.

August 4, 2004, 02:32 PM
Originally posted by pompous
if the above news item is true what do you think will be the order and lineup?

Here is mine:

Nafis Iqbal
Javed Omar
Md. Ash
Habibul Bashar
Rajin Saleh
Aftab Ahmed
Khaled Masud
Md. Rafique/ Rana

6 specialist Batsmen + 1 wicketkeeper-Batsman + 4 specialist bowlers

5th bowler's duty to be shared around mainly between Ash and Rajin.

Where is Hannan s.

I don,t think for (ICC 2004) 3 new player will go in uk.

August 4, 2004, 02:39 PM
Hannan has not played no competitive cricket at any level since being dropped. There is no way to judge his current form.

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Bangla Mostan
August 4, 2004, 02:43 PM
Its true Hannan Sarker..must serve him time..and then slowly biuld up his match fitness and also IMPROVEMENT IN TECHNIQUE...so in the mean time a slight experiment with Javed Omar and Naf Iqbal would be suited..:flag:

August 4, 2004, 02:53 PM
Is there any profile of Nazmul Hossain available in the internet?

Any one knows how tall he is & how fast he balls?

August 4, 2004, 03:12 PM
We do need some injection of fresh blood in the lineup. If Nafis Iqbal plays, as an opener offcourse, I will send Ash back to no.5. Shumon stays at 3. His only limited success in ODI's have come from the no.3 position as he has failed in every other position. Rajin at 4, so he can anchor the middle order. Ash at 5, as the accleretor and Aftab at 6, because of his ability to score quickly like Ash. We really need to do away with Alok for a while and must ensure that we take six specialist batsmen. My God, look around every team in the world, India, Australia to name a few and they all play with six specialist batsmen and sometimes even with seven! We, on the other hand are infatuated with this silly notion of three all rounders. I am not against the idea, unless you have a Flintoff or Symonds in your disposal where they can walk in the team as a batsman only. Our bits and pieces players like Mushfiq and Shujon are neither specialist bastmen nor specialisr bowlers. We should leave them aside. Anyway, no.7 is Pilot. Rest four are bowlers. Three seamers ( for ICC in England) and one spinner. Rafiq, Tapash, Nazmul ( if picked ) and somebody else. Please, no more Tareq Aziz.

August 4, 2004, 03:40 PM
I like what selectors are doing. Does anybody has any profile about these three young players from under-19 team? Please post it here.

And by the way, when at first glace when I read this,

Selectors to inject fresh blood

god, I got really scared.

August 4, 2004, 05:19 PM
I was hoping for mashrafe in the champ trophy, but I guess he will take more time to get match fit.

I hope to see Nazmul though. It is right time to get him in the squad.

August 4, 2004, 05:41 PM
How fast is Nazmul

August 4, 2004, 06:28 PM
I hope mashrafe get back soon.

August 4, 2004, 06:48 PM
Originally posted by sageX
I hope mashrafe get back soon.

Mashrafe is young. If he can get over this injury and isnt over-bowled, he can be taking wickets for Bangladesh for the next 10 years.

But if he's rushed back - especially for a one-day tournament - and gets hurt again, then that could be curtains for his career.

The NZ tour of Bangladesh is the target.

Mashrafe and Shahadat opening the bowling, with Rafique as the slow bowler. Thats a quality Test attack ...

Ian Whitchurch

August 4, 2004, 08:25 PM
I will be really happy to see Nazmul in the squad. From what I have been seeing from this kid is real consistency. He had an excellent U-19 world cup (second best to enamul Jr. in wickets tally). Itís definitely right time to try him, cuz we are lacking strike bowlers in the pace department. I guarantee you that if he gets a chance he will do better job than tareq, chacha, or even biashya.

also if aftab comes in, I hope he crack couple of half or one big one that will probably secure his place in this team for quite sometime. About nafis inclusion?


August 4, 2004, 08:54 PM
agree with Zoloft (aka rassel). does not matter what we do, our pace attack can get only better, as we are at the worst possible scenerio.

BD Tigers
August 4, 2004, 09:19 PM
I dont know why everybody wants fresh blood in the team. This was the same team who had our 1st ODI win in 5 years, almost won the 2 games in WI and had a good draw in test. This is the only tournament (Asia Cup) they have failed. So I dont think too much chopping wud do any good. Yes Kapali shud definitely out. U can bring somebody in the middle order. Our bowling attack is not that good. But I wud rather get experienced player like (Manjurul Islam) than getting Nazmul in the team. They are only 19. They shud play in BD A team first and then come to the national side. Too many fresh blood cud damage the team more. Lastly, I think Chacha will bowl great in England then other bowlers.

August 5, 2004, 04:48 AM
There we go agin. In desperation all of us (incliding the selectors) looking for fresh blood. please do not ruin the future potential of nafis, Aftab etc. Let them play for U19, BD - A team for at least 2 years. Let us not make the national team 'a cheler hater moa'. Let them earn the positions after 2 consecutive years of consistant performence. Let the present team remain as it is (except bringing Shahryar Hossain to open if he is fit) and play to their potential. At least we know they can possibly score 130-180. Nafis Iqbal made a decent 100 against England last year. What happened after that. Don't forget his team was bundle out for 30 odd runs aginst India U19. He plays too many irresponsible shots. let him mature in BD -A team. He has a good potential. Let us not ruin him and other by calling them for national duty prematurely and expecting too much. We need some one to score 30-40 runs routinely, not 100 runs in every 15th innings, and scoring almost none in the following 14.

Shish Ahmed
August 5, 2004, 05:35 AM
3 new players to come in

I would agree in saying Aftab Ahmed, Nafis Iqbal, Nazmul Hossain are ahead in the pecking order.

But BCB should hold back and announce the squad after BD19 have played the Limited overs international to make a better judegement.

August 5, 2004, 05:57 AM
Bringing Nafis, Aftab and Nazmul in national team will
not ruin their potential instantly, just because they played one tournament.
Like Nafis who played in national team once, and dropped, and showing good performance again.
If some one lose his potential just because of one try, will not last for long anyway.
It is true that above could fail like others of current team.
And we should go through the A team system when we need new players for national team.
But we can not just set back and go with current team,
when we must "improve our performance instantly" both in ODI and test!
We don't have the time that we can wait 1 or 2 years more to have
them perfectly ready for the national team!
I feel like already it's too late, when I see our last 4 years performance.
That's why we have to take some risk, even though we all know that it could be wrong.

Lot of the members of this forum already pointed these stuff.
Sorry for repeat that again.

August 5, 2004, 07:53 AM
So what do we get in the conclusion? The highlights are -

1. We have a good enough team - to come out with an ODI win after 5 years, however things are not as it seemed after that win - result: see the Asia Cup performance

2. On a consistent basis, only Alok Kapali needs to be dropped, not Foisal Hossain as well because in another paper (not New Age) said that according to Farque Ahmed, Foisal has played only five matches, and you cannot just drop a player after five ODI matches.

3. Our pace department is WEAK, and Tareq Aziz may be a good pace bowler against the calibre of Zimbabwe batsman's quality, he's too expensive. However, he should be in the team just to be on the safe side, considering England conditions and considering that if Tapash/Mushfique gets injured, then Tareq is the only other bowler who can bowl with the new ball at the moment (and is also in the team).

And ofcourse, Bangladesh will not go to England taking 3 spinners, hence Rajjak is out for just the ICC Champions trophy.

So what do we get? there will be at least 2 changes, if not 3.

So whether these 3 U-19 players get a chance to be in the final eleven or not, they (at least 2 players) will at least be in the 14-member Bangladesh team to go to England.

August 5, 2004, 10:53 AM
what players like Faisal need are specialist batting coaches to work on their flaws such as lack of footwork. he did not look good in the asia cup, never inspired any confidence and yet he was the top scorer in the domestic league?

someone mentioned sujon would do well in england - why? Isn't he better suited to slow wickets where his usually tight line and length sometimes pays off? Are you thinking of him as a swing bowler who will take advantage of English conditions? Not sure about that...

I worry that Mashrafee's promise may never materialize. Usually when a player is consistenly injured early in his career and can never really get off the ground, they may never be able to hit full stride again.

I think adding 2-3 players who are touring England now with the U-19 team, but keeping the core team together is a good idea. This of course means we are moving players straight from U-19 to the national squad without going through the A team. But the A team doesn't play as much as some of the other test "A" teams so waiting to go through that process may take too long. And if these kids are talented they shouldn't be held back. Even if they fail, it's not a big deal, they have plenty of time to improve.

August 5, 2004, 11:10 AM
Completely agreed with Rafiq bhai! We don't have a regular playing schedule for our A-team! Heck! we don't even have a regular A team yet. I fear we won't have a regular A team with a regular schedule for a while yet. Players like Nafis Iqbal, Aftab Ahmed and others who have reached the end of the road with the U19s may well suffer if they are not taken on by the national team. They have been raised on a diet high intensity cricket for the last year, and simply being left to their own devices may undo some of the good work that they have done. Besides, like rafiq bhai said, failing to fire with the national team right away is not the end of the road for them. They are still very young and will easily bounce back. Having said that, I have a lot of confidence in our youngsters and the coaching they have been receiving, and I am sure they will come good sooner than later.

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August 5, 2004, 12:18 PM
We can treat the U-19 team touring England as the A team. Besides, according to Faruk Ahmed, the pool of players considered A team material are few and non-existent. Who are our A team players? They are nothing but national discards like Sanuar hossain, Al-shahriar, Tushar Imran, Ehsanul Haque etc. Not very exciting. They are known commodities and injecting a few U-19 players here and there to the national team should be considered now with an eye for the future. The youngsters had better exposure already in the intl scene, albeit in junior levels, and they had better coaching and fitness level under coach McIness. They have much more upside. The likes of Nafis and Aftab have alreday got their feet wet. And last but not least, aren't a few youngsters of other countires U-19 team are in the senior squad now? Didn't we just see Maharoof, Panyangara ( Zim ) playing in the U-19 world cup in Dhaka recently? Pathan also made the transition to the senior squad. Some of our players were on par with their intl counterparts in the tournament. If they can make the transition, whats stopping us? and those countires have a far better A team than us.. Plus, we have nothing to lose. Sooner or later, you have to bring in some of these kids. Lets have em baptised by the fire.

August 5, 2004, 01:47 PM
Originally posted by rafiq
what players like Faisal need are specialist batting coaches to work on their flaws such as lack of footwork. he did not look good in the asia cup, never inspired any confidence and yet he was the top scorer in the domestic league?

Yes.. and this actually shows the huge gap between standards of our domestic league and The International Cricket World!

I suppose Intl Cricket = Solid Techniques+High level of Temperemant!

BD domestic cricket = Techniques with lots of loopholes+Almost no touch of big match temperemant!!

August 5, 2004, 02:50 PM
I even dont see apart from one reason to drop alok and that is if he is mentaly tierd. You have to see his stats before even talking about his current out of form condition. He is out of form only in two series. I strongly beleive that he needs to have one more chance in England. You can drop faisal cause in england condition only those batsman will survive who has good footwork. I am even worried about bashar for his playing accross the line tendencies. so faisal could be dropped but then the question remain who will replace him(Al shahriar, tusar, who?). getting one more oppener and then put ash back on middle order might help the final 11 to get rid of faisal. but for 15 men team we dont have alternative for faisal. we need some change in bowling department. Razzak is out no question about that due to the fact the team doesnot have the luxury to have three spinners in english condition. However both mushfiq and shujon will make the final 15 due to their medium pace(Uk condition is not same as in Australia and south africa), taposh would be there.... tareq could well be dropped.......but hopefully we wont see alamgir instead of him. I want to see sharif and mashrafee back......... but they are both injured and recovering and lack some match practice..... so hoping to see manju back and if you need one more speed star get hasibul hossain back ......... trust me he cant do much worse than tareq.......so my team will be like :

1. javed
2. bidyut
3. bashar
4. rajin
5 ashraful
6. alok
7 mushfiq
8 pilot
9 rafiq
10 taposh
11 monjurul islam
12 shujon
13 manjarul rana
14 hasibul hossain
15 faisal hossain

August 5, 2004, 03:32 PM
Faruque's recent interview had it's good and bad.

On one hand he is straight-forward that the domestic league isn't worth the trouble. But now he is off on a different trajectory when he describes the lack of talent. Whoa, Nellie! I thought Bangladesh was teeming with raw talent. That there was so much talent it was just crawling out of the gymkhanas and rice fields? Now we are being told by the Chief Selector that the team he selected has not enough talent and the rest are completely talentless?

The truth is he may be right. Bangladeshis in general don't put the time and energy into being good at sports. After a certain age (maybe 8?), we'd rather sit and pontificate from our PCs or from the stands than go out there on a hot day with a cricket bat or soccer ball. I am alarmed by the large number of overweight (ritimoto bhuri jhule porche) and gargantuan 12 and 13 year olds visiting the US these days. In our generation our parents didn't want us to grow up and play cricket or soccer, either, but I don't remember half the school being cardiac failure candidates!

A different point, it's a pity that no matter how dissapointed our chief selector is with the "bits and pieces" allrouders, there seems to be absolutely no chance of dropping any of them such as Sujon. I think they need to avoid 2 so-so allrounders playing in tandem.

August 5, 2004, 03:40 PM
Even India is getting their U19 wicket keeper Dinesh Kartik for the Holland cup. Bob Woolmer seems to have asked the U19 Pakistan team to train with the seniors so that he can have a good look at them. Why are we so scared to throw in a couple of youngsters who have been around for a while?

Shish Ahmed
August 6, 2004, 04:11 AM
Woolmer's idea of pak U19 training with seniors is a really good one.

As we have discussed earlier there are 3/4 players who should be given a chance to get in to the Senior squad.

For champions trophy:-

Aftab Ahmed
Nafis Iqbal
Nafees Ahmed
Nazmul Hossain

August 6, 2004, 02:34 PM
bangladesherkhela reported today about some possiblities of the upcoming team. it is very likely that there will not be too many changes except for opener and probably one extra pacer. hannan and shahrier are unlikely. alok is also likely to watch the games on tv. so, so far this is the outline of the team i've got:

1. jo
2. ash
3. suman
4. rajin
5. nafis iqbal
6. mushfiq
7. rana
8. rafiq
9. tapash
10. tareq
11. pilot
12. faisal
13. sujon
14. samsu (or any other extra pacer, who is likely to sit in the dressing room anyway).

i think faisal will get another chance.

August 9, 2004, 12:20 PM
i think tushar imran deserves a place in this team.

August 9, 2004, 12:50 PM
Originally posted by babon
i think tushar imran deserves a place in this team.

not following tushar imran lately. how is his recent performances?