View Full Version : Solution of all problems

December 10, 2002, 03:33 PM
Interviewer: Today we are gonna talk with the Chief Selector of BD team.

Interviewer: Aliur Islam, it seems that your inauguration in the field of selection has not gone well so far. What do you think about it and what are your plans for the future?

AI: My friend, things are going exactly according to my plan. The main problem is Bangladesh is playing too much international cricket before they are prepared for it. We have no choice but to play according to the 10 year ICC fixture. The more we play, the more we lose and our confidence hits a new low everytime. So my plan is to force ICC to cancel the test membership of BD. We can not apply for that but we can make ICC do that by performing disastrously. See our team did reasonable well in SA if you compare what happened to Sri Lanka there very recently. But I can not let that to continue. It will be very detrimental to our long term objective. So what I did is start talking trash about Rokon and Shumon who are the most talented batsman and put them under tremendous pressure. Then I put Rokon out of the test team who just scored a dazzling 71 in the last test in SA against Ntini and pollock. I have also put Tushar Imran out of the one-dayers because he did badly in the tests. You might all think these are making to sense, but I tell you one thing, all of these I am doing is only for the long term development. Some short sighted people would never see the point.