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August 16, 2004, 11:54 PM
Read this first (http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/cricket/3569612.stm)

When Bangladesh qualified for the world cup and then brought 2 victories for Bangladesh during world cup 1999, there were some advertisements of some of the Bangladeshi players, namely Bulbul (Milo) and Durjoy (Coca Cola) as far as I can remember.

However, even then, the popularity of our local entertainment stars like Suborna Mostafa, Shomee Kaisar, Bipasha Hayath did not fall down.

Among the current players, only one advertisement had a 'mimic' or a 'look-a-like' of Habibul Bashar, but it was not really him.

Those of us who watch cricket passionately, and those of us who watch Bangladesh cricket not so passionately, but do watch some of the matches - the popularity of certain individual players is sometimes on the rise and sometimes not.

Even if you don't consider advertisement as a measurement for popularity of the players, if you go and ask somebody in the general public about who his favorite player is, you'd see he'd name Akram Khan or Aminul Islam, and if that somebody had watched even a few matches in the last 4 years, then may be he'd say Habibul Bashar.

These are the things that our current national players are missing.

August 17, 2004, 02:05 AM
Well….the reason is pretty simple….The general public hardly saw these current players in action before they entered the national squad….Players like Bulbul and Akram were household names in the domestic circuit and won many a matches for their clubs single handedly..On the contrary…just tell me how many matches did players like Ashraful, Rajin or Kapali win for their clubs?….To be frank..they were actually thrown into the deep end even before they could properly establish their authority in their respective clubs….And I believe The ‘97 ICC Trophy has got something to do with the popularity of those players as well…Players of that squad can never be forgotten….They got us where we are now…..I even remember the ’94 ICC Trophy where we failed…..Kenya, the hosts posting 295 in 50 overs and we had to win that match….And with a makeshift opening combination..Bulbul and Jahangir blasted 147 in 24 overs…..We finally fell just 13 runs short…But u know..little things like that give fans like us a lot of heart….When we talk about those players…u know….the memories of beating Kenya makes us feel so good….even though we did lose to them more often or not…But at least we had what it takes to beat them once in a while…Remember the last ICC Champions Trophy?..We had a practice match against Kenya before the start of the tournament and that was after we had gained the status….So I was really wanting us to win that match…and Bulbul, Akram and company didn’t let us down…We beat them comfortably by 34 runs in that match…While these current bunch not only lost to them after gaining test status…They went as far as loosing to Canada….So…u know…things like that matter…Of course we can only look ahead and hope for the best…..Take care…

August 17, 2004, 02:19 PM
yeah ppl used to look upto guys like akram and bulbul...they dont look up to the current cricketers...and thats why i've been screaming like hell on the other thread for a strong domestic league...;)