View Full Version : Heart-breaking performance

December 10, 2002, 12:50 PM
Heart-breaking performance indeed!!!!!!!!!! From 80/3 to 87 all out - 7 wickets
in 7 runs - I think this is a world record if there is any category called
"speed of falling wickets".

The very first thing we should do is sack the selectors (bunch of jokers -
don't know even the recent records of our individual players), then immidiately
sack Mohsin Kamal & Ali Zia (unnecessary spending of huge money on them - did nothing so far for
us), then drop Bulbul and don't even consider him ever in future (already very
old for cricket - when many promising teen-agers are wandering around).

I'd blame our selectros most- they are changing the players so frequently (and
without any acceptable reason) - so nobody is feeling secure in the team (even
if they performed well in the last series) and always under pressure.

It's very unfortunate that only two batsmen in our team confirmed their spot
with their performance for world cup squad (Alok Kapali & Khaled Mashud) - when
the WC is only two months away and there is no match practice before that.
Everybody else's performance is in question.

It will be a big humiliation if we lose to Canada (and Kenya) in WC. Do our
selectors and cricket board care for that??