View Full Version : Greenidge vs. Whatmore?

August 24, 2004, 11:52 AM
Well, I could have given a Question Mark sign, but since both of them have brought us happiness to our continuing disappointing performance in the cricket world.

Since Dav Whatmore has passed only one year of his coaching tenure in Bangladesh, so I would like you to focus on Gordon Greenidge's first full year as Bangladesh's national coach.

What are the similiarities and the differences of both the coaches? Besides the two main factors that Gordon Greenidge coached an ICC Associate nation and Whatmore has been coaching a test playing country, are there any other differences between the two teams and/or the two coaches?

The similarities that I can see are both hopeful and disturbing. For example, both teams have improved greatly with or without the help of other factors. Like, during Gordon Greenidge's time as the coach, Bangladesh won the 1997 ICC trophy, and Dav Whatmore also brought about the first ODI victory after a draught of 5 long years.

And the disturbing part was under Gordon Greenidge was the poor performances during the 1997 Asia Cup - right after the ICC trophy, when nothing seemed to change.

The hopeful part under Whatmore was the far better improved performances of the whole Bangladesh team during Australia and the Pakistan tour. But then again, the England tour gave us the implication that we had not gone far beyond our real capabilities.

The differences also include that both had different sets of players, most probably best suited for both the teams under the different conditions and circumstances.

During Gordon's era, Bangladesh lost to Kenya a numerous times, and during Whatmore's era. Bangladesh's poor performance after two consecutive good tours does look to be troublesome.

The above is not written thinking about getting back Gordon Greenidge, it is just a way of predicting what could happen during Whatmore's rest of the era.

The conlcusion so far is that if Whatmore had retired right now for some unexcusable reason, we must have to admit that in one year, Whatmore had done what no other earlier coach (Mohsin Kamal-Ali Zia, Trevor Chappell) could do.

The idea from this is also to find out the necessity of a proper long-term cricket manager from the beginning of a new coach's era.